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Give a Great Best Man Speech

Updated on February 22, 2014

Take a Deep Breath - You Will Give a Great Best Man Speech

You have been given the honor of being the Best Man at an upcoming wedding and you have yet to work on your speech. And it's in 2 Weeks! Don't worry. Take a deep breath; you will do OK.

In fact, for most wedding speech givers like the Father of the Bride or the Maid of Honor, getting up and delivering a speech may not be your cup of tea.

Here is the encouragement that you Need to deliver a speech that will be Fun for you and Memorable for everyone.

And, I hope you like the poem, "Get Up There Mr. Best Man"

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Even Under Stress You Can Give a Great Wedding or Best Man Speech

A little humor and encouragement goes a long way in giving a wedding speech

Don't stress over the Best Man Speech you need to give next Saturday night (and haven't written yet) - take a deep breath - you can give a great speech! You just need some preparation and a boost in confidence.

Gather your thoughts about the bride and groom and jot a few bullets down on an index card. You can relate a funny story, talk about growing up together, etc. Don't worry about the "audience" at the wedding reception. You're not working on an audition for the theater -These will all be friends and family of the bride and groom, many of whom you may know.

When you stand up to give your speech, have your note card ready & just be yourself.

Wedding Speeches


Books with Best Man Speeches - Read one in a quiet room and just practice

Get Up There Mr. Best Man!

Get up there Mr. Best Man!

You've earned this special honor

Speak kind words on these two

If you don't speak nicely, you're a goner

Get up there Mr. Cool and Collected

Speak to the folks about how it is

Let them know that these two are destined

Let them in on the secret buzz

Get up there Mr. Suave and Spiffy

Those duds you're only wearing for this room

Tell the guests what you are thinking

Great insights on the bride and groom

Get up there, Mr. I Can't Speak

Don't be shy, just speak what's true

Use your cue card to keep you going

You don't have to add anything new

Get up there, Mr. Best Man

Toast this couple, 'fore the honeymoon

They'll thank you when they return

They'll be leaving fairly soon

Who's Speech will be the Funniest?

The Best Man, the Father-of-the-Bride and the Maid of Honor all have to give a speech at YOUR wedding

Who will Deliver the Funniest Wedding Speech?

See results

If You're Still Stumped ...

If you are still stumped for material, don't worry; professionally written wedding speeches are the way to go. For great, funny, professionally written wedding and best man speeches that you can make your own quickly,

Read my articles at Speeches to Give at Weddings

Thanks for Visiting - Your Wedding Speech Doesn't Need to Leave You Tongue-Tied

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    • RealityTV LM profile image

      RealityTV LM 7 years ago

      Happy April Fool's Day; No pranks or tricks from me, just blessings ;)

    • profile image

      paul101239 7 years ago

      Just be yourself when delivering your speech. and that would be a great one.

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      WG-Tiaras 8 years ago

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