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how to do a loyalty test on your partner

Updated on June 9, 2010

A relationship based on trust and mutual respect is the ideal thing to have. Loyalty and trustworthiness are two sides of the same coin. Having said this it is equally important to know that your partner is faithful to you and will not cheat on you. If you want to put your partner's loyalty to test then these 4 tips will help you.

1) If you can freely access your partners cellphone that means he is not afraid of that you can watch his contacts or messages. That means he is loyal to you. You can easily do this test whenever you meet him.

2) Tell your partner that you are going for the weekend. And watch from a distance that if your partner invite somebody , or you find any suspecious thing occur. You can catch your partner immediately.

3) If you think your partner is attracted to one of your friend then you can check it also. You need to just arrange a party, where you will invite that friend too, if your partner give undue notice to that person, or offer to dance, or spends lots of the time with him/her or trying to get physical with him/her by hugging then you need to be careful.

4) If you feel that your partner is not open to you. He hide many thingsĀ from you then you need to worry. Ask him/her about his daily routine and tell him to share each and everything. Still if you feel that he is not doing so and also don't tell his daily routine then you need to worry.


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    • profile image

      Jessi 21 months ago

      True, what if your partner deletes everything before you touch his/her phone? Since now we have Whatsapp web, it's slightly simple (provided you have a chance to access his/her phone when he/she's away to shower, grab a drink etc). And of course, you have to do this fast before he/she come back to her computer table. Best to have this done at home!

    • profile image

      Sanjay 22 months ago

      What if she deletes everything before i reach home.

      Kindly suggest what to do

    • profile image

      richard 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      Karlita William 2 years ago

      check your partner's loyalty whatsapp +91-8285836332 or skype id sameermalhotra.8010 New arts

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    • profile image

      lingi 2 years ago

      She doesnt allows me to see her cell,even after we are together on the bed she keeps txting which irritates me the most,lies me about her whereabouts for i caught her few times.even once i caught her kissing a her ex,for that i punched him in a restaurant.

      Yeah in parties too hugging and sticking around and dancing with others isnt much issue to me for i had beaten a guy till bleeding through his head since then boys do keep lil distance from her.

      Is she cheating on me..or m i that desperate guy who cant leave that one girl..??

    • profile image

      Ajit 2 years ago


      I am worried about my wif'e's whatsapp activities. How can I check if she is not doing anything inappropriate?

    • profile image

      Neha 2 years ago

      Guys.... you should nt unnecessarily do these things if u believe him bcoZ once u start checkng just for sake of tp then you will also start doubtng every aspect of his.....every person should have his personal corner even from chilll....

    • profile image

      sanjana 2 years ago

      I'm in a long distance relationship so I'm not able to check his cell phn...but I'm little doubtful that he is cheating on me...guys plsss help me to know whether he's really love me or not...i don't want to hurt myself once again...

    • profile image

      sam 3 years ago

      My husband keep on delete all logs n WhatsApp msgs from his cell phone..i just can't caught him...coz somehow i feel he is not loyal to sure someone else's is there in his life from his office ,in fact all his office frnds r supports him..plz do suggest me what do i do?

    • profile image

      sani 3 years ago

      My best friend told me he loved me past 3 months how can I checked is he serious or not.

    • profile image

      mansi 3 years ago

      Jaha log apne phn apna laptop etc hide krte h waha jrur daal Mai kala hota h..its my own experience..i have caught my hsbnd five times red still we r with each other coz u cnt chnge the people better is that u should chnge to urself..give back wht u take..nobody is perfectly loyal in present time..m sure...

    • profile image

      sonam delhi 3 years ago

      My b.f name gaurav n we r dated from past one month they dnt want i will b chck his ph evn i dnt know pasword of his ph i realy love him n dnt want to loose him what i don't know what to do wo kbi mjhe apni convrsations nii padhne deta

    • profile image

      Ortega 3 years ago

      He lets me see his phome but what if hes deletes everything.

    • profile image

      aslam 3 years ago

      Meri patni aur logo ko dekhti h m kya karu uska dhayan mere se hatkar aur p chala jata h

    • profile image

      priya khosla 3 years ago

      My boy frnd does not tlk vth me on week days..earlier he used to tlk on weekends bt nw tht too is nt possible..wht to do?

    • profile image

      medha 4 years ago

      Why if he deletes everything..?

    • profile image

      teena 4 years ago

      Last 3 week I date my office colleague. & if I said anything about me & my 2 friends that dayrect know my boss. How I test his loyalty. That hi can't tal any thing to my boss.

    • profile image

      Arvind Goyal 4 years ago

      i think soo meny people are not fack...

    • profile image

      arif 4 years ago

      simple when he sleeps then then check his cell phone

    • profile image

      nita 5 years ago

      nice. but i don't want to loose him. he got irriteted when i try to touch his phone. and also hide lots of stuffs from me. what to do???

    • profile image

      gaurav 6 years ago

      True wife cheated me ..i caught her red handed..then i realised that y she u use to hide her cellphone from past 4-5months ,,,

    • profile image

      gaurav 6 years ago


    • profile image

      rahul g 6 years ago

      nice thnx..simple but reallY works