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How to Be the Best Boyfriend

Updated on July 28, 2015

Let’s face it, being boyfriend and girlfriend is much more than just holding hands in public and carrying around the title like prized crowns on your heads; it’s a matter of being the best person you can possibly be, both for yourself and for your girlfriend or boyfriend! Of course, we all have our differences, we’re human! All differences aside, we should be striving to be the best we can towards our other halves.

When it comes to being a boyfriend, it can be tough! Girls are a whole different kind of creature when it comes to behaviors, and often times require quite the guessing game which can be frustrating. Being a good boyfriend means learning how to work through the tough times with the willingness to do it together. To learn how to be the best boyfriend, read on!

The Do's and Don'ts of How to Be the Best Boyfriend

As with any relationship advice, all couples are different, and not every suggestion you read on this list may relevant to your and your lady.

If you already know your girlfriend pretty well, you'll know which do's and don'ts apply to you. However, if you're still in the 'getting to know each other' stage of your relationship, these tips might help you get through that early stage with flying colors!


The Do's

Be straightforward. Say what you mean, and mean what you say! It’s that simple. It’s quite annoying when you deal with someone who is beatin around the bush. Being straight up means being truthful and saving time and headache. Trouble expressing yourself? Try out one of these romantic things to say to your girlfriend.

Make time for her. One of the most fun aspects of being in a relationships is spending time together! One-on-one time, that is. Sure, it’s perfectly healthy to be apart and spending time with friends, but you guys need that time together to really bond and get to know one another!

Put that controller down. Unless she plays video games with you, don’t be playing games while she is at your house trying to spend time with you! Video games may be your biggest hobby but her biggest peeve. Play games on your own time, or offer to bring her to the game store with you and find something that she might play with you, a nice compromise.

Be playful. Girls love to flirt, so don’t be afraid to flirt! Try to keep your touches respectful, and don’t be afraid to pick her up and put her over your shoulder! Oh, and wrestling with each other is a lot of fun too, making sure to let her dominate once in a while.

Joke around. If there’s anything that is attractive about a guy, it’s his sense of humor! Girls love to laugh, and it can feel really good to make her laugh! Tell her jokes or just make some wisecracks at the right moment. Don’t forget that when it comes to joking around, timing is everything so make sure the moments are appropriate! A badly-timed joke can really set her off.

Take her on dates. Yes, even if you have been boyfriend-girlfriend for five or more years, dating is a necessary factor maintaining a healthy, strong relationship! She loves it when you ask her on dates and treat her just like you did when you first fell stupid-in-love with each other. Dating is one thing that should never, ever end if you’re still together.

Be chivalrous. These days, it’s so rare for a guy to actually display a bit of chivalry, that it will make her feel like a queen! Open doors for her, give her a hand out of the car, pull chairs out and help her into her seat on a date and even at home! Kiss her hand, offer your jacket if she is cold. Be a true gentleman!


The Don'ts

Be selfish. There’s nothing worse than a guy who won’t put his own wants aside for his girl’s needs. Yuck!

Rush into things. If you are thinking with the wrong head with the wrong girl, you could end up just scaring her away. Take it slow, feel out her intentions and try not to move faster in the relationship than what she feels comfortable with!

Be afraid to bring her around your friends. If she isn’t the kind of girl that you want your friends to know about, then ask yourself this: Why are you with her? You should be able to invite your girlfriend to hang out with you and your friends once in a while.

Be controlling. Telling her she can’t hang out with her other guy friends, that she can’t go out for a night with the girls, that she shouldn’t wear makeup, that her shorts are too short, etc is controlling behavior and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Be manipulative. This also falls into the controlling category, but more with mind games. do not attempt to manipulate her, it won’t end well. Never does. It’s not healthy. Basically, try not to say anything to your girlfriend that you wouldn’t want to have to repeat to your mother!

Hold grudges. Everyone messes up and if she messed up and you told her you forgave her, actually forgive her and let the mistake rest forever. Bringing it up in future fights will not accomplish anything and just lead to more ill feelings.

Talk about exes. Okay this one is huge. DO NOT talk about your ex girlfriends, whether it’s bad or not. Girls don’t like hearing about other girls who once had your attention.

Be a Better Boyfriend

Learning how to be the best boyfriend is definitely a step in a good direction and shows how much you really love the girl you’re with.

How to be the best boyfriend all depends on your girlfriend, what she likes and how she likes to be treated.

Use this as a general guide, then tweak it to suit yours and hers needs and she will definitely think you’re the best boyfriend, ever!

Which Don'ts are you most guilty of?

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