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how to make and care your friends

Updated on July 23, 2009



Friend is the most reliable person in a man’s life. Without friends life become so much boaring and the person having no friend will never know the real chill and enjoyment of life.

A Friend is that personality with which we can share our feelings,sorrows & joys.Some people who don’t have friends, thought that making of new friends is a tough job.But I think there are many ways of making friends and become a boar life social and full of chill.

For making new friends you can join a club or community of people having common interest.By your joining you have some common topics of conversation and discussion and a new relation will generate between you and other people.


You can also join internet chat rooms and internet communities for the same purpose. Talking with the people worldwide will also broad your exposure.


You should join a sports team. For example if you are good in football then join a local football team because it helps in making your contacts even more.


Give equal importance to all of your friends, because everyone wants importance and that’s why he wants you to listen him carefully and with full give him full concentration when he talk to you.


You should make an eye contact with everyone. And when other person will watch your face just pass a cute smile which attracts that person.


If your friend and you have some common interests then you can ask more about that thing. Ask him for sparing a time for discussion and also ask him to go to a public place like club,café or garden.


If your friend show full interest on you then you should be very honest with him and if he tells you any secret then you also have to keep that secret. That will build confidence between both of you.


In the end I advise you to choose a friend wisely because it is saying of an famous personality that “MAKING A WISE ENEMY IS BETTER THAN CHOOSING A FOOLISH FRIEND”.


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