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How do you mend a broken heart!

Updated on January 14, 2011

Tips that might help to mend your own broken heart

1) Just feel the pain if you feel like crying then cry,cry as much as you can,u wanna shout loud then shout loud! you can do anything you like(but not to the extend that you hurt yourself physically) just feel your pain because one way of releasing your pain is to feel it until one day you grew tired of it & then you stop thinking about it.You will even say to yourself that you have to "get a grip"

2) Avoid places u went in, avoid mentioning his/her name,if you can, don't talk about it all the time or even avoid people close to both of you for a while because you might end up remembering it!

3) Keep yourself busy! Go out,Go on date, Meet new friends,go shopping,surfing,do travel's. You should avoid idle time!be active in many activities.

4)Pray that the most important thing,pray about it.release everything to him.Ask him what you need to do.

5) As much as possible Forgive him/her,if you think he/she has done terrible things to you. Try to forgive him/her  "Forgiveness is letting a prisoner go & that is you"

6) Forgive yourself, if you think you're the one to blame then start  to forgive yourself also accept yourself,accept what you did & if you want to make up for it then do it wholeheartedly but if your not sincere of it then don't force yourself to do it! Remember

7) Time heals all wounds.let it heal until you forgive each other,until both of you can speak up words gently.

8) Think about what you wanna do, what you weren't able to do when you were together, your career,your family, Try to fly your wings..

9) Changed your routine! because there will be instances that he/she will sink in on your thoughts that you were together at this moment. But have you ever thought that he wasn't even thinking about you. So Avoid  the memories!

10) It's really hard to mend your own broken heart,specially if you really love that person. But remember you have to.because it could eat you,some people even lead to depression for a very long time,some are really weak that they hurt themselves physically,some can cause your health down. So beat it my friend, be strong,whoever,whatever who you are,no matter your look is. Beat it, don't feel sorry for yourself remember "Self Pity also is a sin!There may be greater things to happen..have a self worth of yourself!



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    • jojo29 profile image

      Jane Boucheirre 5 years ago from CA

      I like number one. really, it helps!