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Making Your Ex Lover Want You

Updated on February 22, 2013

Making Your Man Want You

Eat Some Humble Pie

We have all been there, I know that I have. So If you’re thinking of trying to win back your your long lost love then maybe there is something there. You’ll have to hope and pray that your ex is on the same wavelength.

I think that is what makes it so difficult because when you have been apart from your ex you no longer know how they think.

I have often found that in the past that being apart from my boyfriend after we have split up made me feel that I had lost a connection with him.

That was really difficult for me - to be honest. Of course I didn't let him know that. I know think that if you were at fault for the split - of course I was not (hehe) then showing some remorse goes a long long way.

I think that life is too short so go for it and don't be scared to let you ex see that you really care about them. I have done this in the past but whatever you do - refrain from becoming a doormat. Let's face it, that is never attractive!!

Putting yourself in your past lover's shoes can be insightful but don't spend long periods of time over thinking things as this can drive you insane.

If at times during your relationship you forgot to think about your ,ex lover's needs and want then get ready for some serious back peddling. The healthy thing to do is to remain positive and to exercise a sense of calm.

I know that it is hard but try to show that you are hacked off as this can be very off putting.

Remain Positive

Get your ex boyfriend back
Get your ex boyfriend back

Say No To Mind Games

One thing I would suggest avoiding is playing mind games. Don't listen to your single friends who come up with suggestion for playing mind games - as that could be why they have remained single.

I won't play mind games because it only leads to confusion and trust me - it can backfire badly. don't play mind games. You can forget trying to make your ex jealous because that only makes them think that they are better off without you in the long run. So the jealousy game is a no-no


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    • purefitness profile image

      purefitness 4 years ago from England

      You should always remain postive however it is always best to know when to draw a line.

    • profile image

      Julia 6 years ago

      Some cool tips out here, thank u very much for writing this hub! It looks like there are a few places giving such advice like this. I got this other day that was helping also:

    • jbcat profile image

      jbcat 8 years ago from Santa Fe

      Good Info if I ever want my ex back, so far once I break up with someone there is not going back. I just can see getting back with any of my ex's