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Happy Relationships - How to Guarantee Your Happiness

Updated on December 27, 2014

The Unconscious Guidance

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a doctor and teacher.

You only have to learn the symbolic dream language in order to be in contact with this superior mind that answers all your questions in dreams.

There is a perfect match and a destiny previously traced for everyone.

Nothing happens without preparation in our world because it is a place of transformation.

We live in order to transform the absurd content we have inherited into the wild part of our conscience into human sensibility and sensitivity.

You will find your soul mate and follow the destiny that will positively transform your personality if you don't let your absurd nature control your mind and behavior.

Everything is related in life; this is why you must be cautious.

You need the unconscious guidance in dreams so that you may avoid all traps and really live happily with your soul mate, after finally meeting him or her.

Love and Happiness in a Relationship

Dreams About The Person You Love

Dreams about love are the most common ones and this is why many people submit dreams about love for a professional dream translation. I keep receiving them all the time. However, these dreams are the simplest ones. Everyone can easily learn how to translate dreams about love by themselves.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung managed to discover the right method of dream interpretation, as I prove in my work. I continued his research discovering the roots of human absurdity. I also related his theories to various scientific discoveries in many different fields that happened after his death and presented similar conclusions.

By following his method of dream interpretation I was able to discover a lot more and answer all the questions that he couldn't answer with the knowledge he had. Today you are able to learn everything that Jung discovered, and everything that I discovered after continuing his research in a very simple form.

I had to cure many people through dream therapy into practice for two decades before presenting my work to the public. This was necessary because I had to transform a complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation into a very clear and simple method of instant dream translation.

Today you can easily learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams yourself, without depending on anyone. You'll find out everything you want to learn about the person you love and about your relationship with them.

You'll only be able to evaluate the benefits of this knowledge when you'll verify into practice how really helpful it is. Your dreams reveal the entire truth about everything, without human distortions and lies.

You'll understand who the person you love really is. The precious information you'll have will give you explanations about their psychological content. Only your dreams can give you this vision.

Happiness in a relationship depends on too many factors.

Love is very dangerous because it transforms you into a vulnerable creature, totally dependent on the other person.

On the other hand, you cannot objectively analyze anything when you are in love. Your feelings don't let you logically observe many important details that reveal negative aspects concerning the personality of the person you love.

You'll learn how to discern various mistakes and negative tendencies in everyone's behavior. You'll be always protected from everyone's bad intentions. You'll also be able to discover your perfect match and have a perfect relationship with him or her.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).


Love and Happiness for Life is an eBook full of good information and advice. There is no fluff in it at all.

This eBook will show you everything you need to do in order to keep your mental health and your happiness for life. It will help you find the right person for you and keep them close to you forever; a person you can truly love and who will love you back.

That one book alone will give you plenty of information. However, I'm helping you much more, with the bonus I'm giving you!

Interpreting Dreams About The Person You Love will show you may things about your life that you may not even be aware of.

The information you will gain from reading this eBook is real and relevant, and you will be one of the first to learn the whole truth regarding dreams about the person you love.

This is a special privilege, one you will not be able to understand until you read the book. That's why I'm being so generous - you must see the value of dream messages for yourself so that you can understand how important they are.

Learn more at:

Books I Recommend


Love and Happiness

You will be happy with the right person.

The right person is like you.

We live in a world where everything has lost its taste, everything is mechanical, has no beauty, no meaning, no art.

Dates and facts pass, we exchange gifts after going to the stores, and we have parties and dinners, but nothing is really pleasant, because our actions are empty: our hearts don't feel anything.

Our lives have no real color in the daily rush, and we don't find real happiness in the various social meetings we attend. Nothing is really special for us on any occasion, and this is why we don't feel really alive.

If you have a relationship though, you cannot let it become part of the routine. Your love has to be something really meaningful to you, something that really makes you happy, and gives you real life.

This is why you have to be romantic, and pay attention to details. Remember your fist kiss and your first special moments; give something different to your partner on this day, something besides what you bought in a store.

Write a poem for them, even if you don't have any talent.

