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gay roommate myths and where to find a gay roommate

Updated on July 23, 2010

The top gay roommate myths

So a lot of people are finding it trendy again to have a gay roommate or they want to find a gay roommate so that they can be hip and trendy. The thing is that having a gay roommate doesn't mean you will get to have a Will and Grace or Jack and Karen relationship, in fact it could end up being the exact opposite. I have lived with both gay and straight people before I decided to move out into my own place, so I wanted to share and break a few of the common myths about having a gay roommate for those of you who want a gay roommate just because it may trendy. If you decide you do want a gay roommate or want to interview a few possible roommates and you don't care if they are gay or not, here is a very popular free gay roommate service. Before I continue into this hub I would like to make one thing clear, gay people are people to. Stereotypes may exist but just like straight people not everyone is the same and not all gay people like showtunes just like not all straight people like football. Everyone is different and it is important to get to know the person and not just want to live with them because they are gay or straight.

1. Gay men are clean and love to clean so my house will always be clean.

Although some gay men are very neat and tidy, not all of them are and I can tell you from experience not all of them know how to keep a house neat tidy. Sure when its time to clean they will do it but just like everyone else in the world, gay men and women are people to. Sometimes they like to have a clean house but sometimes they don't feel like cleaning. Cleanliness with cleaning your house doesn't carry in your dna whether you are gay or straight, but as far as skin care and personal hygiene go, I think gay men may have a slight upper hand on the straight men.

2. I love gay bars and gay men so it'll be great to have a gay male roommate so we can always hang out.

The truth is that although many gay men do enjoy hanging out with women, you probably aren't going to get the Will and Grace styled best friendship. Gay men like to hang out with other people to and other gay men. Although you may hang out sometimes you are not going to be best friends. You guys are roommates and you have to remember that. Your roommate search isn't a best friend search. Friendship takes time to develop and if you become friends with your roommate then that's great but don't go into it expecting a new gay best friend.

3. All gay men can cook.

Seriously? There is a reason gay men tend to be skinny,,,j/k. Just like with straight people, some gay people like to cook and some don't. Most of the gay people I know cannot stir a spoon or even boil water let alone know how to turn an oven on. If you want a gay roommate because you think that all gay people can cook, get the Chinese delivery menu ready because you'll be ordering about every night.

4. Gay men love chick flicks.

Gay men stereotypically do enjoy chick flicks or at least are a bit more sensitive since we don't have to pretend to have to be tough but in reality, not all gay men like chick flicks. Some do and others like action films. Gay men have different tastes just like women and just like straight men. If you are planning on watching chick flicks with your gay roommate when you had a bad night think again. Find out when you are interviewing each other what types of movies you like and what your hobbies are so you can see if you like the same things.

5. My gay roommate is going to hit on me or my boyfriend/girlfriend.

The thing is that it is usually the other way around. The "straight"person is usually the person that comes home drunk one night and decides to flirt. The truth is that even though your roommate might be gay, you may not be their type. You probably aren't attracted to everyone of the opposite sex just like they are not attracted to everyone of the same sex. Just because your roommate is gay does not mean they will be attracted to you and does not mean that they will hit on you.

Living with gay people is just like living with straight people. Everyone has mood swings and everyone has a different personality. The important thing to remember is to get to know the person you will be living with and to be comfortable with them. If you guys cannot get along in the interview then you probably won't get a long as roommates.


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