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How To Say Goodbye

Updated on December 27, 2012

How Do I Say Goodbye

How to say Goodbye?? That is the question which might have asked by you for million times. We come say this everyday. normally as a natural wish. But this word will change some time. It will change like a the wind turning to hurricane, or like smooth river flow to a waterfalls. At that times you may be thinking days how to say goodbye. It may be the end of you school or university days. You know most of the friends you were living together and messing around will not be there with you. May be you will not see them in you life again. SOme time you may be leaving a foreign country after your years of work for good. You will feel the sadness. And some times goodbye will comes like a thunder on you. it may be the death of your loved one or close friend. But what to do we have to take it that is life.

Biggest Goodbyes the earth ever witnessed

Before proceeding further I like to mention some thing. It is about the Slave trading in America. Recently I have read some pages from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Oh my god it was terrific. So saddening. When you read it you won't feel much. But when you think later the agony of those suffered you may feel like crying. In that she explains How the mothers cry when they sees that their son or daughter is taken from them with iron wrist after has been sold by her owner to the new owner or to a slave trader. I am sure that the biggest Goodbyes the earth ever witnessed was there. Americans say "God Bless them". But I doubt whether god was able to stay in America after seeing this in every year for such a long time. May the God has taken those mothers to the highest position in the heaven, where they might have reunited to their lost children to slave traders or slave masters.

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Any way let us come to the topic. Let us find out what is the Goodbye and when it should be said. The question is

  1. How to say Good bye even if I do not want to say Goodbye
  2. How to say Goodbye to some one whom you love in heart

How to say Goodbye even if I do not want to say Goodbye

This is the one of the situation we may face quite often. We do not want to say goodbye. But it is unavoidable. The situation has made this to us. So you will have find some Farewell messages to say goodbye to them.Some wishes are here.

Dear Friend, We may not meet again

But wherever I am you will be in my heart

And you will have place in my prayers

All the best

We may say goodbye each other now

But I can not say Goodbye to those memories

And Days we have spend together

All the best my friend

You are a treasurer to me

But now my heart sobs

As I know that I will have to say

Goodbye to a valued treasure I have found in my life

How to say Goodbye to someone whom you love in heart

This is the most saddest thing we can expect. Imagine you love some one, and you did not said that to her/him until now. Or you may be started the love feeling towards him/her. And you are damn sure that that is the person you were looking for whole of your life. Then you are coming to know that she or he is moving away. May be the persons family is moving to another place and there is no other way for you except say goodbye with broken heart. But at least make sure you express your love and feeling in the message.

You came like an angel in my life

But before I realize how precious you are

We have to say goodbye.

Wherever you are my prayer and good wishes

will be with you always

Good Bye!!!!

Your friendship was not a normal friendship to me

It was bringing me dreams and hope in my mind

But now I know that that was just a illusion

Goodbye and all the best

You came to my life like a friend

The friendship you created has spread

Colors in my Dreams

But now I know that dreams will be dreams for ever

Wherever you are my best wishes

Say goodBye

A romantic Goodbye

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