Use your sense of humor, in combination with your romantic mood. Be original, do things that will make your partner happy, and always be sensitive.

Don't think that you are silly if you are romantic and you pay attention to all the details that most people ignore, because this is what will really make a difference in your life.

Sometimes only your attitude will already be enough to create a romantic atmosphere. Be affectionate, sweet, and delicate.

Don't forget important facts that have a special meaning for the other person.

Do something for them that will make them feel that you care; help them solve their problems, be their best friend.

There are so many things that you can do to make your relationship special!

Use your imagination! Be creative!

If you don't know what to do, look for ideas. Read articles, talk with other people, make a research.

You'll soon realize that you can do many things that are quite simple, but that will turn your relationship into something exciting.

This practice will give you real pleasure.

Your partner will feel how extraordinary you are, understanding that he or she will never find anyone like you, exactly because you are so caring and able to guess his/her hidden desires as if you could read his mind.

Love Poems

Dream Interpretation and Poetry

Secret Love

Nothing seems possible or real.

Nothing is simple or attainable.

Will the ocean between us disappear?

Will all walls extend their limits?

Nothing seems sensible.

But nothing can be hidden for very long.

Life asks for our ticket, and examines us at length.

Our facial expressions reveal

the obvious secret

Is this dream ever going to come true?

Will I ever manage to be near you?

The answer is so difficult

The future, so cruel

Separated by the ironic distance,

our eyes and our existence

look for bridges and invisible connections,

beyond ephemeral minutes

and their multiple dimensions.


When the day arrives

my eyes look for your eyes.

The day goes away,

but your smile is forever in the air,

in all objects, facts and events.

You, in the background,

following me.

Or am I following you,

while so proud of my possession?

Are you my obsession?

When the day sleeps

I look for your lips.

Your presence is indispensable!

Only a kiss can bring me peace,

and keep me still sensible.

This is your mission,

show me understanding.

You bring me life!

You will not be my slave though,

but for your own desire,

give me your soul.

Love me truly and completely all the time,

carrying me in your memory

wherever you go.

Never feel fine without me!

Never forget you are mine!

Christina Sponias


Love relationships are very important in everyone's life. If you have traumatic love relationships when you are young, you'll face tragic future situations.

If you have no love relationships at all, you'll develop a dangerous complex. You may become mentally ill.

Love is in fact very dangerous.

When you are in love, you cannot control your behavior. You cannot respect your moral principals. You become a slave of your feelings. This is why the unconscious mind that produces your dreams sends you many dreams with objective information about the person you love.

You have many advantages in life when you are able to translate the meaning of dreams before getting married. The unconscious mind helps you find your perfect match, and have a perfect love relationship.

Wish I knew everything I know today when I was very young. However, at that time I was only gradually discovering the importance of the dream messages.

I had a warning about my husband in a dream before getting married, but I didn't believe that dreams should be trusted. I didn't know how to translate the meaning of dreams at that time. However, the warning was so clear that anyone could easily understand it.

This happened because dreams about love are not as symbolic as dreams about our mental health.

I should have listened to the voice that told me in a dream that my husband wouldn't love me for long. His love had a very short duration because he only wanted to take advantage of my naïve character. My husband was looking for a wife who would help him succeed in life.

He never really loved me. He was an actor.

When I started having daily fights with him, I remembered the dream I had advising me that my husband's love would have a short duration. This fact helped me understand that I had to pay attention to dream warnings. My marriage was one of the worst mistakes I made in my life.

I didn't love my husband either. He was a very good friend who insisted very much on having a love relationship with me. In the end I decided to give him a chance.

This marriage couldn't have a happy end. It was based on mistakes and lies.

However, I couldn't understand this truth at that time. I was very ignorant, and I used to believe in unreal things. I was a slave of my rational psychological type. In other words, only my ideas were important for me. I belonged to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts. I had no feelings. I was totally insensitive.

My husband was a slave of his psychological type too. He belonged to the extroverted psychological type based on intuitions. He could guess the future development of reality, especially concerning business deals. He was always pursuing new money-making opportunities, but he didn't want to work too long on his plans.

