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How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

Updated on April 13, 2012

Why DIY?

There are lots of reasons to make your own bouquet, and almost as many, if not more, reasons to avoid the whole process. Some people make their own because they know brides who've been disappointed on their big day, some are simple control freaks, some are flower enthusiasts, and some are simply hoping to save money.

When you first suggest the idea your friends and family are likely to point out that

The result could look terrible

you won't have the time

you've never done this sort of thing before, where would you get what you need?

I am still shocked by the fact that anything you buy, if it's for a wedding, costs more. A simple white dress doesn't have to cost more than a pink or green dress, but the moment you call it a wedding dress, you're talking about hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

It's the same with flowers. Go to a florist and order a simple arrangement. You can spend anywhere from $30 up. Mention that the arrangement is a wedding centerpiece and you'll be lucky to spend less that $100, and it could be a lot more.

Sadly bouquets are just the same. And sometimes it seems that the simpler the bouquet, the more it costs.

If you do decide to make your own bouquet, the first rule is don;t wait for the day. Practice first. You have two choices

Use fresh flowers

Use something less perishable - silk flowers are only one possibility - wedding bouquet can be made from almost anything including vegetables




old jewellery/pins/brooches

tulle and ribbon

paper flowers

and almost any combination you can think of!

Just to show that you can use some rather unusual materials to make a stunning bouquet the pictures shows a design by Joycies Flowers made entirely from chili peppers. Not conventional, but a lot of fun.

Why You Can Do It

and why you do have the time.

I know you can do it, because I have no training in floristry and I made my own bouquet, and that was a long time ago before it was easy to get hold of the professional took that make the job easier.

Since I now spend much of time now writing about flowers and how to arrange them, I see lovely pictures every day showing that brides can and do make their own wedding flowers. If they can do it, you can too.

But what about the time issue? Isn't the wedding day pretty busy?

Of course. But your florist wouldn't make the bouquet on the day and neither should you. Many florists like to work several days in advance, that's what helps them cope with the fact that most weddings take place on Saturdays or Sundays. It's also the reason why you may find your florist lacking in enthusiasm when you mention certain flowers. For example, some try to avoid hydrangeas because they do need a lot of water, and working ahead, the florist can't be certain they'll stay fresh for the entire day.

If you choose to use anything other than fresh flowers you can make your bouquet well in advance, and spend as long as you like getting is just the way you want it.

If you choose to use fresh flowers, try the process out in advance so you know what you are going to do, and make the bouquet the day before the wedding, then store it, preferably with the stems still in water, somewhere cold and dark, like the refrigerator.

Useful Books

This is the book that got me started making wedding bouquets and arrangements. Easy to follow, it expects you to be a beginner.

Where to Get It - Wholesale Flowers

The biggest problem with the sort of project is finding the professional tools to help you do the job. Here are some suggestions for wholesale suppliers of fresh flowers.

Before comparing prices, be sure to check shipping, since flowers have to be sent next day delivery, shipping can add a lot to your order.

Items you may find useful

Get an idea of what sort of bouquet you want, best of all buy a book which has step by step instructions and follow them.

I've now made several bouquets and I find that even without instructions if you use one of the modern foam bouquet holders the process is much easier than you might think. If your bouquet is heavy, perhaps with lots of trailing foliage, you might want to get some florists glue. It comes as a spray and you use it to secure the stems in the foam.

You'll even find companies who will send you silk flowers and instruction on exactly how to put the bouquet together.

One of the simplest options is to buy a ready made silk flower bouquet and use that. You can find these on amazon sold singly or sometimes in packs of six. The cost is low, most look very convincing, but be aware that most are around 10 inches in diameter at most. This can be great for a bridesmaid, but for a bride you might find it best to buy two bouquets and then simply put them together, or take them apart carefully and reconstruct a single bouquet in a foam holder from the flowers of the two.

Wilton Fresh Look Bouquet Holder
Wilton Fresh Look Bouquet Holder

Cut your flowers to length and add them to the foam. You can use the plastic guide to help you position the blooms. The stems will help to make it look like a handtied bouquet.

FloraCraft Gala Bouquet Holder with Artesia Foam, 3-Inch-by-7-Inch, Crystal, 4-Per-Box
FloraCraft Gala Bouquet Holder with Artesia Foam, 3-Inch-by-7-Inch, Crystal, 4-Per-Box

These can be used for your bouquet, your bridesmaids bouquet and you can also use these as the basis for tall centerpiece arrangements, they're very versatile!

Pop the bouquet holder into a tall narrow glass vase, then arrange the flowers in the foam. It's so much easier than any other method.

No money for vases? You can still get the tall centerpiece effect by using empty wine bottles.

Darice 35385, Styro Foam Bouquet with Handle, White
Darice 35385, Styro Foam Bouquet with Handle, White

Another foam bouquet holder, this time in white. Note the angle of the head, making it a little better for certain types of bouquet.


An Example silk bouquet

A home Made silk wedding bouquet
A home Made silk wedding bouquet

Here's an example of a bouquet I made for a photoshoot. We had just completed some new designs for robes for brides and wanted to feature a bouquet in one of the pictures.

I went to Michaels to by one ready made, but they all seemed a little small. This was a bush of assorted silk flowers. I clipped the push apart, added some greenery from another bush, and put the whole thing together in a foam bouquet holder.

This was the first time I'd done anything like this since I made my own bouquet back in ... well lets not go into just how long ago! It had been a while, but I was pretty pleased with the result.

The Right tools for the job - The Bouquet Holder.

While the normal foam bouquet holders are great for use with silk flowers, the elegant bouquet holder from Smither Oasis is the perfect thing to use if you plan to make a fresh flower bouquet.

As you'll see in the video, there is a cap on the end of the bouquet holder. Remove the cap and place the whole thing in water - your flowers remain hydrated at all times. No worries about making the bouquet in advance and no worries about whether it will last the whole day. As soon as you get to the reception simply unscrew the cap at the bottom and put the bouquet back in a vase of water. It really couldn't be simpler.

You can buy the holder in gold or silver finish from (link below)

Some of the other tools you'll need

Any type of bouquet will benefit form a bouquet holder, but there are many more professional floral items you can put to good use if you plan to do your own flowers.

Keep and eye on the cost - the idea is to spend less than you would have if you went to a florist!

You'll find all sorts of exciting accessories, from glittering wire to beaded wire in gorgeous colors to metallic bouquet collars, ribbon, tape, glitter and more.

Do you think it's a a good idea to make your own bouquet?

Did you want to know something I haven't covered?

Did you make your own bouquet?

Please leave a comment!

What do you think? - Are you convinced now that you can make your own bouquet?

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      Very helpful - thanks!

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      Sounds like just the thing we need. Very good lens with loads of good ideas. Will be sending this link to my daughter who's just announced her wedding date.

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