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How to Become A Ladies’ Man

Updated on October 20, 2014
A lady's man knows how to please her all the way...
A lady's man knows how to please her all the way... | Source

When it comes to how to please a woman in any relationship and keeping her interested and happy, most guys fail woefully. In fact, most guys already know that the only thing lacking in their relationship is how to make their women feel so special, or as women will like to put it, feel as if she is the only girl in the world!

Most guys know they have to do something in a special way to make their women feel so special. These guys know they need to add that spark in their relationship to make things more of a roller coaster.

The problem is that most guys have no idea how to go about this. You might feel like asking her what you should do for her but even before you do that, you already know it is so lame.

Women love it when you take them by surprise and if you agree with me, asking her to tell you how to please her is no longer a form of surprise. Simply put, you are supposed to know. She expects you to have an idea of how to do this. She wants you to take the initiative. She might even tell you that you are doing just fine but deep within you and from the way her dull eyes convey the message, you know that you must step up the game.

Some guys respond to this by buying her so many presents which is not exactly a wrong a thing to do but the truth is that no amount of presents will satisfy that internal craving of hers which she might not even be able to put to words.

At his wits end, and at the point of losing the last remaining sanity in him, he might even start considering how to quit the relationship after going above himself to please her the way he thinks she will like but which he has found out doesn't work and he will thinking and saying to himself that what women need is money because that is the only language they understand. Some might even conclude that women do not know what they want.

So lame.

To tell you the truth guys, it pains me a lot and makes me to laugh at the same time when you exhibit you total lack of understanding of women by saying such things. Who told you women don’t know what they want? For your information, she wants you to be a man – her man. Simple and short, only that she may never tell you that.

Besides, what is actually wrong with women wanting money? To me, the answer is nothing. Who doesn't need money anyway? Is she not a human being? I believe we all want the good things that money can provide. If you don’t want or need money, I do.

The thing is that most guys don’t know how to please a woman. That is what is lacking. That might also be one of the reasons why she is thinking only of money instead of enjoying those other very important and interesting things you can offer her.

Okay…hold on for a moment because all hope is not lost and I bring you some good news. I am going to tell you how to make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world. Of course, I have an agenda for doing this which I will be revealing later.

One other thing guys, I would have loved to tell you that the things you are supposed to be doing to please her and make her feel so special are going to be so easy but like you already know, women are very complex and you have to be on your toes all the time to get it right. But all the same, don’t be afraid because you will find out some of these things are very easy to do.

So without wasting your precious time any longer, let’s dive in because as I suspect you already know, there are lots of grounds to be covered.

Tell her you love her and mean it

Guys get ready to tell her that you love her. Most times I don’t get it myself why it is like that but the truth is that somehow women die to hear such things. Don’t blame them. I think it is how their brain works. They need assurance. I know it could be childish and tiring at times but you have to understand that they want to hear this from your own mouth.

So get a ready to tell her that you love her and when you say it, say it like you mean it.

Wait a minute…what did I just say? No, don’t say it like you mean it. Say it because you mean it.

And for you to mean it, you also have to remember that it is actually your actions towards her that can convey this meaning very well after all they say action speaks louder than words. They need you to pet them. They need to see that you enjoy being with them so let your face glow in her presence to let her know how glad you are for having her in your life.

Anyway, don’t worry about what you are going to be doing are the actions you are supposed to be taking because most of those actions are coming up next.

Be jealous about her

Your lady needs to know that you are jealous about her. I said jealous not over jealous. This conveys your level of interest and how much you are into her. Women will occasionally flirt with other guys just to see if they can get their guy jealous.

Yeah right, guys do it too so don’t look at me as if you don’t know what I am saying.

She might come up with some stories about how some other guy wants her but that is just to know if you are going to be pissed off about that.

But watch it. She might be doing this just to find out your reaction. If you want to appear as a lady’s man, you should also learn how to react to such things. So to avoid sending the wrong message, don’t appear overtly nonchalant about this because she is keenly watching and studying how you react and the way you react will show her how much you value her. Women need to know these things because it will give her an idea of how committed you are as well as how much she should be investing in the relationship.

Pay close attention to her story and appear to be interested in the turnout of events but remember to frown your face occasionally to show your disapproval. Trust me, she will like it.

On the other hand, don’t, I repeat because it is very important, don’t appear overtly possessive because that entirely sends another wrong message that you are either so insecure or not strong enough to battle for her assuming there is indeed a rival. That’s why I said don’t be over jealous.

She needs to know that you are jealous about her even though she doesn't want you to be the jealous type who is incapable of controlling his emotions.

