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GIFT IDEAS: For Your Second Anniversary

Updated on October 28, 2014
Cotton Bracelet
Cotton Bracelet | Source

Knot Bracelet, Cotton Anniversary Gift

Go for all-cotton for a casual look, or choose something with hardware to make it a little more formal. Either way, you get a washable bracelet, which is pretty cool. Use your wedding colors.

Back-of-Tie Patch
Back-of-Tie Patch | Source

Anniversary Gift. Hand Embroidered Tie Patch.

Picking out a tie for your man can be tricky. Luckily, with a tie patch the whole world is your oyster; you can attach it to any tie in the world and he'll have a secret love note to carry with him wherever he goes. Both discreet and sappy; how can you go wrong?

Custom Pillowcases
Custom Pillowcases | Source

Monogrammed Cotton Pillowcase Set

Go for traditional, classy initials or something charming like the ones pictures above. Inexpensive and still romantic.

DIY Lavender Sachets
DIY Lavender Sachets | Source

Lavender sachets

Easy to make on your own, but you can buy sachets easily. For bonus points, screenprint them with your names and wedding date. These will make your clothes smell nice and keep moths away. Romantic and practical all at once!

Cotton Map of Hawaii
Cotton Map of Hawaii | Source

Cotton Map

If you're from Hawaii, got married in Hawaii, had a significant romantic getaway to Hawaii...or heck, just want a Hawaii-themed anniversary gift, here's one. The seller will put hearts on it wherever you want to commemorate special locations.

Not a Hawaii person? She makes tons of other locations as well.

You can also get this in paper, which makes it a great first anniversary present. For more first anniversary present ideas, Click Here.

Turkish Bath Robe
Turkish Bath Robe | Source

Turkish Cotton Bath Robe

Turkish cotton towels are the most luxurious around. Even more luxurious? Wrapping yourself in one. Especially if it has a hood. Perfect for men or women.

And There's Always...

Cotton lingerie.

Cotton Anniversary Ideas


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