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A LEGO Wedding

Updated on February 25, 2013

Build Your Own LEGO Wedding

LEGO Wedding Ideas

I have tons of LEGO wedding ideas. I even used them for my own 2009 wedding. I had a 3 tiered white, light blue and pink LEGO wedding cake.

Check out my LEGOLAND and LEGO blog,, for theme park and LEGO deals and ideas!

I always dreamed of decorating a wedding completely in LEGO, from the centerpieces and bouquets, to the favors and food. It almost happened, too! A LEGOLAND PR Manager pitched it to the Director when my husband and I were working there. I imagined LEGO candelabra, flowers, an archway, a cake... but it was a no go.

So, without the 10's of thousands of dollars I had imagined to throw this bricktacular event, I scaled it down a little bit. Now, I just need to share all of my ideas.

LEGO Wedding Cake - Our handcrafted cake made entirely out of LEGO and Duplo pieces

What we did have for our wedding was a LEGO cake. It was absolutely a showstopper. I loved it so much.

Read all about the cake and how to build one HERE

LEGO Minifigures as Wedding Favors

LEGO Mystery Minifigures are great party favors. They have been coming out with a new series for a few years, now and they are all available on

As a favor, they can be placed on each place setting. There is even a bride!

Buy in full boxes of 60 packets or select them individually.

It would be so neat to select a personalized one for each guest! Shouldn't be too hard, because there are over a hundred of them to choose from, now.

Small Touches - LEGO placecards for flower girls and ring bearers

My mom made this adorable little placecard for our little flower girl. She absolutely loved it! We didn't have a ringbearer, but if we did, I would have had my husband snap something together for a little boy!

She printed Lizzie's name on a flower girly sticker to go on the little Fabuland signpost. So cute!

LEGO Flowers - Can you imagine the possibilities?

If you had enough LEGO, time and imagination, a LEGO wedding bouquet could definitely be done.

I have seen amazing LEGO flowers, and I've even designed some of my own while I worked at LEGOLAND. These combine two of my biggest loves. LEGO and flowers. Although I've never built an entire LEGO bridal bouquet, I have made hundereds of fresh flower bouquets.

Here are some LEGO flowers that can be incorporated into a bouquet, or centerpiece. They can be mixed with fresh flowers, or just LEGO.

When I put together LEGO flowers, I always like to have either FRESH greenery or faux greenery to really offset, contrast and showcase the LEGO flowers. LEGO greenery is cute, but it makes LEGO flowers look tacky and cheap.

Your other option is to do a very simple, hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers and in touches of LEGO, either Fabuland flowers or just plain bricks, mixed throughout the flowers.

LEGO Centerpieces

LEGO centerpieces could be time consuming and costly, but they can also be spectacular!

LEGO Candelabra

Here are some candelabra I designed for LEGOLAND's Pirate Shores ride. I used them for a pirate themed event, while I worked there, adding fresh honeysuckle vines, LEGO pirate treasure, and a few handfuls of LEGO bricks on each table. I always thought they would be so amazing as wedding centerpieces. I would light REAL or LED LEGO candles in them.

Then I would put 4 glass vases around the base, stuffed with roses in LEGO colors of red, hot pink, yellow and orange (1 color in each vase), then I would scatter a few handfuls of another colored brick around the base with LED votive candles tucked in. Can you imagine?

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