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Updated on January 1, 2011

Getting Back Together - The Magic of Making Up

Are you suffering from the hopeless feeling of suddenly being all alone? Here are some strategies to help you: Win Back The Love You Have Lost!

#1 - I Do Feel Your Pain

First let me say I totally understand falling out of a relationship because I can truly tell you I have been through a very painful type of situation and I can tell you that I never want to feel that way again. While I was searching for some kind of way of getting back together with my EX it was really hard as I felt like complete crap the entire time.

The emotional baggage was so heavy and I got totally out of control. Anyone who has been in the same situation knows exactly what we are talking about.

You can't eat, or sleep and you are absolutely miserable to be around. You're constantly wondering what your EX is doing, where they are going or who they are with.

The painful thought of them possibly being involved with someone else, plagues you day and night.

#2 - As Hard as it sounds - You Need to Have Patience

You really need to hang in and devise a strategy to bring your loved one back into your arms.

The last thing you need to do right now is to let your heart dictate what your head needs to do. Emotional reactions are the worst in this case and will only push what you truly desire, that much further away.

Dealing with a split from a lover requires patience, a cool head and a bit of research.

These qualities will win out over emotion and desperation.

#3 - Be The Person They Fell In Love With in the Beginning

The key is to stay cool and in control or at least maintain that appearance.It is imperative to come from a place of security and confidence when speaking to your EX.

It's a good idea to exhibit some of your better qualities by recalling some of the charm you employed that caused your EX to be attracted to you in the first place.

#4 - See Things Through Eyes of Your Ex

Reframe from forcing yourself on your EX. Pushing too hard will certainly cause them to run, in the opposite direction.

Put yourself in their place if you can. I know it's hard to think and act rationally when your insides have been torn out and stomped on but you have to keep it together.

#5 - Play Hard To Get - But Not Too Hard

Try becoming aloof and scarce all of a sudden.Become less accessible more often than not. Be careful not to stay away too long, just long enough to make the heart grow fonder.

You want them to feel the void and make them just curious enough to wonder what's going on with you. Now it's time for your EX to have questions come up in their head like; you may be involved with someone else?

Show them that you have accepted the break up. A little positive Jedi mind trickery can help turn the tables and even cause your Ex to seek you out and getting back together.

It's totally natural for folks to want what they can't have, and now you're not so available as you once were.

#6 - A Second Chance Is a Gift

The crucial point in this scenario is how to act when your EX reaches out to you after the dust has settled. They have had time to think and even wonder if they made the right decision by breaking it off.

At this point you need to act cool as a cucumber during any reunion. Seeming too anxious or needy will undo any progress you have made toward winning back your love.

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