Sounds complicated right? Well, it is, but you know what…you can do it, if you want.

Hold her hand in the public

You will agree with me that this one is very simple to do. Don’t tell me you cannot do this one.

You don’t have to go public with kissing her just to show passers-by or anyone who cares to look that you are having the best time. If you can do it, then kiss her in the public but if you can’t, please an act as simple as holding her hands in the public while the two of you walk down the street will still give her that special feeling that you are so into her.

It will still show that you are not ashamed of being with her – of being seen with her. Remember, she will also like to show-off to other women possibly that she’s got a great guy like you…you know?

It might also serve you well if you learn how to squeeze those hands in a very warm and gentle manner while looking lovingly into her eyes in that sweet manner that will tell her a lot than your mouth cannot say how much you love her.

Shower her with presents

I mentioned this earlier. This is not strictly a woman’s thing but, correct me if I am wrong, most people in general like receiving gifts and presents. I know I do.

You might be caught in the dilemma of choosing the right type of gift or present but you shouldn’t be. Just know that the gifts you give to her may not necessarily be very expensive. You have to be able to listen to her. Sometimes, women will not directly tell you what they want but if you are observant and attentive enough, you will find out that she might have been making references to the type of presents she wants from you.

In giving her the presents, you have to master the art of timing plus how to make everything seem spontaneous and impressive. That means you don’t necessarily have to wait for her to request for the present before you dole them out to her. You don’t have to be reminded to do that so that she will know that you are always thinking about her.

Sometimes, your present will come as a surprise. Remember, women love surprises. You will surely enjoy the thrill in her eyes and her lost for words when she wants to express her gratitude. Sometimes, your gifts and presents should come as a reward for something good she has done for you. Some other time, you just give her for no other reason other than you just feel like it.

Remember, in whatever you do, don’t overdo it because sometimes giving a woman present might even seem as a manipulative sign that there’s something you definitely want from her later. It can also come off as a sign that you have done something wrong and you only want to placate. So watch it.

Appreciate her sense of fashion and style

Women go overboard to please their men when it comes to dressing and fashion. They spend a lot of money and time and other resources in trying to get this right.

You should not be a killjoy. Learn how to show your appreciation. A little lightening up of your eyes combined with a very pleasant smile when you see her new hairdo will go a long way in getting you into that special place in her heart.

What if you spot something in her dressing or fashion sense that you don’t like?

Well, as a man, you might just feel like telling her outright that you don’t like so, so and so but then as a lady’s man, you should be ready to learn how to be corrective without actually being judgmental.

That way, if she’s reasonable enough, she will appreciate your truthfulness as well as your ability to allow her her sense of freedom.

Be real

So many people are advised to be real if they really want to score with a woman and it is so true.

As guys we often make that mistake of trying to impress a girl by becoming what we are not. We start talking, walking and acting in a certain way just to let her know that we are so upper class. We start putting on a lot of air just to appear so important or classy.

Let me tell you the problem with that.

First, it is not natural. And if something is not natural, just like fake big boobs, it is not going to be appealing and women can easily see through your antics. Your not being real will easily show that you are not confident at all and we know how much women love confident and brave men.

You will agree with me that if your not being real often leads to boasting because you will always be constantly blowing your own trumpet. Yuck! And boastful guys are such a turnoff and highly unattractive to ladies.

Similarly, your not being real shows that you are not comfortable with yourself. It shows that you are the deceitful type and you (may) have something to hide when you are always acting in a shifty manner and this quickly trigger her suspicions about you so fast. You may not know it but trying to hide your flaws makes you appear so inhuman and I don’t know so many women who will prefer to stay with a robot.

And by the way, when I said don’t hide your flaws, I hope you know I don’t mean in any way that you should start displaying obnoxious and childish behaviors life farting in the public or talking with food in your mouth? I trust you know what type of flaws I am referring to? You should be ready to be and act a gentleman, that’s what I mean.

Let her see that you are human. Learn how to laugh at yourself just to show her that you don’t take yourself that serious. Let her feel free. That way she will feel very relaxed in your company. Above all, let her see that you are not afraid. Believe me, women like guys who show that they are not afraid of what people think about them.

One other thing, you will be putting her in a difficult position where she will have to start acting up just to match your ‘class’ and it is not everybody who can act that well.

So please, just be yourself.

Give her a helping hand

This is one place where we guys fail woefully. Personally, I really don’t like ironing a woman’s dress, and I so much hate cutting onions but I’d rather iron the dress than carry and comfort a crying baby!

