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A Love Letter on Genuine Love : Love Notes and Romance for Human Compassion 8

Updated on April 30, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

A love story does follow certain destiny of our soul to the guardian angels of human compassion. The most powerful thing about love is when the revival of human excitement as we have experience the unforgettable moment of showing the true affection of love. The human attraction is a gift of god not only of procreation of ones unique personality. They are designed to attract the opposite sex in natural passion and commitment to live as one forever. The existence of human species is not simply by natural affection to someone you care. It is more than that as our rational way to think sometimes cannot comprehend our feelings. The genuine love is a perplexing compassionate thought designed by the heavenly blessings that transform the soul of the partner. This is the most interesting part of our life when we truly meet someone that will forever cherish the human love and eventually live together until death.

The most critical stage in looking for partnership is when you have your career. It may take sometime for you to prove yourself about your professional worth. The daily task in the job provides us satisfaction to earn money , have new friends and even a new suitors. This is the last stage to enjoy the moment of being as you will depart from the naughty memorable years in your high school and college life.

This is the case of Athena and Valentino that their short memories of love gave them important lesson that the young generation must know. The young Valentino has traditional way to love Athena as the emergence of the 21st century life proves to be very fatal to bring back the old ways to find a genuine love. This century proves no longer the age of Romanticism as the “Love Letters” now being threatened to be extinct finding no place in the modern world. The heart and soul of the old tradition has more meanings as love letters are being expressed by the blueprint of human aspiration to show love of your partner. They are the written instrument of our soul to cherish in the past. It is an expression of fidelity to someone you love. It is a beautiful story that we want to share to the young generation.

In this story, you find the love letters very different from the one you read in their college life. The story ended with the separation of two love burdened by the proof of sincerity to find a perfect partner in life. Valentino wanted to see inner true soul of a young woman bounded by a good character and sincerity . It was a very short period of love that had very fatal consequences to Athena as she truly loved Valentino. When they left each other and they never entertained the word “love”. They confined their activities with the company of their friends and professional life. Athena never entertained suitors as she had been deeply in love to Valentino whom he admired so much about being gentle and loving.

In this world today, the young generation never appreciated the true meaning of love. They simply want a superficial love to prove their masculinity. They never show so much about compassion, dedication and commitment to prove the genuine love to a partner. They no longer send love letters to show the genuine care in the commitment to love. It is in this reason that this article is dedicated so much to revive the extinction of love letters. It is no longer written in a white scented paper but an e-mail with attachment of beautiful symbolic flowers.

So let us now read the love letter of Valentino in his e-mail to Athena as they decided to meet next week.

My ever loving Athena,

Let me greet you again with 12 dozens of flowers of beautiful love!


I never thought that I could see you again… It’s been a score of years now that printed by my loving mind on your sweet smile and the beautiful lady of my dreams. I always find time to look at our old picture that has been served as my aspiration of my career and life .When I took the licensure exam as if you were their with me inspiring my thought . My classmates seemed amazed what I was looking at as they could see my face being happy and taking the exam that was then very easy for me to finish as I was confident and inspired by your picture. In fact all of them nose bled to find the correct answer. As if they wanted to see my secret…After the exam , they talked to me to see what was then my secret I just said to them.

“ It is the god’s love in heaven to someone I cared and loved in my life .” They were surprised to know that I was in the top 10 in the licensure exam…Until then , it is the very the same secret the I fondly look at us you are the Monalisa of my human compassionate love. I attached the picture in this e-mail you may want to look it. You are really my inspiration in my life and you are the Venus of my heart. As if I am in the garden of paradise that you make my world different by the spell of genuine love.

I know now the meaning of genuine love… It is in the time and space that will give true meaning in your heart and soul. It stays there forever … that the framework of love endures by the constant appearance in the space of my mind your beauty in midst of a peaceful paradise. I never thought that this love could survive by the timeline of human experiences… Oh, I love you so much… I really miss you…

I do not know what to expect when we meet you next week… It seems that my heart palpitates again after those long years that I met you. Oh ! It is really beautiful to be in love again by a woman whom I adored and dedicated so much about my profession and personal life. The fountain of soul brings back the fresh memories that to love someone has a beautiful prize of excitement that you cannot really sleep at night

Athena is still busy in her work at the office. She is very tired and lonely so he opened her facebook. She find a very beautiful flowers he never forget to have seen it. She rashes to open her yahoo e-mail…. There she finds the answer of the beautiful flowers with her excitement she embraces her laptop. There she feels the miracle of love to some you really care. The loneliness filled with so much joy! She never expected to find another love letter that is full of human love. At that night the spell of love, filled her with excitement and happiness… what do you expect when you're in love. Just like Athena never slept that night, although felt weak and dizzy she reported in the office with all the smile and happiness in the face.

That is the secret of love makes you crazy as you feel the joy of the human compassion. The young generation must learn to express their true love by giving them a love letter. They are the very powerful instrument to show genuine love.

Genuine Love is tested in time… readily waits the right moment to show your love. You must remember when you love someone you have to show all your respect and compassion. Enjoy your intimacy as you simply walk , talk and eat together and enjoy the world. Do not go to bed and do foolish things… It will come at the right moment when you will have family. The young generation is too engrossed in foolish things in idolatry and masculinity. The young men must know how to show so much compassion by expressing the love by writing a love letter . They should not use their masculinity to deceive young women . They are not dolls to be collected for foolish motive. The young women must always be respected and cared in gentle passion. That is the most important gift you can show to your love ones and girlfriend. Why not to try to write your love letter… you simply write with sincere heart the words I LOVE YOU….


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