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5 steps to make a simple but touching video clip for girlfriend

Updated on May 2, 2011

Why Video Clip?

Are you thinking of giving a surprise to your girlfriend during anniversary, her birthday or X'mas?

Furthermore, you wish to give her a romantic and unforgettable moment?

So, why not make a short video clip for her?

For those who are not familiar with professional software, I am going to help you by demonstrating a simple method via using Window Movie Maker (for Windows user), which is already in your computer.

Window Movie Maker is a software which could be used to make a video/movie yourself. Although this software is not as pro as those video maker software, this is the simplest software that everyone can learn the ropes in a short period of time.

Video Contents

You may just collect all the photos/videos which could recall the memories between you and her, and then compile them all together in one video clip. You may also write something inside the video, or take a video of yourself, tell her what you are thinking and something you wish but never tell her.

Believe me, although this is just a simple video clip, this could be touching and meaningful.

I experienced before, so now is your turn. :)

Firstly, familiar with the interface...

Import (#1-3)

#1- You may import videos that you want to insert to the video you are making from either your computer or digital video camera

#2- Photos that you select for the video could be imported by clicking "Pictures"

#3- You may select some background songs or musics, or the audio that you recorded through "Audio or Music"

Edit (#4-6)

#4- A lot of effects are available here to decorate the photo, eg 3D Ripple, Blur, Ease in, Film grain, and etc.

#5- When the video is playing, you could add the transition effect in between the photos/videos which you insert, so that the whole video will become lively. eg Circle, Fade, Diamond and etc.

#6- Also, you could add a title at the beginning, a title before the selected clip, a title on the selected clip and show credits at the end of the video.

Publish to & Others (#7- 10)

#7- When you complete the editing of video, is time to publish your masterwork. You could publish your video in DVD, recordable CD, e-mail and digital video camera.

#8- Here is the place to allow you to insert the photos/ videos, you just need to drag the photos/videos here that you imported.

#9- You may insert background songs/musics here to make your video become lively and romantic.

#10- You may preview the video you are making here.

Let's start... - All the media that you are selecting will be shown in #11, eg photos, videos, musics and etc.

Step 1 - Simply drag all the photos/videos from #11 to #8 in sequence

Step 2 : background musics/songs - Background music will make your video to become lively. Simply drag the music icon from # 11 to # 9.

Step 3 : Effects - Also, simply drag the effect on the photo to decorate your photos if necessary. eg. 3D Ripple

Step 4: Transitions - You may drag the transition effect in between the photos/videos

Step 5: Publish

Finally, you complete your masterwork and you are going to publish it!

Before you publish the video, you may click #10 to preview the video. In case you find something wrong after you burn it to the DVD.

There are several ways to publish your videos, for examples, burn to a DVD, email, digital video camera, and etc.

I would suggest you to publish the video in the DVD, so that it could be played by either computer or DVD player. Besides, you may design the cover of DVD also.

When your girlfriend receive this as a gift, she will receive your love and feel very happy with no doubt.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sample videos

This video was made by Window Media Player.

Are you going to make a short video clip for your lover?

See results

Some products that you may concern about...

Will you make one for your girlfriend?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @beckwong: Yeah, that and the 18k gold and diamond bracelet I got her ;D

    • beckwong profile image

      beckwong 4 years ago

      @anonymous: thanks bro! I believe your love one would enjoy it!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Haha I already had this Idea, I'm making a video for my special someone who I don't get to see very often. I'm making a cover to the song "close yet far" by CKY, and I've already filmed myself for the beginning parts, and a sunrise/set sped up x8 with secondary features I downloaded for WMM. Later in the video I'll incorporate the drive over to her, hundreds of miles on the odometer, hundreds of miles of highway, ending with a loving embrace :D hopefully I'll be up there by Christmas to present it to her. I came here to look for more ideas, but great tutorial!

    • beckwong profile image

      beckwong 6 years ago

      @sugunalinus: you are welcome :)

    • profile image

      sugunalinus 6 years ago

      Fantastic share. Really an impressive idea to express my love towards her. Thank you for the share

    • beckwong profile image

      beckwong 6 years ago

      @hlkljgk: yea! hope your dear will make a video for you :)

    • beckwong profile image

      beckwong 6 years ago

      @GoodinDevelopme: thanks for your visiting, hopefully you enjoy my lens :)

    • beckwong profile image

      beckwong 6 years ago

      @anonymous: thanks my dear friend :)

    • beckwong profile image

      beckwong 6 years ago

      @sluggasteve: yeah! i think so:P

    • profile image

      sluggasteve 6 years ago

      Really cool idea. It's like future love being carried by technology!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      So wonderful lens. Well done beautifully. 5 stars for you. Have a wonderful time.. dear giftskingdom :)

    • GoodinDevelopme profile image

      GoodinDevelopme 6 years ago

      Windows Movie Maker is a great tool. So easy to use. Enjoyed your lens.

    • hlkljgk profile image

      hlkljgk 6 years ago from Western Mass

      very sweet idea. thanks for the how-to

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      thanks for sharing~