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Help I Can't Talk To Girls

Updated on May 25, 2015

Help! I Just Can't Talk To Girls

My best mate Jack came round the other day, he was in a right state. He had had yet another big bust up with his latest girlfriend. He helped himself to a beer from my fridge, slumped into my armchair and said, "Help, I just can't talk to girls!! It's hopeless, I may as well give up now!"

"Girls are so weird they may as well come from another planet. Who knows what goes on in their heads! . I do my best to try to please them, but I always end up getting it wrong and then before you know it I'm in the dog house. I wouldn't mind but I don't even know what on earth I did wrong this time!"

Poor ole Jack he got it wrong again. I felt really sorry for him, he never has had much luck with girls. He was the type of guy that meant well but somehow was always putting his foot in it.

Reasons Why Guys Can't Talk To Girls

One of the reasons why guys can't talk to girls and get it right is because girls don't always say what they mean!

Here are some interesting observations:

Some guys think that because a girl is blonde she is naturally thick. Of course some blonde girls may pretend to be a little bit "fluffy" and dumb just so they can get what they want. So although a girl may look all soft and cute on the outside, inside they can be quite hard and conniving. So don't be fooled by appearances. Appearances can be deceptive!

A girl may ask her boyfriend if he likes her new hairstyle and ask for his honest opinion. The problem is she is really only looking for praise, so when the poor guy answers honestly and says he really preferred her hair they way it was before - well guess what? They are in for some tears and tantrums. The boyfriend ends up puzzled and dismayed because he was foolish enough to think she really wanted his honest opinion, when really all she actually wanted was praise and compliments.

Another classic example is when your girlfriend asks "does my bum look big in this?". Really if a guy is stupid enough to say "yes" then he deserves to be in the dog house!

Do I Look Fat Darling?

Guys Can't Talk To Girls

They Usually Get It Wrong

It's true - guys can't talk to girls. At least most guys don't know how to talk to girls. The trouble is most guys expect girls to be like - well guys! And guess what, girls aren't like guys. They don't think like guys. Their emotions are all different.

The trouble is a lot of guys love girls because they are so feminine and soft and delicate and pretty etc they put them on a pedestal and then when they find out they are not so soft and cuddly, they just don't know how to handle it.

Some girls can be very manipulative, they treat their guy really well, get him to buy her presents, take her out for meals, pay for expensive holidays and then when the money runs out, they dump him.

Why Can't Guys Talk To Girls? - Tell Me Your Experience

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