Our personalities didn't fit together; we were totally different. However, we couldn't understand our own absurdity for deciding to get married. We thought we could shape our lives the way we wanted to.

Many couples make similar mistakes, for different reasons. There are people who are slaves of their feelings, and cannot logically understand that the person they love is not the ideal one for them. Other people care only about sexual pleasure, without paying attention to their inner feelings. I could give you numerous examples of love relationships based on false impressions and lies.

If you'll seriously think about all the mistakes you could make in life, you'll clearly understand that there are too many dangers threatening your happiness. A tragic love relationship can ruin your life and your mental stability forever.

You need protection.

I advise you to study the meaning of dreams about love because they are very simple, and this precious knowledge will save your life. Learn everything you can about the person you love before getting married. Learn also everything you can about yourself.

You'll never find authentic happiness by chance.

I became a psychiatrist and psychologist for being able to help everyone find sound mental health by obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams. I'm only a human being, but the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin.

The first ones I wanted to help when I started working online were the most desperate ones. I started helping people who wanted to commit suicide, especially young people who abuse their bodies. Self-abuse is one of the worst mental disorders existent today. It affects teenagers and young adults.

I had various conversations with teens who abuse their bodies. I also translated the dreams of a few of them.

They don't accept advice, and they don't want to follow psychotherapy.

I understood that I would only be able to help these teens by helping their parents. This is why I decide to work on helping everyone find love and happiness in life before getting married.

Everything begins with a marriage, this fatal step in everyone's life.

When the couple is not happy together, their children won't learn how to be happy, but develop mental illnesses and mental disorders. Everyone is very vulnerable to mental illnesses because we inherit a totally absurd primitive conscience into the biggest part of our brain.

I know that you don't want to think about depression now that you are young, and you have many beautiful plans. However, there are many hidden traps in your journey.

You can very easily lose your mental stability, form a problematic family, and then, have depressed children. Pay attention to this fact, and care about eliminating all the possibilities of failure from your destiny. You have this power if you obey the unconscious wisdom.

Don't make ridiculous mistakes for being a slave of your psychological type. Don't let your primitive conscience control your behavior. Find your perfect match before getting involved with the wrong person.

The Myth of Finding The Perfect Mate is Not a Myth

Many people have found their perfect mate in favorable conditions. They had a wonderful relationship and a beautiful family. Carl Jung was one of them.

There are numerous real stories of people who found their soul mate and lived happily with them. They found the person who loves them as much as they love this person. This person is exactly like them, as if this person belonged to the same mind and body they do.

In other words, your perfect mate seems to be a part of yourself. Your perfect mate looks like you. Both of you have similar physical and psychological characteristics.

Therefore, Plato's definition about the soul mates is true. His definition is a symbolic representation of what happens in our lives.

Christina Sponias


How to Avoid Being Cheated

Protection Against Infidelity and Betrayal

I have just received a series of dreams from a husband whose wife is obviously not loyal to him.

First he sent me one dream, and after my first translation he sent me another three, that he had seen previously.

The first dream was complex, the second very simple, the third full of symbols, and the last one, so clear that anyone could interpret it without even knowing anything about the scientific method of dream interpretation.

This happens because the dreams about the person you love are very clear. The unconscious mind tries to urgently save your mental health when you see dreams showing you certain truths you dislike about the person you love.

This man saw so many dreams about his wife's infidelity because if he learned suddenly that his wife had had an affair, he would lose his mental health.

When he sent me his first dream he told me that he was happily married...

Men delay to perceive their wife's or girlfriend's infidelity and to accept that this is really happening to them, while women are used to doubting that their husband is really loyal to them - this is why they more easily accept their husband's or boyfriend's infidelity.

Two weeks ago I received a long dream from a young man who was very suspicious and afraid to give me information about himself and his life.

I told him that our conversation was confidential and that I would not publish everything he would tell me in my e-book, only what would be necessary to help my readers understand the connection existent between his life and his dreams, since he agreed to let me publish his dreams and a few details of his biography in my new e-book about dream interpretation.

