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10 Simple Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Updated on February 16, 2012

Show Some Love

Lets face it. Men can be tough to shop for. It's not that they have simple minds or are picky, it's that sometimes when considering giving a gift to your man, your mind can run blank. "I don't have enough for a video game or any electronic what?!" Fear not, here are 10 easy Valentine's Day gift ideas that are personal, appreciative, and from the heart.

1. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

If there's one thing I know about men it's that they love to eat. Buying your lover a simple box of chocolates can easily win your way to his heart, or at least to his stomach. 

Too Cliché? Add a personal touch by leaving a secret message under each chocolate with small squares of paper. 

2. Sew Easy

One thing men can never have enough of is underwear, undershirts, and socks. Though this may sound kind of boring, surprising your man with fresh new undershirts will suddenly make him realize how pit-stained, hole-filled and thin the undershirts he has are. And who doesn't love the feeling of wearing new socks for the first time? 

A cute idea to add a little more elbow grease, as well as love into your gift is by sewing a small heart or words to put on the inside. Take for example, a pair of boxers. On a lighter piece of a solid colored fabric remnant, use red thread to sew a tiny heart. Sometimes drawing it first with a pen or pencil will make it easier. Cut out around your creation so that you are left with a very tiny square of fabric. Sew that to the inside of the boxers, somewhere along the edge or the band, and let him discover it on his own. 

3. Mix Things up With a Mix CD

It's so easy to make a mix CD these days, everyone should be doing it. Find a few of your favorite songs, a few of his, and a few songs that mean something to both of you and your relationship, and put them on a blank CD. 

Another idea for a CD is to secretly ask each of best his friends, his parents, and siblings for their favorite song. Don't forget your favorite song! After you make the CD, make a hand-made cover for the front in the case, and on the backside write a letter instructing him to listen to the CD, and then try to guess which song goes with which friend/relative. Whether he plays along or not, he will appreciate the fact that you took his friends and family into consideration. No guy likes a girlfriend who expects his entire life to be about her. 

4. Rather Than File a Complaint, Fix One!

First, find something that your man has been complaining about.

"my pillow's been making my neck hurt"

 "this book bag is a piece of crap"

 "this button on the remote keeps sticking, it's annoying"

Then, fix it! Buy him a new pillow, complete with a new, clean, high thread count pillowcase. Search on sites for the perfect book bag for his type of lifestyle and get one. Buy him a new universal remote and let him set it up himself! He'll love it! Doing small and sometimes inexpensive gestures like these will not only give him relief, but will show him that you're listening to him. 

5. For Those Sporty Types..

If your man is an athlete, or at least thinks he is, make your own gift set using that sport as a theme.

If he plays soccer, buy him a new soccer ball, soccer socks, soccer shorts, a water bottle, and a small towel. Then buy him a new duffel bag in his favorite color, and put all of the items inside! Top with a large bow and he won't be able to wait to go try out his new gear. 

If he's a golfer, buy him a new polo, a pack of golfballs, and a gift certificate to a nearby golf course. 

If he's less of an athlete, and more a couch potato who watches athletes on a tv, buy him merchandise for his favorite team. 

6. At Least He'll Smell Good

Go to a store, and find your favorite cologne. Find the one that attracts you the most, and give it to your guy. If you love it, he'll wear it, which means you'll like to be even closer to him, which will mean he'll be happy. 

7. Picture Perfect

Make a small scrapbook filled with photos about your relationship, inside jokes, and caring messages. Add things that you've saved over the years (old movie tickets, newspaper clippings, etc.) and show him how meaningful he really is. As long as you show effort and that you at least tried to be crafty, he'll appreciate the thought, and will look through it more often than you'd think. 

8. This One's On Me

Treat him to dinner and a movie. Let him pick the restaurant and anything off the menu, and then sit through whatever movie he chooses. The only rule is that he doesn't pay a cent.


9. On a Side Note..

This is more or less for a small surprise on an average day. Leave small sticky notes for him everywhere. Put them in his pockets, inside a book he reads, on his keyboard. All day he will be reminded of how much you love him.

10. You Want me to Wear What?

Buy something that you normally would not wear, that he's always wanted to see you in, and wear it. If he thinks skirts are sexy, and you're a tomboy, wear a skirt for the day. If he's got a thing for v-necks, but you're more of a t-shirt or turtleneck girl, put on the v-neck already. Even if it's just for around the house, putting yourself out of your own comfort zone for his sake will pay off when you see how his face will light up every time you re-enter the room after leaving for 5 minutes. We manipulate their style enough as it is, this time let them manipulate ours for a change.

Love is All You Need

Men are pretty easily entertained or pleased, so don't panic. Just put in a little effort, tap into the right side of your brain, and give him a unique and personal gift from the heart.  


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    • wymyczak66 profile image

      Jessie Miller 5 years ago from Buffalo, NY

      Ok Caitlin, there are tons of ideas for younger people as well. The most important thing you should focus on is to not worry about spending a lot. I wouldn't spend more than $10, if any at all. Simple gifts that you can get for under $10 are gift cards (iTunes, Gamestop, Best Buy, etc.), candy, dvds, certain board games. Make him a card to make it more personal, but the important thing is just to show that you care, and that is all that matters :)

    • profile image

      Caitlin caza 5 years ago

      I'm 4th grader

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A great hub.


    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      You have peeped inside the male brain haven't you! Yes you won me over. All the things you mention can make a man feel great, after all what we want is your love :)