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Good gift

Updated on November 11, 2013

GIFTS and gift items

We love to receive gifts. Because we receive things and services free of cost. There are different types of gifts. On some special occasions like birthday, marriage, housewarming, Christmas, New Year, wedding anniversary etc. we get as well as give gifts to our dear and near ones. We not only receive gifts but also give gifts. There is pleasure in giving gifts. When we give gifts to our children, they are happy and their happiness is our happiness.

When occasions like Christmas, Birthday, Marriage or wedding anniversary comes, we seek to find ideal gift items for our dear and near ones. Often we find it difficult for us to find the ideal gift item which comes within our budget. For a good gift item we sometimes find ourselves go beyond the budget and suffer monetarily. Many sacrifice the desire of giving a good gift item due to the budget constraints. Either way, the giver suffer monetarily or emotionally. That is the biggest painful part involved in giving a gift.

Value of Gifts

Value of gifts differ from person to person as well as the position of the person giving gifts and the position of the person receiving gifts. For example, prime minister will not give cheep gifts to the citizens because of his position. A wealthy man will not give cheep gifts to a person of high repute. Giving cheep gifts to a highly reputed person is treated as an insult. Gift is Gift. The true Value of gift cannot be assumed by its price only. The monetary value of the gift may be too low but the emotional value could be immeasurable. That depend on the heart of the receiver and the giver. We cannot evaluate the value of a gift by its monetary value. Still we try to give lasting and valuable gifts. So that the receiver may be able to remember us during their life in this earth. Emotional attachment to a specific gift is very important for for some receiver. It is useful to remember the memorable moments of life.

Quality of gifts

Good quality gifts make lasting impression on the receiver's mind. For getting good quality gifts, we need to spend a lot of money. But the receiver will be happy to receive such gifts. People who would not tolerate with low quality items will often re-gift such items. Gifts that are pleasing to eyes are often find their place in the showcase. If you want to create a lasting impression on others, you need to give good quality gifts.

Types of Gifts.

There are different types of gifts given in different occasions. We try to give gifts that are appropriate to the occasion and our ability. Daily usable items like shoes, clothes etc. are given as a gift. Electric home appliances are also given as gifts. these gift items could last a few years. Property can be transferred to the decentents or immediate relatives as a gift. Dinner set, washing machine, cooker, fry pan, Microwave oven, non stick utensils, Mixer and grinder, toast maker, tea cups, television sets, electronics gadgets, music instruments like guitar, organ etc. are some of the items which we give as gifts. Now a days, it is a common practice to ask the receiver about his/her preferred gift by informing the budget. Then it will be easier for the giver to select the gift as well as it will be useful for the receiver of the gift.

Gift tax.

Some countries charge gift tax when people exchange valuable gifts. Taxing gifts of property as well as gold or silver ornaments are a usual practice all over the world by governments. But the gift tax is very lower as compared to normal property transfer tax. That is why people use the term gift when they transfer property to their immediate relative. It is important to note that there must be some blood relations to give and receive gifts. If there is no blood relations, Government will not treat such gifts as gift.

Gifts which are truly not a gift.

We used to hear about promotional offers given by advertisers and producers. "Buy one get one free" or "if you buy this you will get this and that as a free gift" etc. are promotional offers. Cost of many of these offers are covered in the price of the product you buy. In such causes, they are truly not a gift, but a trick of the sellers. Quality and durability may not good as it should be in such offers. Sellers use such tricks to increase the sale of their products. Poor customers does not know the trick used by such sellers and fall prey to such offers. That is something irritating and we hate such things. But it would be too late when we realize the scheme of sellers. Gift vouchers are another gimmick used by sellers to sell more products of high value. For example you will get a gift voucher of US$ 200 but the condition is that you have to make purchase of products worth US$ 2000 to get the discount and cannot club with other discount coupons of offers. It will force you to buy products worth US$2000! We need to ignore such offers. If it is a necessarily to purchase products worth us$2000, then, it is good to use the gift vouchers. Often we find ourselves buying unnecessary thing for availing the discount of US$ 200.

Biggest and greatest gift

There are different biggest gifts that are given by people around the world. It includes, jet airplanes, Estates and Mansions etc. But what is the greatest gift one can give? Is it an airplane? Is it a big fortune? Is it a lot of money? No. Car, helicopter, airplane, money etc. will not last for ever. There is a limit to enjoy all these thing. They are useful in this earth. A man's life not ends with his death. His soul lives in the other realm of the world. His soul is eternal. It continues to live for ever. His soul can feel, hear, speak and see the things around it. It remembers all the events of life in this world, as well as the world it will live for ever. As per the life in this world the soul will go to the eternal happiness or eternal condemnation. That is up to how you are live in this world.

As per the Bible, each one has sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Every one is destined for eternal condemnation. But God so loved this world that he gave his one and only son for this world, for mankind as a gift. That is Jesus Christ. Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. If you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day and accented to heaven then you will be saved. This salvation may last for ever. You will be in paradise for ever. Otherwise you would end up in the hell where there is suffering endlessly.

In such a perspective, what is the greatest, everlasting and biggest gift you can ever receive or give? Jesus Christ!!! Yes Jesus Christ is the greatest and everlasting and the biggest gift you can ever give or receive.

The question is Have you received your greatest gift yet? If not this is the time to receive that gift in your life. Once you receive that gift, you can give that gift to anyone you wish to give. Now is the time to receive that gift. If you want to receive that gift now, please pray the following prayer:

Dear God, I now understand that I am a sinner. Now I repent of my sins and I accept your son Jesus Christ as my true gift for my salvation. Please forgive all my sins and make me a child of you. I believe that Jesus Christ came to this world and died on the cross and buried and on the third day resurrected from death. Please forgive all my sines and make me a child of God and parterker of eternal heaven. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Thanks for receiving this greatest gift from me. Now it is your duty to pass it on to others. Because those who are in hell never want even their enemies to enter into hell as the suffering in the hell is unbearable. To know more about spiritual life, please read bible and have fellowship with those who hold the same faith, so that they can help you in difficult times.


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