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How to Attract a Woman With Words

Updated on November 12, 2012

Making Good Conversation Makes a Good Foundation For Attraction ... Though It Can be Frustrating if You Are Inexperienced

What happens when you meet a woman you like and then you try to talk to her but the words just don't come out right? Well, if you have ever had that experience before, chances are that things didn't turn out so well. Face it, making good conversation with a woman is one of the foundations for making her feel attracted to you. Unless you have the looks to pull off the male bimbo thing, then you have to be able to make a woman feel like she has a good time talking to you. You might feel like it is difficult to talk to women right now, but it certainly doesn't have to feel that way forever. Plenty of men just like you have started out feeling shy around women, only to find with the right pointers - they were able to turn things around and become good at talking to a woman. Don't you want to become one of those guys? Read on.

Eye Contact Matters

Ever hear a woman talk about a guy she has just met and has an obvious crush on? Most of the time, she'll make at least one reference to his eyes. She might just say right out that she likes his eyes or she might say something like, she likes the way that he looks at her, which is just another way of saying that she likes his eyes. How do you make a woman feel like that? It's all in the eye contact that you make with her. You definitely don't want to just stare at a woman, that is the kind of thing that can get kind of creepy really fast. What you want to do is look at her with a charming gaze, one that feels very natural. That means that you can look away every now and again and you don't have to worry about whether or not you are maintaining eye contact 100 percent of the time. Adding a little smile into the equation doesn't hurt, either. Make no mistake about it, even though you might assume that talking to women is just about the words that you say, it also has a lot to do with the eye contact that you make with her.

Questions Can Be a Good Thing

You might wonder about what to do when you feel like you don't have much else to say once you have been talking to a woman for a little while. That's easy. Asking a woman questions, the kind of questions that show you have an interest in her and that you are not just attracted to her for the way that she looks is a good way to go. You'd be surprise at how many guys get this wrong and if you really want to become good at using conversation as a way to attract women, you have to be able to ask a woman questions. There is a little caveat to this that you want to be aware of. Getting too personal too soon is not always a good idea when you are asking a woman questions. You also want to be careful that you don't fire away one question right after another. Use them as a catalyst for conversation. For example, you might ask a woman a simple question about what kind of music that she likes and then you can spin the conversation in that direction. You don't just have to keep asking her things over and over again.

Good Conversation Also Means... Listening to Her

It's kind of funny how you really don't have to do a lot of the talking in order for a woman to feel like she is having a really good conversation with you. You can do a lot of listening and she'll still usually walk away thinking that talking to you was a good time. This is good for you to know, especially if you are on the shy side. Some guys get intimidated when they think that they have to do a lot of talking in order to impress a woman, but that is not always the case. I remember the first time that I figured this one out. I was mostly just listening to this one woman I had met at a party when I was 18. Even though i really didn't say much at all, by the time we were done talking, she was telling me about how much she enjoyed the conversation. I walked away with her phone number, which was cool, but I also walked away with something else. A valuable lesson that listening to a woman is just as important as actually talking to her. Of course, you want to be able to hold your own, but if you are a good listener, that's going to be a good thing.

Texting a Woman Is Also Important

Nowadays, you also have to be able to text a woman to make her feel attraction towards you. It's not just good enough to be able to make conversation in person, you also have to be able to make those little words on that little screen pop out and evoke a woman's emotions. And you have to be careful because things don't always translate well onto that small screen. Sarcasm can easily get lost in translation when you are texting a woman, so you have to be careful if that is your style. You might come across sounding offensive when you are just trying to make her laugh. You really can't ignore the fact that it is important that you know how to text a woman because some of the women you are going to meet are going to be the kind of woman who texts all of the time. Realize, though, that you need to still be able to talk to a woman in person, so don't get so hung up on the texting thing that you forget about what is really important.

Texting Women - a Joy or a Pain?

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Texting Women - Easy or Hard?

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