There is something so boring about helping out a woman, most especially, in the kitchen and with other home chores. You are even going to be in a worse situation if she’s the type that likes babbling about the so many uninteresting things her friends have been up to of late because you will just have to go through the motions and pretend to be interested while you work. Double trouble!

I know this is usually because men will like to abandon or delegate such boring, monotonous and mundane tasks to women and watch some football match with other guys, surf the web, discuss politics and women, or read the papers instead.

But guys, for the sake of becoming a lady’s man, we should learn to do otherwise because it will take you to places for sure. Believe me; she will appreciate you for doing this. She will see you as a very considerate man and she will have reasons in her heart to repay you back with goodness.

But because I know this is can be very difficult for the man to do, chances are you will still try to find a way to avoid. In fact, let me let you in to one of my evasion tricks I use sometimes. If you want you can copy me but I must warn you that it can and does backfire when your wishes are granted! You will need to request for her to give so many tasks with the full knowledge that she might just tell you to go and not to worry yourself because she can handle all of that.

You see? Just like that! You are now free to surf the web or watch your soccer while eating your popcorns and nobody will complain or call you a lazybones!

But remember, you MUST always find a way to make it up to her later. That means that if you were me, you might just gnash your teeth and go ahead and iron those clothes…or cut those onions not minding that it is going to make your eyes water in pains…grrhhh!

Show her you respect women

Mind how you talk to women about other women. Women see themselves as one. I think they can also feel each other’s pain. So you have to be careful how you talk about or treat women in general. She will also be very watchful of how you treat your own mother so watch out for that too.

She is watching you and she is making some mental notes on how you might treat her if the tables turn. You may have heard that women are jealous of each other and so you might be tempted to think or feel that you stand a very big chance to get her high mark plus admiration if you treat only her in that special way while you are harsh to other women because you want her to know that she is different and means a lot to you but think about it again the kind of message you are conveying with that approach. Obviously, she already knows you are a beast!

Don’t even think about hiding this fact by lying or doing something like that because women can easily tell when you are pretending.

Learn how to treat and see women as equals as against seeing them sex objects. Let her know that you don’t see women as disposable playthings that can be used and dumped at any time! Ladies will appreciate you for that.

Protect her secrets

We all have secrets and some of them are so dirty that if anyone should hear it, our life might end instantly. Some of such secrets are also capable of ruining our relationships and friendship with others.

But no one appreciates a man who can keep a secret like a woman. Women are socially handicapped in so many ways because of the social conditioning they face hence the pretense they sometimes adopt.

For example, a guy might be able to brag about his sexual conquests without raising much eyebrows but a woman will have to think twice before doing such a thing. In any relationship, infidelity by a woman is usually and normally considered to be a bigger crime than if it was done by a guy because men are said to be polygamous by nature.

But then, there is always this inexplicable urge to tell someone these secrets. Which is why she’s telling them you because she trusts you. Which is why you should be ready to protect her secrets.

You have to appreciate that you she trusts that you are her confidant. You should also let her know that nothing changes between the two of you prior to her revelation. You have to show her that maturity she wants to see from you. This means that, sorry to say it guys because I know how much we guys love to do it, but kiss and tell is no longer an ideal thing to do.

Respect her views and opinions

Everyone likes his or her voice to be heard. I believe that people want to say their mind.

Your woman will also like to know that you want to hear her opinion so let her say her mind. Give her the opportunity to contribute to the greater goal. Don’t act in a very threatening manner towards her just to shut her up or show her that her opinion doesn’t count. Let her freely express herself.

Even if you already know what she’s going to say, or what you are going to do, or that you are not going to go along with her views, advice or opinion, it won’t hurt you if you let her bare her mind. Remember, you never can tell when and where you might hit that one billion dollars life changing idea and it might come from what she said.

Just accept the fact that you will still get the job done in a better way if you allow her to speak her mind. At least, she will always feel safe knowing that you are not the controlling or overbearing type.

Show her you are interested in commitment

Women are well known to be the ones that want commitment first hence they are the ones that are more selective when it comes to relationship.

Unless they are looking for such flings themselves, they will normally chose or want to be only involved with a guy who really wants them for something serious rather than those guys who are just hoping to get laid and move onto the next conquest.

On the other hand, guys are not so well known for aiming for commitment and many women already know this.

You have to do the opposite for the sake of qualifying as a lady’s man. You have to show her that you are ready for commitment. Mind you, you don’t have to do this in a very high pressure manner. All you have to do is to let her have the idea that you are not scared of taking this thing further.

Women will always want to test you to know how serious you are. They might start with throwing in that “we” and “us” thing every now and then just to know if and how much you like the idea of you two being together.

