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Top Function/Wedding Bands

Updated on June 10, 2014

Top Function / Wedding Bands

Your wedding day is said to be the happiest day of your life; unfortunately, the organising of a wedding is often one of the most stressful! Many people make a living out of providing services for weddings and other functions; wedding planners, caterers and function bands are only the first to spring to mind. Their job is to provide a service that fulfils the customer's needs, covering anything from the colour scheme, helping to make final amendments to an ever-changing dinner menu or playing that special first dance song. One obstacle that couples usually trip up over is the entertainment for the reception.

UK Bands
UK Bands

Function bands for your wedding or corporate event!

A function band is a live band that performs at functions and events. These events could be a corporate dinner, wedding or birthday party. Naturally there is a wide range of genres that could suit these events, and it's ultimately down to the organiser to determine which fits best.

Function bands and musicians come by a lot of their work by playing at weddings. Most often booked to play at a wedding reception, some couples a now opting to hire live musicians to play during the wedding ceremony. These are often pianists or classical ensembles as they can play a variety of pieces to suit the couple' requirements. By doing this couples can choose to have the music exactly as they imagine it. Much like the memorable wedding scene in "Love Actually", you could even have a live band or musician play whilst you walk down the aisle! (Check with your church first though!)

Function musicians can also be booked to play at functions or events while your guests are eating or having pre dinner drinks. Popular choices for this occasion are cocktail pianists or string quartets and trios. This delicate genre of music can give an elegant touch to familiar songs, adding a sense of style and giving a foot-tapping atmosphere to any event or function.

The wedding reception is, for some, the heart of the wedding day, and is often when guests who could not attend the ceremony arrive to raise a glass to the happy couple. It is also a time for the newlyweds to take to the floor for their first dance as a married couple. Some choose to have their function band begin playing after the first dance has finished as they feel this gives the reception a boost and usually signifies that guests can join the dance floor and dance the night away with the bride and groom. On the contrary to this, some couples enjoy the magical experience of having a live band play "their song", creating a special moment that will be looked back on for years to come.

One of the many bonuses of having an experienced function band play at your wedding reception is their unique talent for getting guests dancing and having fun. Much like a DJ knowing when to play the right songs, a function band can tailor their performance to suit a specific audience, and when you add the bands stage presence and charisma you're guaranteed to have a night to remember!


When looking into booking a function band for your wedding or event, it's important to do your research into both the venue you will be using and the band you'll be booking. Below are a few things you should confirm before agreeing to anything or signing a contract with either a band or venue.

Insurance & PAT tested equipment

All professional function bands should have satisfactory public liability insurance and PAT Tested Equipment. Reputable entertainment agencies will ensure that all bands have this before they are booked to play at any events; playing without it could cause difficulties for everyone in the event of an accident.

Rider and Dressing Room

Before finalising a booking, the function band should have outlined any needs they may have such as a rider to include food and drinks for the band, or supplying a dressing room. This doesn't need to be a big space where the band can lounge around and have fun, merely a place where they can get changed and perhaps store valuable belongings.

Venue constraints

It's extremely important to outline the rules and regulations of the venue to the band and ideally have this included in the contract. Live music curfews are common in many venues and it would be a huge disappointment if the music had to be cut short because of a venues license.

Getting paid

You will need to discuss the issue of when you will pay the band and make sure everyone is clear about how much you are paying before the event is held. This avoids any awkward misunderstandings and gives you peace of mind so you can simply relax and enjoy the night.

Whether you're organising a corporate event or your wedding day, a function band can add an extra dimension to any social event and create a spectacular gathering that people will talk about for years to come.

1. Jazz Trio

The Adam Hughes Jazz Trio

2. Party Band

Mister Mayhem!

3. Vintage Band

The Hot Swing Gentlemen

4. Harpist

Jessica - Wonderful Harpist!

5. Retro Rock 'n Roll Band

Jukebox Jivers

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