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Harpists for Weddings

Updated on July 11, 2014

The choice for weddings?

Selecting the correct musicians to perform at your wedding is getting easier and easier. There really is a massive selection of performers out there who are promoting themselves as available for these types of events. Harpists are one such example, they are one of the most classic choices for a wedding ceremony for good reason. The harp is a sophisticated instrument and one which will create a wonderful ambience for any function. It's also a great looking instrument which oozes class and indulgence.

Siobhan - Harpist
Siobhan - Harpist

Choice #1 - Siobhan

Siobhan is an American harpist with vast experience who has studied at some of the world's finest music colleges. She is a versatile musician who has performed at countless weddings and corporate events throughout her career. We would highly recommend Siobhan to play the harp at any UK event where a classy atmosphere needs to be generated. Please remember to book early as good performers are often scheduled up to 2 years in advance.

Jean - Harpist
Jean - Harpist

Choice #2 - Jean

A favourite of the Prince of Wales, having performed for him regularly, Jean is a harpist of distinction. A former student of the Royal College of Music, Jean is a talented performer who can perform a range of styles to suit any event. We would recommend this great musicians for any wedding, function or corporate event where a top performer is required. Without a doubt Jean is one of the UK's leading harp players.

The Harp

Want to know more about the wonderful instrument that is the harp?

A harp is a multi-stringed instrument that has been around in one format or another since c, 3500 BCE! Mainly made from wood, harps are normally triangular and have the following parts:

- Head

- Strings

- Foot

- Pedals

- Soundboard

- Body

- Knee

- Neck

- Tuning Pins

The longest side of the harp is the 'column' or 'pillar'. The harp was used extensively by baroque and classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Handel etc. The musical range of a standard harp is C flat (2 octaves below middle C) up to G sharp (3 octaves above middle C). Today the harp is used in many styles of music, many film scores and for classy entertainment for hotels, weddings, receptions etc.

Bethan - Harpist

Bethan is an experienced harp player who is based in the South of England.

Anita - Yorkshire based harp player

Anita is equally at home oin the concert hall or wedding chapel!


Cecily is one of the UK's top professional harpists.


Rhianwen is a fantastic harpist from Wales, UK.

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    • lmm-uk profile image

      Last Minute Musicians 4 years ago from London, UK

      @carloniecrab: Thanks a lot guys! We really love the harp just as much as you it seems!

    • profile image

      carloniecrab 4 years ago

      @royrockroll: Agreed. Really sweet instrument!

    • profile image

      royrockroll 4 years ago

      The harp is such a lovely instrument. If I ever get married then I want to hear this lovely music.

    • lmm-uk profile image

      Last Minute Musicians 5 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks Georgio!

    • profile image

      georgio-krasj 5 years ago

      Cool lense, love the harp!