Again, you don’t have to blame them for doing something like that because they just have to know if you are even thinking about such things yourself, or if you are only interested in wasting their time while waiting for you next big catch, and whether you are going to abandon them assuming they get pregnant or if something happens.

In fact, as a true lady’s man, nothing also stops you from occasionally using the “we” and “us” words on her too.

Get in shape

You know that most times, women do go extra length just to please us with how they look. They want to look sexy all the time just for our viewing delight. They buy into every fashion product, magazine and scams too just to be that perfect girl that will be pleasing in the sights of her man. Some ladies even take it too far by going under the blade for cosmetic surgeries and other body reshaping procedures.


Of course, it is still the same sex appeal and looking good of a thing. They know that the society often judge them by how they look. They want to appear sexy and so perfect to the society but most especially, so delectable in their men’s eyes because they know that a sexy woman is an attractive woman.

In the process, women, with the help of the society of course, end up creating an unbalanced field where women are the players and men are the judgmental spectators, seating back and enjoying the whole view and making unguarded comments and remarks while forgetting that just like the proverbial pot that is calling the kettle black, that men themselves are not even that perfect, if the truth must be told!

Men are said to be visual but I know that women are also visual too. We end up forgetting that women also have a lustful desire to satisfy when they look at our bodies too. They may not admit it but don’t blame them. Blame that same social conditioning again. If you think looks don’t matter to women, think again.

So guys it’s time for us to give it to them. Let us satisfy their hunger and lustful desire to look also. Luckily for us, we don’t have to do anything so painful or costly like cosmetic surgery.

Just hit the gym. It’s time to build up those muscles and lose those flabby biceps and chest muscles. It’s time to sweat it out and pump the blood all over your body. Let them ladies have it. Let them feel your vitality and vigor as your body oozes that sex appeal. Let them gawk. Let them ogle. Let them lust and fantasize and salivate after your manly six packs and biceps.

You really need to become physically fit. That will also mean that those unsightly pot bellies usually resulting from excessive beer consumption habit will just have to give way. Plus the TV and the video games too…

Show her you are there to protect her

Of course, this is part of the reasons why I said you should get in shape. A woman needs to know that you can protect her physically from physical attacks. She will feel so protected with your arms around her and with your towering figure above her watching over her and looking out for dangers that might come her way.

But physical attacks are not the only dangers here. Sometimes, she might face the attack from slanderers and gossipers who are bent on destroying her name. A woman will also want to know that you are ready to stand by her side and hear her own viewpoints at such times.

She will also want to know that you have the strength not to be easily swayed by sentiments and that you are not easily manipulated or pushed around. She will like the fact that you are assertive, as long as you don’t overdo it.

This might explain why women tend to like guys with some form of power more because powerful men seem to have all these qualities. Also, since power and money usually go hand in hand…I hope you see where this argument is getting to?

So guys stop complaining and go and grab your own form of power by finding out that one place where you are truly the boss.

Show her kindness

Kindness is one quality that is so affectionate because it compels one to always seek to return the favor. A kind person is often very cheerful too and that cheerful is also attractive to women.

In a harsh world like ours today where wickedness and selfishness is on the rise, kindness is truly a virtue and a kind man will always be attractive to women. Your kindness compels people to generate positive feelings and kind gestures towards you in return. Be generous because your generosity will open a lot of doors for you just like it will turn the keys to her heart and open them for you. Learn how to use kind words for her a lot. You know women understand the power of words.

When you show people kindness, you do it not necessarily because of what you are expecting some form of reward. You simply do it because you want to. Don’t be put off by the negative wave of wickedness we are currently experiencing in so many places in our world today.

Show her kindness. Show people kindness and they will show kindness to you but remember don’t you ever allow people to take advantage of your kindness because people are also fond of doing that.

A lady's man knows how to treat her body good
A lady's man knows how to treat her body good | Source

Learn to forgive

Sometimes, women might just do something so out of place that will piss you off so much to the extent that you will just vouch never to forgive her for doing that.

Worse still, you may even shockingly find out that she actually did that on purpose. In that case, her goal is to spite you just to see how you will take it.

Now, use that to your advantage. As a lady’s man, you have to show her that vindictiveness is so under you. Let her know that you have a forgiving heart. Let her know that you have seen that same laughable offense from your sisters and other girls in the past.

You might have to reprimand her depending on the gravity of her offense but all in all, you should show her that although you don’t like whatever she did wrong and you will not welcome an encore, she is forgiven.

