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Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He's Mad

Updated on April 24, 2020
Sweet things to say to my boyfriend
Sweet things to say to my boyfriend

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in a Text to Make Him Smile

You are going to explore the bit funny and cutest things ever to say to your boyfriend when he's upset or a little mad at you. You can make him feel better by saying these sweet things in a text; on the other hand, it’s also a great way to tell your boyfriend how much he means to you. It’s important, in every relationship to find your way back into love. Often people complain of relationships fading away, and that’s only because in the rut of your life tend to forget what we liked about the person in the first place and how did we attract them in our life. It’s important to consciously make an effort to remember and reconnect with why you made the choice and why you still need to be in the relationship. Just because the relationship fades away doesn’t mean you throw it away. For this honor, your choice and find your way back into love, not only by acknowledging what the other person is about, but acknowledging the fact that you have someone to acknowledge, which a lot of people don’t have.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He's Angry

We often feel that we surrender to people, situations, and relationships if that was the case hurt couldn’t be a part of your life because when you surrender to something, you are giving it apart that exist outside yourself, not a part of yourself.

  1. You are genius, only I know this heaviest secret of your life.
  2. We are big now; do you have any idea, how big?
  3. Without your wallet, I feel, I got a useless brain.
  4. Without funny jokes there is no life, without chocolate, there is no friendship, without you there is no love, without a smile on your face, my life would be not possible.
  5. A wife will either make you or break you. Live and learn or don't.
  6. Honey don’t feel upset and let me shout out to your haters in the streets that hold their palms together under mechanical hand dryers so it makes a fart noise.
  7. At some point, guys have to ask why there is fear in girlfriend’s company. You can't fix the issue without first addressing it.
  8. If you take high-contrast selfies of your face and never look at a mirror then you can have any self-image that you want.
  9. Humans were never meant to be awake before noon. I don't understand why society insists on that.
  10. I just need a nice boyfriend that wants to listen to the entire Thriller album with me four nights a week.
  11. I'm sorry dear, but in the next few months, all you're going to hear me talk about is nutrition because it's really all I have thought about for the last few months.
  12. I think that people who pride themselves on how sarcastic they are probably work with a pretty lukewarm IQ.
  13. Sometimes I feel like if I wrote down how I really felt about things it would shut the internet down.
  14. I am wary of businesses where the computer monitors are squares and not rectangles.
  15. My ears will be blasted, if I don’t hear your voice in the next few seconds.
  16. I'm losing weight so I can get that creepy boyfriend I wanted in the 6th grade.
  17. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes those reasons might seem pointless and stupid at the time but eventually, you'll realize why it happened
  18. Talk cost nothing, texting also costs nothing and we all know, real love always speaks the loudest. But I want to say, you still need some hearing aids.
  19. It's amazing how much better life gets when you follow thru with your plan to make life better.
  20. I love you more than Americans love iPhone.
  21. I love you more than Indians love yoga.
  22. I love you more than Egyptians love Pyramids.
  23. I love you more than Irish love drinking.
  24. I love you more than the Japanese love suicide.
  25. You are my always favorite superhero with a super smile.
  26. I bet, you are the only reason, I quite cheeseburgers.
  27. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't club, I'm a square if that can't fit in your circle than find a different shape of a person, simple.
  28. When you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you don't need to check the news, weather, or watch TV. Your news-feeds tell it all.
  29. I'm now attracted Justin Bieber, I think I'm becoming a cradle robber.
  30. You want to learn a lesson then listen to the senior stupid’s, they have walked through something and they are trying to keep you from their mistake.
  31. If you don't really want it to give it up, somebody else will cherish it. Its people out here that will respect what you have.
  32. It’s time to be the opposite version of the person you look in a mirror.
  33. We mere mortals are made to discern, so be careful if you judge to condemn! Like me, you've likely judged others wrongly and been judged wrongly at some point
  34. I can count on one hand how many girls I believe truly love you. It took me a long time to realize that's more than enough.
  35. Nothing is worse than coming home with the aim of eating rice with mutton and actually having fried eggs in return.

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Cute Love Texts to Send to Your Boyfriend

  • One of the hardest parts about love understands that it's not hard.
  • Love is love. Saying it first or second, doesn't diminish anything. Calculating words can disrupt the natural flow. The ability to be vulnerable in a relationship is paramount.
  • Choose love. No matter your religion or no religion at all, you are capable of building the scaffolding of your morals around love. Choose to move forward with love at the center of your actions, build your thoughts and beliefs around it.
  • It only takes one touch, the right touch to make your mate know that they are wanted, needed, loved, and honored. Make lovingly touching your mate a lifestyle.
  • If love fails, it can never be called love. Because if someone we love decides to hurt us then for me, that person doesn't love us anymore. My point here is that if you truly and deeply love someone with all your heart, would you ever decide to hurt that person you say you love the most?
  • The kindest actions will not make a heart love you that's not intended to love you. Save your kindness for someone that's been destined to appreciate and reciprocate.

What type of guy is right for me?

A man who is interested in you asks to see you a lot. He longs to be with you. It feels good to him to have you in his presence. It's just what they do. He will do more than text and Facebook chat you. He will. No lie. If he never asks to see you or spend time with you; if your sole means of communication is through technology. He's just not into you. It's always this simple.

Don't Let Him Go

I guess the reason that most love a good chick flick is that so many relationships lack the passion, romance, and deep love that they always dreamed about. There comes a point in everyone’s life when you meet people not for what they are but for who they are, and sometimes in the simplest ways, you find your soul connect with them. We often tend to question it or analyze it, but the soul connections can never be dissected. They are simply there, teaching us a lesson of- how to accept gracefully, unconditionally leaving aside all judgments and expectations. It's important to take a back seat and let your soul choose whom they wish to connect with, rather allowing your expectations to choose what they want. It's sad that people live a lifetime and never reach deep love, intimacy, passion, and romance.

Why you need a funny boyfriend?

Make sure your mate or friend is the funniest and the silliest person you'll ever know. Listen to them sing even if it's awful and they don't know the lyrics. Holler if they fall in the snow. Be imperfect. Life won't always be a walk in the park and even when things are challenging, you need to be able to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Enhance your life and your love with laughter.

Cute Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend

One day everything will just change. The way you love. The way you hurt. The way you cry. The way you befriend someone, the way you pray. The way you worship. The way you talk. The way you laugh, the way you live. The way you give. The way you understand, the way you apologize. The way you forgive. The way you heal. The way you learn. The way you hope. The way you stay, the way you walk away, the way you see others, the way you love others, and most importantly the way you see and love yourself! This is the greatest change in your life.

Our relationships would be so much healthier if we could read people like we read books and retain the data and information they display as who they really are. Think about it. No one reads a book and denies what's in there inherently. You believe it. But we'll stay in an unhealthy relationship and claim that they never meant to hurt us for seven years. We should be conscious and cautious of what we don't want, but focus on what we do and speak that into existence. Sometimes we're clear on what we don't want and won't tolerate, but not so clear on what we really want or need.


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    • Lauren Richards profile image

      Lauren Richards 

      2 months ago from Nigeria

      No doubt, most of these cool messages are what you need to oil your wheel of relationship

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      my boyfriend sang me a song to tell me he liked then he cheated on me with my sister


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