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How to Organise Engagement Party For A Friend - Host A Friends Engagement Celebrations

Updated on June 18, 2012

A Friend's Engagement Party Entertainer

When couples get engaged, this is a sure sign of true and genuine relationship which can lead to marriage.

If you are financially privileged to organize an engagement party for your friend or relative, there are certain things you,ll have to bear in mind as you plan for the ceremony.

Although the engaged couples can finance the whole party and you only act as the host. So whichever way, know that the party belongs to the guests of honor.

Your friend and his / her partner will be guests of honor and you will be the host / hostess. This does not mean that you will organize the whole party by yourself without some sort of consultation with the guests of honor.

First of all you should inform them of your intention to host this form of engagement event, so that they would be able to tell you the theme of the engagement party and the number of people they would like to invite to the party. With this number in mind, you will be able to know the number of people you will be entertaining.

Invitations For Engagement Party

Even though you are the one giving the engagement party, remember that the guests of honor have to endorsed everything that you want happen at the party.

Know that this is a happy celebration, so you have to start by sending out bright rhymed invitations. Include the time the party will start, place and date. On the invitation card, you can let the invited guests know the color of the bride's kitchen, so that if anyone wants to give any kitchen equipment as gifts, they would know what color that will match.


Guests Arrival

You can place a large basket near the door, so that guests can leave their gift parcels in it when they arrive.

When To Open The Presents

The guests of honor should be the one to open the presents. And the best time should be just before supper. You know by this time people have eaten and relax to watch as the parcels are being opened. Do not leave the opening of the presents till later as some people who would have loved to witness it might have gone home.



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