If she gets the idea that you are not completely fazed by her antics, chances are she won’t want to do that same thing again to you.

But then you should also learn to declare the set boundaries because she might start mistaking your forgiveness as the antics or moves of a toothless bulldog.

I know what I’m saying.

Worship her body

A woman’s body is her pride. It is her glory. It is basically what makes her a woman. So you have to be ready to worship that body if you want to treat her like she’s the only girl, I mean, the only queen in the world. You have to treat her body with respect and handle it with care.

You have to start learning ways in which you will let her know how much you value and adore her body. She will occasionally ask you questions concerning her body and what you think of it but you will just have to learn how and when to use your sixth sense to tell her truth, to evade the question or to just tell her a white lie.

Don’t be afraid. Women are funny sometimes and chances are she already know the answer. It’s just that she needs your reassurance and it will cost you nothing to freely and cheerfully give it away!

When it comes to sex, you will also have to learn how to appreciate the gift of beauty which is her body. Learn how to make her feel secure by showing her that you are not in any way comparing or expecting her body to be perfect as those models seen on fashion magazines or even those p0rn stars.

If she’s getting too fat for your liking, you don’t have to nag or complain bitterly about that or make a big case you will use against her out of it or worse still start making some comparison between her body and some other woman because women can be very sensitive about such things but rather you have to carefully guide and persuade and encourage her to do something about it either by making an inoffensive joke about her overweight or by taking her to the gym where you will even be training side by side with her.

Look beyond her body

Talking about her body, you should also know that it will be a good thing if you learn how to look beyond her body and physical beauty.

At some point, you should start concentrating on her personality because unlike her physical beauty and body that will and must surely fade away with time, her personality remains with her.

A woman needs to know that you are not with her just because she has a pretty face or some big breasts or huge backside or nice shapely legs or whatever your fetish is. She will be more comfortable, relaxed and safer with you if you give her the idea that it is her inner qualities that is keeping you because once she instinctively knows that if her attractiveness for you only depends on those things, it then means that you might just leave for another woman who equally have those physical attributes aforementioned.

Do I need to tell you how shallow you will instantly become in her mind and the type of cold shoulder or shock treatment she might give you from thence? So you see, you really need to look beyond her body.

Make love to her like never

Still on the issue of a woman’s body, my guy when it comes to sex, you really need to make love to a woman like never. One secret you should know, women don’t easily forget guys who fu cks them so well. So give her something stimulating as well as invigorating to remember you for.

Be attendant to her needs when it comes to the bedroom games. It is not all about your own orgasm. Practice foreplay because it really sets the stage very well. I know it might be hard on our part as guys as we normally get stimulated so fast and once the erection is there, our next and only one thought is usually how to penetrate, fire and discharge…

But that is the way of a man who is not interested in becoming a lady’s man. Your own case is different because you really want her to feel you. Take your time and do things to her. Use your mouth, use your hands, use your imagination. I tell you, she will have every reason to return the favor!

Granted, you might also face the challenges of premature ejaculation but the good news is that can be worked upon and brought under control because it majorly depends on your ability to train your PC muscles coupled with some mental control.

Mind you, you don’t have to be a stud to satisfy her. All you need is for her to see how much you are working hard to please her and she will be gingered to return the favor! Also let yourself enjoy that pleasure that always comes from delayed ejaculation as the shock explodes in your head and quickly spreads all over your body.

Hmm…yummy yum-yum...

I know I said it before that it is so lame for you to ask a woman to tell you how to please her but for the sake of having a very good sex life in the relationship, this one is an exception.

Ask her what pleases her and what she wants. Let her know that you are ready for it. She might or might not be so open to tell you but then, if you are attendant enough plus with the right presence of mind, you might even find out for yourself.

When the show is over, remember to also encourage her to talk about it, if she so wishes. I know that as guys, sleep might be the next menu on your agenda but hey…don’t drift away. Don’t skip the cuddle. You still have to hold her close to you and gently caress her as way of reassuring her that it is not going to be a bye-bye because some women tend to feel low, so used and abandoned immediately after the act.

Please also learn how to make the beautiful game to be spontaneous and also vary the venues and the attacking positions just to add to whole electrifying experience. One sentence: It pays!

Entertain her

Women like to be entertained. That could be the reason why they say they want guys with a good sense of humor, lots of it actually. They want to feel happy. They want to be thrilled. They love the excitement. They want to laugh after all laughter is the best medicine. And they want all that from you. Yes, I know it and you know it and we know it that women can be demanding…

You have to become a funny person who can make situational jokes. You have to also learn how to make self-deprecating jokes that will show that you are not the uptight type that is always serious and never smiling but rather you don’t take yourself that serious. Your entertainment should make them to want to have a taste of your free spirit which you are exhibiting with your charms.

