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How to marry a millionaire

Updated on August 18, 2012

Ultimate guide based on personal experience!

You've already read many tips on how to marry a millionaire, but they all have no use in real life. Arab millionaires are different from Asian once. Do your really think you should approach them same way? Foregt about ridiculous tips created but average girls and take my guide into action!

I developed this guide using my personal experience in making friends with wealthy people. This knowledge helped me to start own successful matchmaking business in Asia, find husbands for my best friends and get into the best parties worldwide.

Geography of millionaires

Take a clear look at yourself and choose the right country

USA, China, Russia, Arab countries, the UK, France have the highest number of millionaires. Do you really think they all have same taste and preferences in women? Of course not!

USA - American rich men like to marry beauties and celebrities. So if you really want to catch a big fish and marry an American millionaire, take a clear look at yourself. You must have a sexy body, good white teeth and intelligent look. You don't have to be slim, but not fat either, otherwise you won't look good, when numerous paparazzi will take pictures of your luxurious wedding!

China - the easiest place to meet and marry a millionaire! You have to be slim, and the rest is not so important. Also if you have long blond hair, innocent face and shy look, your chances raise extremely! Never get tanned. Chinese rich men like women with very white skin.

Russia - Russian men like beautiful women. You should have good shapes and be dressed glamorously. Good perfume is a must. Don't be too sexy, otherwise they may think you are a prostitute.

Arab countries - better if you are a virgin, but today you can easily fix this problem ;) You have to look elegant, wise, family-oriented and professional. You have to be a woman, so don't look like a baby girl, please. You should be healthy and natural. No fake breast, teeth and hair. You don't have to be skinny, better if you have some extra ponds.

The UK - English men don't care about beauty as much as American or Russian men do. They do like models, but they don't marry them. You have to be fit and tidy (!), wear a nice dress, not too much make up. Walk like a model and talk like a princess, and English millionaire is yours!

France - it is not so easy to meet a rich Frenchman. French people like elegant women. I am not talking only about your look, but also about your behavior. You have to know all the etiquette rules, look independent, proud and look stylish, use perfumes.

Perfection in everything

What to change and improve

Never look like you are desperate to get married AND never look too independent either. Rich men hate feminists, but they do like professional women, who can combine work and family. Chinese rich men don't care about this issue so much. You don't have to be very smart or beautiful, but family-oriented and loyal is a must. Arab rich men like professional women, but you have to be ready to give up your career if your husband requires.

Find a right job. Rich men don't like lazy women. You should have an interesting but flexible job related to PR, media, event planning or charity. Otherwise how can you meet rich people?

You have to be into fashion and know the latest trends. Chanel, Armani, Cavalli - you have to know how to identify one from another.

Good manners are everything! Learn how to behave appropriately in every situation. It is a big issue for rich French, English, Arab men. They are totally crazy about social etiquette, while in China and USA people don't care about the rules so much.

Learn how to talk about anything - arts, wine, business, stocks, politics etc. Don't speak too much, but make smart and professional comments.

Don't look impressed when he spends money on you and takes you to upscale places. Show that he cannot buy you, but you appreciate his affords. Ask him out for coffee and pay the bill. Chinese and Arab men will refuse you to pay the bill. Let them pay, don't insist!

Become his best friend and listener. Even if you feel bored with his business or family stories, never reveal it. Listen to him and you will know how to approach him. After you become his best friend and he will trust you, show your interest in being more than friends… Be supportive and he is yours.

Every man likes good food! Cook for him something tasty. If you are after a rich Chinese man, cook for him traditional Chinese dishes (I suggest you to practice a few times, before inviting him). Russian and French men will be impressed so much; that it will immediately gives you extra points. American and British men will also appreciate your affords.

Spoil him! Tell him how great he is (smart, spiritual, intelligent, strong); give him small (handmade) gifts, sweets, cookies, a bottle of good wine. Make him feel valuable, but not because of his money.

Take care of yourself. Even if you have a great personality, you must look great as well. Never wear too sexy and extravagant cloth; use natural and quiet colors in make up and clothing. Fit body, clean skin and nails, nicely cut hair, make-up, elegant cloth - you have to look excellent all the time!

Right time, right place

Where to meet your Mr. Charming!


Even if you don't have money, you can manage. Take a budget flight and if you have a few hours to spend in the airport, don't waste your time and go directly to the VIP lounge. If you don't have enough money to pay for the lounge, you can walk around. Maybe somebody will invite you in?!

Try to book cheap hotels, which are not too far from expensive once. Attend the best clubs and restaurants in the city. You don't have to spend too much money. Just order a cup of tea or coffee.

Go to the beach, where all the VIPs are. Choose the beach of the most expensive hotel and buy a day access. This is your time to be the star!


Golf and polo - all the rich people love golf and polo. There is not much to say.

Presentations, exhibitions, business forums - it very easy to meet rich men during official events. Moreover it is so easy to start a conversation and share your opinion about the event. This is the best opportunity to meet a rich man. Just don't be shy and go ahead!

Fashion shows - not really a good place to meet a single man (most of the men are married or gay), but it is a perfect place to make friends with the right people, who potentially can introduce you to your dream husband. Make friends (especially with other women)!

Lunch time - have lunch at the mid-range restaurants nearby the big business centers. Very often rich people go for lunch before 12am or after 2pm to avoid the crowed.

VIP clubs, private clubs - a lot of wealthy people like to get together and relax a little bit. So if you manage to get in, don't bother them with questions. Wait when they start talking to you.

Luxury shops - just go there and make friends with everybody you can.

Marriage agencies - the easiest way to find a rich husband. Normally VIP marriage agencies are free for women. So you can simply post your profile and wait. The only one disadvantage is that you cannot choose a man to be introduced to, but the agency will choose the match for you.

Be smart and the world will fall at your feet

How to get in if I don't have money?

Find a job or become a volunteer. You don't have money for expensive golf classes, private clubs etc., but why don't you want to work for them? Even for free! All the private clubs, golf clubs, fashion show and forum organizers, are looking for free workers. You can easily become a volunteer. Look fashionable and intelligent; and you will get an access to rich people.

Rich wives. Even if you did not meet your rich man, make friends with the wives of rich men. Millionaires' wives are the best source to find a husband. Go for shopping, concerts and events. Make friends with wives of rich people. Become their best friend, be loyal and they will help you.

Get in into the gay community. Make friends with gay people and they will help you to access the best fashion shows and parties, where the rich men are.

Being social is a key to our 'husband hunting' game. If all the mentioned tips did not work and you did not find a millionaire, it means you were not "social" enough. There a plenty of competition around, so be different, be special, be yourself and my tips will help you to correct a small imperfections and find a door to the rich men's world.

Asian millionaires are the best for marriage! - Why Asian?

The best place to meet and marry a millionaire is China. Chinese millionaires are very good husbands:

1. Most of them are very young. It is so easy to meet 25-40 y.o. millionaires

2. They are handsom, because they pay much more attantion to their look than other millionaires

3. They are traditional and take a good care of their women.


5. They are into marriage and family

6. They are very stable

If you really want to get married, try your luck with the Chinese. According to my solid experience, they are the best millionaires to create a happy family with!

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    • profile image

      monica daniel 

      3 years ago

      i want a millionaire huband n also a good man n loveing n i ll luv him 2 08149108209

    • profile image

      akram mirza 

      3 years ago

      i want a single rich lady business mind she want a real lover friend kind honest partner


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