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fun vs marriage/relationship material

Updated on August 31, 2012

There are women you date/marry and women who are fun

The young ladies are lost and have forgotten the age old rules of the game. They weren’t taught how to evaluate the mindset and intentions of a man.

Mothers used to raise their daughters to know the difference of how to present themselves that will determine if they will be the whatever good-time girl or someone’s wife in the future. For those who need a tutorial on what’s the difference I have provided a visual aid for your understanding. Please see exhibit A and exhibit B and notice the difference in the women.

Good time girl:

Strippers Loud-Talking Hostile Angry Ghetto Acting

Go-Go Dancers Fighters Nude Pictures Nasty Pictures Party Girls

Threesome One Night Stands Sloppy Drunk Girls who party Ignorant

You Tube Sex Stars Sailor Mouthed Unskilled/Uneducated /No Plan for Your Future

Gold-Diggers Lack of Culture Wild Girls Sexually Promiscuous Provocatively dressed

Wife material:

Women w/Standards Loyal Intelligent/Skilled-Plan for their future Loving

Makes a home a castle Spiritual/Values Not Loose Lower Sexual Partners

Women who make you wait for sex Family Oriented Women with Values Communication

Supportive Women Honest Caring about others Carrying herself with class and dignity

Strength Respect for Oneself People willing to put in work Morals

Nicey Nash said: “You can have a good time with anybody when you are having fun in the bedroom and money in the bank. The truth of the matter is: who do you want to go through trouble with? Who do you want to be in trenches with? *Men are thinking of this when it comes to choosing someone to date and possibly marry.”

Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion: “You act too wild, I won't walk you down the aisle.”

The problem: women who have not been taught the difference get confused as to why a man will not commit to them, they are the mistress, or they are often the jump-off girl while never the girlfriend or wife. Doesn’t he see your round behind, perky breasts, flawless makeup and ultra low-cut dress


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