While we are there, talking about charming a lady, please remember that women also need to be seduced. They need to be romanced. They want you to woo them. Flirt with her. Thrill her with your wits. Yes, you have to do all that for her.

Mind you, there are some (dirty) things you and I already know she will like you to with her but she will like it if it seems like it was your idea to lead her into temptation rather than hers. So you have to get creative and come up with some romantic ideas that will thrill her for sure.

Let her have her freedom

Sometimes, women need their freedom in a relationship and you have to be ready to grant her that. She needs to have the idea that you are not overly protective or possessive and she’s free to use her freewill without your interference. Give her her space and don’t go calling her every so often so that she will not get the feeling that you are overcrowding her.

Granting a woman her freedom might be something so hard for many guys to do, most especially, jealous and possessive guys but if you really want to be a lady’s man, you have to learn how to fight this.

I know women tend to misbehave at times but you see, it is actually a good thing for you that a woman has her sense of freedom and there are certain obvious advantages waiting for you if you do this.

First, letting her have her freedom will show that you are not the jealous and insecure type and most women don’t like the jealous type. It shows that that you trust her and you know that she will not misbehave. Although I cannot prove it, but I can recall I read somewhere that it is actually the jealous and possessive types of men that often cheat so more in a relationship probably because they cannot stand it to be at the receiving end of what they are equally doing to another man’s wife, daughter or sister.

Allowing her to have her freedom will also serve you well because you are giving her the choice or freedom to walk away if she so desires, but as the real deal that no right thinking people will like to walk away from, you are confident that she won’t because she is sensible enough to know that she might never find another lady’s man like you, at least, so soon.

You will agree with me that it is not a good characteristic of a lady’s man to always be on the driving seat. Sometimes, all you need to do is to hand over the keys to her and seat back and enjoy the ride. You can even sleep off at the back if you want because that will let her know that you trust she’s capable enough and she knows what she’s doing. You should allow her to have the feeling of being in charge, sometimes.

What if she bashes the “car”?

Well…you might be very pissed off with her but as a lady’s man, it might serve you to know that in whatever you do afterwards, you will be better off if you can just shrug your shoulders and dismiss it with a wave of your hands just let her know that you value her much more than the bashed “car” which can always be replaced.

So please take note.

Teach and inspire her.

This is why if you ask me, I’ll say you stand a better chance to please her and you will also be doing yourself a whole lot of good if you engulf yourself in serious acquisition of diverse knowledge.

Make sure you have something(s) to teach her. She wants to learn from your experience. You woman will appreciate it so much is you have something very important to teach her.

Naturally, people tend to associate themselves with people whom they can gain something from. It is human nature. We want to be upgraded by this person so we gravitate to him or her. You have to be that person, that guru, she listens to because she wants to learn something from him.

It will do you a lot of good if you are that one who teaches and inspires her. Encourage her to greater heights because she will love you so much for that. She will love the fact that you are the one pushing her to greater heights and wanting her to become someone greater and better because you are highly interested in her life. Help her to build her self-esteem.

Remember that women love intelligent and experienced guys and the if you are the one that is teaching her, she will always respect you and cherish you because of your intelligence – plus experience!

Be mysterious

Being the mystery man is one powerful way to keep her interested and completely focused on you because women can’t help it with their attraction and love for the mysterious.

Mysteries seduce. Mysteries add a lot of intrigue and bring about a lot of drama and imagination which is also attractive to women because women love drama too.

So you have to learn how to become mysterious. It is going to give her something to wonder about. You don’t actually have to go overboard or join one secret society or another just to appear mysterious before her.

Luckily for you the lady’s man wannabe, you can create mystery out from many sources because there are so many ways in which you can create an aura of mystery around you. You can start from what you say, from what you eat, from the books you read, from the things you talk about the most and even from the way you dress etc.

Learn how to use your eyes in creating this mysterious aura around you that will keep her entrapped. When you look into her eyes, look in deeply as if you can see her soul. Sometimes, you have to appear absent-minded and also look far into distance as if you are lost in deep thoughts. When she asks you some questions, you don’t just give the answers rather you hesitate a little as if to weigh whether she is duly qualified to get a response. I know it requires a lot of acting but hey…you are a lady’s man, remember? And no one said becoming a lady’s man is going to be easy but then practice makes perfect.

You can also use religion as a tool for creating this mystery because the belief in the supernatural has always fascinated mankind since creation.

