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Good Night Messages

Updated on January 9, 2013

Good Night

Saying goodnight is more than just a greeting before going to bed. Receiving a goodnight messages, the recipient will feel remembered and thought of and will appreciate the thought. Hence, sending goodnight messages, be it in a form of SMS, facebook wall comments, email or just simple wishes, it would surely touch one's heart.

There are so many samples of goodnight messages out there that you can make use of. But since most of them must have been already sent long time ago and you want to use fresh and original ideas, here are some samples I personally created and written. Hopefully it will help you greet and bid goodnight to your friends and loved ones.


Good night wishes and Good Night Messages

Looking for some good night messages which can be posted to facebook or orkut along with a good night scrap. then have a look below

It's time to wash your face and feet

Lay your back to bed and sleep

Here's wishing you a night

That is good and sweet.

Good night!

Before you sleep, PRAY

Give thanks for another DAY

Wish for brighter tomorrow

That has no worry and sorrow

Good night!


Close your eyes,

Hold your pillows

Start counting the sheep

Make a way for a better sleep

Good night!

Come and fly high

We call it "sweet dream" airline

Fasten your blanket

And hold so tight

Get ready for the greatest night.

Good night!

Moon and the stars are bright

The sky is so good tonight

Hold your pillow and close your eyes

Wishing you a nice and sweet night

As your clock says it's nine

Know that it's time

Make yourself feel fine

As I say goodnight.

Sweet Goodnight Messages

I sent an angel

To watch and protect you

As you sleep sound tonight

And have you a good night.

As I see the moon so bright

I look up in the sky with my hands upright

Praying that you have your guardian angel

That will make you sleep sound and alright

Have a good night sweetie.

Close your eyes and make a wish

Lift your soul, feel the breeze

Look at the moon and stars in the sky

It's like we're together as I do the same tonight

Have a great and wonderful night!

There's one thing I wish tonight

That I will be there to hold you so tight

It's too bad we're apart

So here's sending my sweetest goodnight from the heart.

I prayed to have the greatest dream tonight

I prayed hard with all my might

I wish to see you in my dream

Coz you are my greatest dream


Goodnight Text Messages good night sms

Are you looking for some good night wishes for your good night sms messages then you can have a look below. I am sure you will like the following samples

Here's a message for a sleepy head

Came from your sleepy friend

Just saying to turn off your light

And bid a good night

As you receive this message,

Your phone must have got heavier.

It's loaded with affection, prayers and love

To keep you warm and safe

Have a great night!

Wait for me in your room

I'll lock your door

I'll turn off your lights

I'll jump in your bed

And shout "GOODNIGHT"!

Beep, Beep

An SMS for your sleep

Packed with prayers and love

Wishing you great evening and sleep

Still up and can't sleep?

Here's sending a hundred of sheep

Start counting them one by one

You must be sleeping before you're done

Good night my friend!

Have a Good Night

good night sweet

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