His long dream was in fact a collection of small dreams about the same subject: his girlfriend.

He was also a victim of infidelity, but he could not believe it.

I translated for him all his small dreams, telling him that he had to forget his girlfriend and look for a woman who would really love him, but he didn't want to understand what I told him.

After a few days he sent me another very long dream. This time there was a continuation in the story and the entire dream was connected, besides changing very much in many points.

This long dream was better explaining to him that his girlfriend was not loyal to him and why.

This dream was also showing him clearly that he didn't want to believe that his girlfriend was cheating on him, no matter how much evidence he had, which confirmed his suspicions many times.

He was hoping to receive a better interpretation for his next dream.

He didn't want to believe that the first collection of dreams he saw were showing him the truth, and he despised my first very clear translation. Of course, I was delicate with him, seeing that he didn't want to believe in the truth.

For me it was more than obvious that his girlfriend was cheating on him from the first small dream I had read, but he didn't want to see that. He even told me when he sent me the second big dream that he trusts his girlfriend and he "was sure" that she didn't cheat on him.

In other words, he didn't want to believe in the unconscious' wisdom!

Of course, he had no idea about how serious and real the information you have in your dreams about the person you love is.

The unconscious mind who produces your dreams is your doctor and your protector. Its mission is very arduous and serious, because you can easily lose your mental health when you are a victim of betrayal.

Even though this is something so common in our world, to be betrayed by the person you love is one of the worst things that can happen to you!

This is an experience more than unbearable, especially when you learn that not only the person you love betrayed you, but also someone else, who you considered a loyal friend...

This is too bitter! If you pass through such an experience, your nerves are ready to break. You can easily lose control and do something terrible against your spouse and their lover in order to have revenge, or even commit suicide.

The wise unconscious mind shows you the truth gradually in your dreams, helping you to accept it and be prepared to face the worst.

If you are intelligent, you won't wait to see if the person you love really loves you and care about the scientific method of dream interpretation only when you become a victim of infidelity, like the men in our examples.

Be prudent and learn everything about the person you love in your own dreams beforehand!

Do You Like This Web Page?

How to Be Extremely Successful in Life

I'm curing many people through dream therapy into practice since 1990, after continuing Carl Jung's research and discovering how to prevent or cure any mental illness by obeying the divine guidance in dreams. My work relates science to religion, giving you all the answers you need.

Nobody knows how to be successful in life before living. If everybody knew the basic aspects they must pay attention to, they would be able to avoid suffering.

I decided to write an ebook with basic life lessons to help everyone learn how to find happiness in life and achieve their goals based on the unconscious guidance to all dreamers.

My clear and simple lessons help you put the unconscious guidance into practice.

After reading this ebook you will know what to do in order to surely be successful in life, even if you are afraid that this is not possible for you.

This is a Kindle ebook, but you can read it on your computer by downloading the free Kindle reader for PC:

How to Be Extremely Successful in Life

A Perfect Relationship

A woman's basic requirement from a man is affection. Women like romantic demonstrations, kindness, attention, protection, and understanding. They want to feel that the man they love cares for their feelings, remembers their preferences, and respects their desires.

However, they have to learn how to attract the right men, without acting based on their suppositions. They have to learn how to be wise, and how to keep the man they love near them forever.

Freud showed us with his work that our sexual instincts have an important role in our mental health. He discovered the existence of a subconscious content under the conscious surface, where our hidden desires remain. The subconscious concentrates our traumas, emotions, and past memories.

After him, Carl Jung discovered that there is also a collective content in the human psyche.

The disregarded content of the subconscious is not the only unknown content in our psyche.

He named the huge unknown content of the human psyche as the collective unconscious.

The collective unconscious is the shared memories of humans throughout history. He then named the subconscious as the personal unconscious.

Jung is the only one who managed to decipher the hidden code of the dream language. Thanks to his ability to understand the meaning of dreams, he discovered that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind sends us hidden messages in the dream images. These images are symbols. We can understand the unconscious messages when we understand the meaning of the dream symbols.

