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how to make long distance relationships a success

Updated on December 21, 2009

Today, many people are in a long distance relationship. Many peoples partner has traveled and others just met a new partner on the internet that lives miles away from them. Some are positive and have trust in there partner while others have lost hope and that’s frustrating. Here are few tips on how to maintain a long distance relationship.

Define your relationship; you wouldn’t like a situation whereby at the end of it all, after all the time and effort you put in the relationship, it didn’t work, or didn’t lead to marriage, therefore in order to avoid that, you should try and define your relationship, know if its what you really want and if the person is worth all the stress.

Communication; communication is the key to every relationship, even in long distance relationship. Technology has made it easier for us to communicate with love ones without having to waste too much money. In a long distance relationships, calling each other at least once in a day, sending instant messages to each other with details of how you spend your day every night, sending romantic emails and love letters to each other and also chatting through web cams will make it feel like you are together somehow.

Spend time together even when apart; there are many ways to spend time together with someone you are not with, like watching TV, watching a particular movie, listening to music or watching a show at the same time will help you fell you are together

Meet sometimes; the only reason we cope with a long distance relationship is because we know it wont last forever, so make time and see your partner

Keep the romance alive; do something special for each other

Avoid jealousy; jealousy is one of the things that break a relationship. When you see your partner with the opposite sex, even when someone told you your partner is cheating, be sure to ask him/her about it. Instead of assuming, ask and confirm things from your partner

  •    Surprise your partner; everybody like surprises, pay your partner a surprise visit, surprise them in anyway you can.

Others are;

·         Trust each other

·         Be honest to each other

·         Always express your feelings

·         Stay positive


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    • sweetjulie profile image

      sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria


    • aefrancisco profile image

      aefrancisco 7 years ago from somewhere down the road

      Thanks for sharing. Its a good hub. Keep it up!

    • sweetjulie profile image

      sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria

      thank you

    • Runway profile image

      Runway 7 years ago from New York

      Great tips! I spent a while in a long distance relationship and we also had to make sure we put time aside for each other, especially to talk on the phone.

    • Coolmon2009 profile image

      Coolmon2009 7 years ago from Texas, USA

      Good information