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how can you define love life? different opinions

Updated on November 5, 2013


I personally think that there is no particular definition of love.everyone will define love in his own way based upon his experiences.You find million quotes on love but in every quote the flavour of love keeps on changing.Some even quote love is a battlefieldĀ 

The word love is the most pure word in this is so vast and complicated it gives you happiness but at the same time it might put you in the worst can make you and it can also completely destroy you

Now coming to the definition of love i would say:

''love is vast as sky and deep as ocean it is the best feeling you can ever have it is a feeling that can make one moment of your life more important than your whole life.once you are in love (true love) then there is no way out or maybe you will never want to come out of this strange feeling that is called love love is like a deep ocean so attractive and so addicted that everyone want to dive in it but when you dive then you are completely lost forever you just keep on sinking''

when i saked about defination of love to some other people they said

''Love is a choice, followed by our emotions and actions. Love is defined and nurtured by our beliefs, feelings, and interpretation. Love can evolve in our definition. What I thought was love ten years ago is not my thoughts of love today. Agape love is selfless and giving. It is at peace because that love knows it has already received--even before it gives.''

another friend said

''Love to me is more than just a word. There is the ability to overlook the faults of others and be happy with them no matter what. There is love you feel with your children, the knowing that you would sacrifice your life for their well being. There hundreds of definitions and way to express it, but, love is a beautiful thing.''

someone said

''love is unconditional. its about respect, honesty, loyalty and wanting to be the best you can for the other person. its about being not with someone you can just live with, its about being with someone you can not live without!''

every one has his /her own definition some may agree and some wont ..everything aside

I saw love when i looked into the eyes of the girls i love and i lived my whole life that day that feeling was the best feeling i ever had and i will ever have..

how to live a happy-life in a good way?

Why do we fallin love?


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    • kamran210 profile image

      Kamran 6 years ago from Pakistan

      yes taleb as we experience new things in our life our definitions about both love and life keep on changing

    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 6 years ago

      I Liked this "Love can evolve in our definition."

      I think most of our concepts can evolve in our definition.

      Thank you