Get yourself acquainted with stuffs like New Age movement, astrology, vegetarianism, spirituality, Freemasonry, numerology, mathematics, clairvoyance, extrasensory perception or ESP, symbolism, ghosts, death, and life after death and in fact, in anything that is not usually of the general public interest i.e. the occult.

Learn, learn, learn…

Gather a lot of knowledge and information from books, the news, the internet and what have you. We live in an information age so this won’t be a problem for the true seeker of knowledge.

Surprise her with your knowledge of human behavior through psychology which can give you an upper hand in predicting people. Always make references to those things you have come across and she will have reasons to associate you with the esoteric and become fascinated in the process. You will also find yourself with a very attentive audience who will always want to hear something so profound from no one else but you of course.

As long as you are able to make her to imagine things, you will surely discover that when she starts telling her friends about you, she goes like “My God, I am so confused about this guy. I don’t know where he came from. He seems to know a lot…” and there will always be that undeniable and unmistakable look of overwhelming amazement and complete admiration for you in the eyes.

Creating mystery is very important in your relationship, as long as you don’t overdo it. In fact, the ability to create mystery around you will help you to achieve the next thing we are going to be talking about towards building you up into becoming a lady’s man.

Oh, I almost forgot, one more thing please, make sure you learn a lot about sex. It will go a long way in spicing up the mystery. Of course…of course...

A lady's man gets all the attention
A lady's man gets all the attention | Source

Be unpredictable

Yes you need to be unpredictable. No stories. Don’t worry if she is going to like that or not. She might complain but she won’t call you boring because your unpredictability mixed with your mystery will always keep her on her toes. She needs to know that you can be tender and you can be tough.

Please listen to me attentively because this one is not entirely about pleasing her. It will give you the edge in so many areas. One, she will not take you for granted for sure if you are unpredictable.

I know that the key to any healthy relationship is being open to your partner in all ramification all the time so as to make her feel safe with you but I am telling you this, man to man, please don’t do that…at least not all the time and most especially not when the two of you are just getting things started and getting to know each other.

That’s why I said you should listen to me. You must cultivate the aura of unpredictability.

Have you been in that awkward situation where you tell a child either to do something or not and the child does otherwise just to see what you will do? Well, women also do that sort of a thing. They can be naughty at times and they will purposely do naughty things like calling you for no reason just to tell you that she wants to break up with you because you are not romantic or caring or because it is not working between the two of you or just something like just to see how you will react.

Let your reaction be your unpredictability. Learn how to blow hot and cold occasionally. This is also why I said you should not be calling her all the time. Let her wonder what you are up to. If she finds out on her own that you don’t actually need her for your happiness, she will sit up at once, assuming she’s that interested. You should also pass on to her the unstated message that you can walk away at anytime because there is a level to her shite you can’t take.

Don’t worry if she starts complaining that you are heartless and high-handed. She will tell you that she doesn’t like your mind games which are confusing the living hell out of her. She may even accuse you of not being committed enough and call you an abuser or insecure.

Don’t flip your lid. She is complaining quite alright but she is not thinking of leaving you – at least, not yet. She loves the intriguing game of suspense which you are creating. She feeds off your uncanniness and spontaneity. She loves the fact that you are not so easy to figure out. Believe me; secretly she is happy that you are such a hard man who does not take shite. She will secretly cherish the checks and balances you’ve put in place.

She will be pained and thrilled at the same time that you may not actually need her. It is a wonderful combination of emotion but then pain is love. If you think I am lying, think about it, why do you think some women complain bitterly about some things they don’t like about some guy only for you to later see them with the same guy?

Show her you can hold your own

Your woman will always love to see that you are ambitious and you are heading somewhere and she wants to come with you. You don’t have to deny her this. Please guys, it’s time to go get a life!

Yes, I mean it but I don’t mean it in an insulting manner but it high time you get a life. You have to become someone. You have to do something about taking complete charge of your life. You have to give your life a sense of purpose and direction. That is what she wants from you.

What are your dreams? Your goals? And what are you doing towards achieving them and making those big dreams come true? Where do you see yourself five years from today? Probably in this same office…in this same cubicle… and even in this same suit…surrounded by this same group of people and taking orders from this same boss and complaining about the high rate of unemployment, about the delays in payment of workers’ salaries or about the late arrival of your check, over some bottle of beer and occasionally complaining that women only run after wadded guys…huh?

You now see why I said you should go get a life? Why I think you will be doing the planet a whole lot of good if you will drop your video game pads and TV remote controllers or even your excessive p0rn habit plus wasting away all your entire lifetime on social networking right away and immediately take control of your life?

