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Gift ideas for the Best Man

Updated on July 28, 2014

Gift ideas for the Best Man of a wedding that you can use with him

If you are looking for gift ideas for your Best Man of a wedding that you can use together then you have come to the right place

I've been scouring the internet looking at the other pages out there for Best Man gift ideas and to be honest, I haven't been impressed.

A token wedding gift? I mean come on. Your Best Man is probably felling like he's about to lose his best friend in the World. Now, we know that this isn't true. Although some of the other gifts offered on the internet are very nice, and may well have a wedding themed feel about them, are they really what he would want?

He's really going to want something that he can appreciate, something that's practical, cool, and even better, something that he can share and use with you so he knows you will still be spending time together.

The Wedding Day is all about you. He's going to feel a little sad, but happy for you. He's going to have put a lot of work into making this day, and the run up to it, perfect for you, so give him something decent in return.

This is your chance to show him that he will always be your Best Man, not just on the big day. That you will still be going out and spending time with him and having a laugh, and that you are both still the people that each of you turn to in the harder times.

Don't make him think you have forgotten this with all the excitement and attention that surrounds you and your soon to be wife on the big day.

Here are some gift ideas for the Best Man that will help to make sure your friendship remains the same after you are married as it was before.

Image: Weber BBQ available here

Give him the perfect excuse to invite you round for a barbecue - Weber 426001 Q 300 Portable 393-Square-Inch 21700-BTU Liquid-Propane Gas Grill

This is a superb top of the range high end gas grill / barbecue.

If you buy him one of these babies he will absolutely have to invite you over. This is great for your wife (and children if you have any) to spend an afternoon at his house to.

There isn't anybody that doesn't love a barbecue so this gift idea for your best man will not only make a great gift but also help to create situations where you can all socialize together.

This Weber Grill has everything that a great barbecue should have and more. Large cooking areas (393 square inches in total), two stainless steel burners and heat adjusters are among the many advantages.

Weber 426001Liquid-Propane Gas Grill - Gift ideas for Best Man

Weber 426001 Q 300 Portable 393-Square-Inch 21700-BTU Liquid-Propane Gas Grill
Weber 426001 Q 300 Portable 393-Square-Inch 21700-BTU Liquid-Propane Gas Grill

A fold up two person fishing boat, assembles in 5 minutes - Sea Eagle 12-Foot 4-Inch FoldCat Inflatable Boat with Pro-Angler Package

Wow, if you and your Best Man like fishing what about giving this some thought?

It is a light and very durable and stable 2 person fold up fishing boat that can be assembled in 5 minutes.

How pleased would he be with the prospect of you both going on fishing trips in this baby? Now that's devotion between friends.

Two swivel seats make for comfortable fishing for both of you.

It is extremely buoyant and has a safety floor so that you will not lose your fishing gear. It is over 12 ft long but only weighs 75 pounds and has extras such as rod stands.

So make your fishing trips with your Best man so much more exciting. Get out onto those hard to reach fishing hot spots, catch big and have a great time together.

There is life after marriage with your friends.

3 hp outboard motors on eBay - Perfect to go with your two person fishing boat

Now the boat does come with oars but is ideal for 3 hp outboard motors, either gas or electric.

If you can't afford one of these as well as the boat have a think and maybe even chat with your Best Man. Maybe he would consider buying the engine if you bought the boat?

I bet he probably would so here are some 3 hp motors on eBay to get you started.

Good luck with your bidding and I hope you enjoy many fishing trips together.

Sit in style with your Best Man - Two Person Fold Up Chair

Whether you are fishing on a river bank, drinking beers at a barbecue, on the beach, or visiting your favorite campsite you and your best man can do it together and in comfort and style.

This foldaway double two person chair is light and sturdy on it's legs and even has drinks holders.

A new golf club bag for your Best Man so that you can still play a round with him - Callaway 2011 Warbird X-Treme Stand Bag

If golf is something you and your Best Man enjoy why not get him a new golf bag.

This could be your way of promising that your golf days together aren't just a thing of the past.

This durable but light Callaway golf bag comes with a stand, ideal for when you tee off and take your shots.

It has 9 individual diving pockets for clubs, and extra spaces to put your notes, pens, balls and water.

It's very well made and only weighs 6 pounds, much lighter than many standard golf club bags.

Go Play Golf Gift Card by Fairway Rewards - Redeemable at thousands of Golf Courses nationwide

This makes a great gift for when the two of you go to play golf.

This gift card is available in sums of $25 between $25 and $500 and redeemable at thousands of Golf Courses nationwide.

There is at least one golf course that this card is valid with in every state of the United States.

You can see their website for a full list and more information through this link.

3D Television, So that you can always watch the game together

Why buy a big 3D television for your Best Man?

Did you always meet up and watch the big match together? He may be thinking that these days are now gone but prove him wrong by buying him an amazing 3D TV.

This way you both have the perfect excuse to meet up, enjoy some beers and watch the game together.

It's a great way to tell him that your friendship hasn't ended, that you will continue to do stuff together like watch a film or the match and hang out with the advantage of an amazing big television and in 3D.

If you have never watched TV through a 3D one they are truly amazing. Put on the glasses and watch special programs that are in 3D and films, it looks just like the 3D films at the cinema.

Then obviously the TV works normally when not watching in 3D mode.

Sony Playstation 3 Slim 160GB - Play online with your Best Man

If video games are your thing this is the newest version of the Playstation 3, with in built WIFI and network capabilities.

If you are both fans of video games you can have great fun playing with this together, whether it be at home or online.

He will also love this gift when you are not with him as it is great for one player gaming as well.

The Playstation 3 is commonly bought with FIFA 13 - Or check out other game gift ideas for your Best Man by following the link

Challenge your Best Man to a game of Soccer.

Build your teams or use the default ones, pick from all the big tournaments and every league.

Play in any stadium in away or home kits and play in other new areas including 5 a side.

Great music, fantastic graphics and smooth streaming commentary make this is a really fantastic game for Soccer fans.

Do you think that a Two Person Horse Costume is a good gift idea for your Best man

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Keep fit with your Best Man with this Rafael Nadal tennis racket - Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Tennis Racquet

Now your new wife cannot disagree with this one, a Rafael Nadal tennis racket.

Going to play tennis with your Best Man will not only keep him happy but your wife will also be pleased that you are keeping in shape for her.

You don't have to be out for hours and hours to meet up and play some matches with your friend either, so it's a great gift and idea for newly wed busy husbands.

Being Rafa Nadals tennis racket this is obviously a superb racket.

Which is your favorite gift idea for the Best Man?

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Have fun with these gift ideas for your Best Man together

I hope that you have managed to become inspired and have found a gift for your Best Man. I really hope that you follow the route of buying something that you will both be able to use together, as I personally think it is a much nicer way of saying thank you by giving a gift of these types.

Have a great day and good luck with the Big Day. Come back soon.

I welcome your comments on Gift Ideas for Best Man

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