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25 Funny Wedding Gifts Under $50

Updated on January 12, 2015

Weddings are a time in which we usually shop for gifts off of a registry. I say registry-schmegistry! Sometimes what the bride and groom really need is a surprise, something that was not on their registry that they will still love, something to provide a bit of comic relief.


Choosing a Great Gift

Funny wedding gifts are awesome in that they are always a welcomed gift amongst newlyweds despite not being something that they actually wanted. Not only this, but if you buy funny wedding gifts, the bride and groom will certainly always remember who they came from!

How many wedding gifts did you receive that you cannot recall exactly who they were from? My point exactly.

Here’s a list of funny wedding gifts that you will surely want to consider!


Funny Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

  • The boss and real boss tumblers: Well we all know this is true! A pair of his/her tumblers, the male one having a mustache reads “The boss” and the female has a kiss mark and reads “The real boss.”

  • Stealing hearts his/hers t-shirts: Perfect for a casual day out and about on their honeymoon, this shirt is bound to get a few chuckles!

  • Bondage handcuffs: If they're going on a cruise for the honeymoon, they just might get stopped by security and questioned. Just smile and say “honeymoon,” they’ll get the drift!

  • Bondage kit: Feeling daring and want to get something more than just the handcuffs? Get the a whole bondage kit!

  • His money/her money piggy bank: Put the money in his bank and conveniently watch it fall into her bank!

  • The Good Husband Guide book: While this will give the husband some tips on how to be a good one, don’t forget to pick up The Good Wife Guide to keep it fair!

  • "Ring for sex" bell: Ding ding! Well this probably won’t get used past the honeymoon, but hey!

  • Gas pump liquor dispenser: This is funny and awesome at the same time! Great for future parties or even the after party!

  • Bacon and eggs couples mugs: Now that they are getting married, they should have special mugs to enjoy that coffee together!

  • "I DO what she says" champagne flutes: This really says it all, while her glass only says “I do.”


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  • "Under new management" t-shirt: This shirt pictures a bride and groom with a ball and chain attached. Perfect for the honeymoon!

  • "I got one!" tank top: If you’re getting the above shirt for the groom, then you might just want to get this one for the bride! It has a picture of a bride with her arm up in victory saying “I got one!” while dragging her groom.

  • "The real naked chef" apron: Naked is as naked does with this apron! Transparent with the down below covered up.

  • Get tipsy wine glasses: These glasses are tipsy before you are! Cute couples glasses for sipping on some wine together while enjoying the married years!

  • Rx cocktail shaker: Tequila, just what the doctor ordered?

  • Funny marriage sign: Marriage is finding that one special person you can annoy for the rest of your life. Ain’t that the truth?

  • Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right matching tank tops: These tank tops are an adorable set for any newlywed couple!

  • Cast iron ball and chain: There’s never been anything wrong with being “tied down” and now the newlyweds can physically show it! It’ll most likely become a Halloween prop, but not before they laugh at it first!

  • Redneck mason jar wine glasses: These are actually really fancy in the right setting! Not just for wine, but they’d be great to serve tea or lemonade in at a backyard barbeque!

  • Key to a happy marriage: This is actually a thoughtful gift, but be sure to include the gag message of “the key doesn’t work!”

  • I smelt it/I dealt it pillow cases: These are sure to give a big outbursts of laughter as soon as they open it up! Now for the first married argument, who gets which?

  • "It's wine-thirty" vintage wooden sign: If the newlyweds are wine connoisseurs, then they will really appreciate this sign!

  • "Happy first paper anniversary" toilet paper: On the first anniversary, the couple will be eating the top of their wedding cake (traditionally) so they will be needing a roll of toilet paper to take care of that mess, right? Yep!

  • His/hers periodic table of elements aprons: Any science nerdy couple would love these matching aprons!

  • Personalized his/hers aprons: Like the idea of matching aprons but want something a little more universal? These can be personalized with the last name of the newlyweds!

Make their wedding night a time to remember, and their gift one to remember, too!

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