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Husbands want to make YOUR wife a Happy Wife???

Updated on February 1, 2012

It's actually easier than you think....(Typically)

Unless you have a seriously miserable spouse, it's really not that hard to keep a wife happy. First is common sense. We ALL are human and we all get upset, make mistakes, and aren't perfect beings. Once you understand that let's move to the next step. If you are truly committed, then you will be willing to put in a little labor of love. Marriage get's smoother the quicker you put the small things in action.

Women are different from men in many ways. Men; you have to understand that you won't ever completely get us. However, that doesn't mean we don't want you to try to understand. We do. Find out what is your wife's love language. If it's time, then spend time with her. Within reason of course. If its gifts then go pick up a card and write a love note if you can't splurge. Small things can be big to her. If she feels chores show her love, then pick up that broom.

I promise you if your wife isn't insane and you show her love....she will show you so much love and respect back. Let's say there are some differences that cause arguments. Take time to write down what you disagree with and make time to talk to her about the issues. Make sure you are not demanding or that you belittle her views. You want repect and she wants love. As long as you make her feel loved, the respect will come. If you disagree and can't come to an agreement, then just disagree at peace.

Don't make her feel less than or be mean to her simply because you disagree. She is an individual as well as your wife. Sometimes men/women can sound demeaning when they don't mean to. So, be careful with your words and be considerate. Men, remember you don't understand your wife all the time. So, obviously she doesn't get you all the time either. Keep that in mind and try to let her see things through your eyes a bit by talking her through it. Explain your feelings on an issue or lower your voice to sound more loving. Your tone can make or break a relationship.

Be patient with her. Let's say that you like fishing because it gives you the time you need to relax, but she hates when you go because she is left alone for hours. Let's just assume that you do go fishing alot and could go a little bit less if it makes your wife happy. Sit her down and tell her that you two can come up with something that makes you both happy. Explain to her why you want to fish. Like you need some alone time or you just enjoy it.

Ask her if she would like to go sometimes. She may think you are crazy but you may be surprised if she says YES! Then you can have a fishing buddy. Now that you have a few tips, try them out. See what your results will be and hopefully you will be happy.


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