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Funny Nicknames for Your boyfriend

Updated on April 8, 2013

Using Funny Nicknames on Your Boyfriend!

Getting funny nicknames for your boyfriend can help to bring some sense of affection. If you have been around a couple who call each other by use of funny names when they are in public places, and you envied them, then you will find a variety of funny names that can spice up your relationship here. The best funny nicknames that you can choose for your boyfriend are the one that really fits his personality and thus it will not be offensive to him.

You should choose a nickname that will boost his ego and feel more acceptable even when you are in a public place. When choosing a funny nickname, it's good to choose a name that is unique and it's not commonly used by others whom you usually relate with. By doing so, you will spice up the love and adding some kind of affection to the relationship.

Choose a perfect funny name for him that will not relate to anything negative about him. You can choose a name that you will stick to it and find some other names that are related to that name. Here is a list of some of the funny nicknames that you may choose from. In case you have some difficulty on choosing which name that you should settle on, then you should list the best among them. After this you can select from the list that you have listed and settle on one that best fits him.

Here is a List of The Funniest Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend.

Funny man
Funny boy
Silly man
Giggle guy
Tickles, tickle man
Mr. wonderful
Mr. Universe
Body builder
Big boy
Big guy
Mr. Love
My one
Prince charming
Sugar lips

There are some funny names that are meant for endearment and they are fair to use them to help bring some affection to your relationship. In most of these nicknames, you can't go wrong when you select well from the list according to your likes as well as the likes of your boyfriends. Make sure that personality comes first in your selection for choosing the funny name. Choose a name that will make him to laugh since whenever he does the funny thing that fits his personality, you call him the funny name.

This will make him to totally accept the name and accept it more and more and he will like what he does as well appreciate you on your humor and creation of the name. It's also good to choose a funny name that goes well with your pet name. You can link the funny name with a famous celebrity or a great man. Choose the funny name according to what he likes most like the exercises that he likes or what he does with his free time.

When you follow the above considerations for choosing your funny name, you will really spice your relationship. Make you use of funny nicknames for your boyfriend to accomplish a strong and lasting relationship.


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