After continuing Carl Jung's research in the human psyche, I discovered that there is another unknown region that Freud and Jung could not see. It is the anti-conscience, our wild, violent and immoral conscience that didn't evolve like our human conscience. The anti-conscience provokes mental illnesses and mental disorders into our human conscience in order to destroy it. This way, it will manage to control our behavior instead of being tamed by the sensibility or our human conscience.

The anti-conscience starts destroying the human conscience mainly by invading it when a person is in love. This is why love is very dangerous for the human being.

The unconscious mind tries to protect our human conscience, and this is why it sends us many dreams about love. These dreams are so clear that we can very easily understand their meaning. Their symbolism is nearer to the logic of our human conscience.

You should be very careful when you are in love because love makes you forget everyone else. It also makes you forget all your plans. Love transforms you into a slave. It makes you completely forget your moral principals and betray those you should respect. Love is very near mental illnesses because it makes you lose control. You become idiotic and ridiculous.

I concluded that Freud could perceive how dangerous our sexual instincts are because the anti-conscience possesses them. This is why our sexual fantasies are based on immorality, and the human being feels pleasure with absurdity.

This means that the importance of love in your life is huge. When you are in love your sexual instincts start dominating your mind.

You should follow dream therapy and transform your personality, so that you avoid being a victim of your anti-conscience.

Through dream therapy, you will be transformed into a wise human being.

You'll also have very clear information about the person you love in your own dreams.

This means that you'll have a perfect relationship with the ideal person for you.

This is how you'll successfully overcome all the dangers of delicate situations that could have a negative impact in your psyche.

You'll avoid many traps and find authentic happiness that lasts for life.

Christina Sponias


Sexual Guidance

How to Become Pregnant

Even though raising a child demands a lot from the human being, he desires to have descendents, he needs to give a continuation to his own life through his children, and nothing can substitute the satisfaction and the fulfillment of being a parent.

Of course, I would first of all advise anyone to think very carefully before deciding to become a parent, because this is a heavy obligation, but if you are serious about having a family, and you are frustrated because besides having the intense desire to give all your love to your children, you cannot become pregnant, you need professional help in order to attain your aim.

I Can Translate Your Dreams for You

Instant Translation from Images into Words

Submit Your Dreams For Instant Professional Dream Translation

You can be immediately relieved from depression by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

Find more details about the scientific method of dream interpretation and the fast treatment through dream therapy at

Online Therapy – Finding a Dream Translator.

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      7 years ago

      Great Lens, picked a lot of info..

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      A nice lens to start the day with. Appreciate the share.


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      Lots and lots of good advices. Honesty, comunication and respect are three musts.

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      Really great post. gives great insight into how to make relationships happy and meaningful. please continue posting such great stuff.

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      This is powerful and what we all desire, "You'll avoid many traps and find authentic happiness that lasts for life."!

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      How WISE you are.. I need to spend some serious time on your lenses. Thumbs up and angel blessed dear friend.

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      Good Lens, it contains all the necessary information that will help you to achieve a happy relationship. If you guys still single and searching for a love visit my website and lets have a communication there, AD Dating.

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      Very good lens.These relationship plays an important role in everyone's life.Superb and informative lens.Thanks a lot for sharing :)


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      Interesting angle on happy relationships from the perspective of symbolic dream language. Everything said and done, though, love is the foundation. Blessed! :)

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      sponias lm 

      10 years ago

      @sunsetsunrise lm: The truth is that there are people who are romantic by nature, while other people are indifferent and cold. However, everyone can transform their personality and become more sensitive when they try to.

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      sunsetsunrise lm 

      10 years ago

      You make some good points. I do not think that someone can learn to be romantic though. He can learn to be more romantic, when he is already romantic.

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      Thumbs up from a fan!

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      really nice lens and well written...5*...I'm lensrolling to my "say I Love You lens"

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      I love all of Christina Sponias' articles! I have read her eBooks and have avoided many mistakes, including a very big one just recently, by translating my dreams using her correct method!!!


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