It’s time for you to arise and shine! Time to get skilled, brother. Time to develop yourself. Time to get what you want out of life…

Remember, success has many friends. When a lady sees that her man can hold his own, she feels that pang and burst of nice emotion standing by his side after all they say that behind every successful man is a woman and she is dying to be that woman.

One thing you should be aware of, women don’t like guys who are dependent on them for things like money. Even if she’s that rich, she would want and like it the more if you are able to get it yourself because that defines you as a man. She wants to be a supporter beam of the building and not the foundation.

The truth of the matter is that women love, cherish and adore the independent guy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Be a gentleman

Yes, you really have to be a gentleman. A gentleman is that guy who does not put others down to make himself feel good. He is that confident guy who does not disrespect himself in the public. He is always calm and calculated. He chooses his own fight – and when to walk away. Don’t mistake his meekness for weakness because he can also be bold and threatening, but only if the situation calls for it.

He is clean and smells real good. He has a very good sense of fashion and his matching colors makes him to easily stand out in public. He does not speak by shouting others down just because he wants his voice to be heard. He speaks only because there is a need for him to but he does a lot of listening.

He loves women and treats them good. He does not react to their tantrums because he sees them as his own sisters and he considers such tantrums as funny and childish because he can understand. Women also like the gentleman because he keeps his promises. A gentleman is not threatened by his woman’s position and he’s not afraid if she earns more than him because he can hold his own.

This guy has an impeccable self esteem and absolute self control. You won’t see him chasing skirts every now and then. He wears an affectionate though seductive smile on his face which makes women to start wondering what is it that he has that is going for him and wanting to share in his happiness.

Watching him from the way he majestically struts up and down the street with no fear, you will immediately notice that he is full of zest. Hardly will you find him in a rush or in a hurry because he acts as if he could see the end and knows that everything will eventually come to him. You will never see him complaining about anything because he seems to know or have all the answers. This his all-knowing behavior is quite enigmatic. No wonder ladies are dying for his attention because they know that he has a lot to offer them. The gentleman is a lady’s man.

So guys, there you have it. Although it is not an exhaustive list and I cannot claim that these are all there is to it when it comes to becoming a lady’s man but then these ones written here were written so as to give you an idea of what it really takes to become such person.

That is exactly my agenda. I want you to become unique. Why? Of course, like bees to nectar, women will smell this your uniqueness and rarity from afar. Before long, you will find out that they will be the one auditioning and you will be the one nitpicking because the table suddenly got changed and the pursuer is being pursued!

You will agree with me that becoming a lady’s man is not going to be easy because it requires a lot of sacrifice, endurance, maturity and even acting on your own part but then it is not impossible. Learn how to please a woman. Try to become a lady’s man and you will reap bountiful harvest from it.

It’s all good.

PS: If you are a lady and you are reading this and you happen to be glad that some dude is telling other guys how to please you and make you feel so special, then listen to me now because I just feel like I’m gonna bust your bubble right now.

Listen. Are you aware that if your guy can become a lady’s man, he can also become a ladies man? You see where I am going…?


That means you should also be ready to make the guy feel so special. What do they say again…? Of course, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander!

But not to worry because I am already working on that and very soon I will be coming out those little, minor and major things you need to do or be for a guy to see you not only as irresistible but also irreplaceable.

It is well.

Important Update!!!

Well like I promised when I wrote this long article, I have finally come up with those little or minor to major things that things you need to do or become for a guy to see you as not only irresistible but also irreplaceable.

It is all here. See, take a look: Getting Him To Stay.


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    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks a lot Dipesh for reading and luvin' it!

    • profile image

      Dipesh Sharma 

      4 years ago

      I really love this post.


    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks for reading, DDE.

      Don't worry, these facts will stay for ages, as long as there are men and women on the planet!

      Once again, thanks.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Very impressive about How to Become A Lady’s Man you have said it all here and most of what you mentioned here can fade fast if not acted on.

    • Vacation Trip profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Interesting hub. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Useful and informative. A very good hub. I agree with your points. I love it when a guy that I like buys me a gift for my birthday or a special occasion, but as a woman, I don't like to be showered with gifts either. There's this one guy who has been in love with me for over 10 years now and I was going out with him for a while and every time that we would see each other he would bring me not one but two or three gifts. I had to tell him to stop of course in a nice way. Lol. With regards to being unpredictable, a little mystery goes along the way, but when a guy is too unpredictable, it's a turn off for me. I take it as he's either playing mind games or not interested and so therefore, I just move on.


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