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How To Select Wedding Colors

Updated on March 28, 2015
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Ideas For Choosing Wedding Colors

Short of choosing your theme, the second largest decision that you will make is what wedding colors to choose for your décor, ceremony and the bridal party attire. While choosing the colors for your wedding can actually be your theme, they often are chosen to accent a theme.

Some themes seem to call for specific colors. You might think of oranges, yellows and burgundy for a fall wedding. While pastels might come to mind for spring weddings. But to be sure, there are no specific rules. After all, the choice of colors for a wedding ultimately fall to the bride and groom. The choices are only limited to your imagination.

First Thing To Consider

Your Venue

One of the issues to really think about as you consider your color choices, is your reception room or venue, Originally in my planning two years ago, I had wanted to have blue and white. But the room for my reception had a lot of cranberry colors in the walls, chairs and accents. Even if I was willing to cover the chairs @ $3.00 a pop, the colors would have still clashed. So I switched to the burgundy tones and still pulled off my beach theme.

Working with the colors of your wedding venue gives a polished and professional look to your event and may save you a lot of money. Since most venues stock linens to match their look, you will save money using their stock linens

Naturally if your venue has neutral colors, you cam spin the color wheel and select almost any color

You really need to have an idea about your colors, but keep your options open when you consider your ceremony and reception sites

Color Wheels - One Wedding Planning Tool You Must Have

A color wheel is the ultimate tool that every bride must have ! First it is going to help you select the colors that you will be working. It also will help you stay on track with colors that compliment each other. You can mark your colors and carry them with you as you work with everything from your décor to your bridesmaid dresses. Later you can use your color wheel when you start decorating your house. This is one tool you will be glad that you have !

How Many Colors Can You Include?

That Depends On How You Intend To Use Them

The question is how many colors can you include in your wedding ? There are many answers, depending on where and how you are going to use your colors. Remember, in most weddings, white is always used. The cake, your gown, perhaps the linen on your tables. Of course in the current trends tables are often covered in colored linen, and cakes have more color than just the basic white.

Generally speaking, you would chose two colors to use within your décor. You can make one color a dominant color. Or you can select one color and use the two lighter colors of you dominant color. A third color tone might be a variant of one of your two colors. Any more than that will confuse the eye and cause imbalance in your décor.

Where You Can Add Color To Your Wedding

There are so many places that you can add touches of color to your wedding ! Here are my favorite ideas !

  • Start With Your Invitations ! Your invitations are the first glimpse of the theme of your wedding. Your colors should be reflected in your invitations. You can use your colors in the images, the print colors and the paper itself. Keeping it simple is always best.
  • Your Bridal Attire Little pops of color can be added by adding a sash or in your jewelry. Your groom and groomsmen can reflect your colors in their vests and ties. And of course your bridesmaids can reflect your colors in their dresses. Coordinating all the bridal attire to your colors will make the overall effect coordinated and professional. Your pictures will be stunning when the right colors are chosen
  • Your Wedding Cake Wedding cakes are no longer just white ! Working with your baker to add a pop of your wedding colors to your cake adds the perfect touch to your reception. Color can be added as a ruffle on the bottom of the cake, or as a base color or in the decorations of the cake. Work with your baker to get exactly the colors you want and you will be happy with the effect
  • The Linens At Your Venue Some brides like to start with a white tablecloth and add colors in the napkins, but there are no rules to adding color. You can use a colored tablecloth and contrasted napkins. Fins out what your venue has in stock as generally those will not cost you more money. However if you are dead set on a certain color combination, your venue should be able to get them for you at an additional price. You can also add color with chair covers, but they will also add additional costs to your wedding budget.
  • Your Flowers The flowers of your wedding should reflect your colors in a subtle and sophisticated way. Start with your bridal bouquet. While generally white, it can have small flowers of other colors to bring out and compliment your wedding gown. Your bridesmaids can have a bolder statement of your color in their bouquets. Carrying your colors throughout your floral pieces will bring a completeness to your chosen colors
  • Your Favors No matter what favors you chose, they should have a little of your colors. You can chose to use a favor bag or a ribbon to tie around them.
  • The Centerpieces There are an infinite number of ways to include your colors in the centerpieces for your tables. If you are using flowers for your centerpieces, then it will be easy to include your colors. The colors can also be used in the containers or pots for the centerpieces. Coordinating the colors of your centerpieces with your linen colors make a very complimentary and completed look.

Your Personality And Your Wedding Colors

You can chose your colors based on your personality. You can mix your personality choices with those of your soon to be spouse. What fun this choice would turn out to be !

  • Red: passionate, loyal, impulsive, luxurious, dramatic
  • Orange: spicy, zesty, fun-loving, spontaneous, boisterous, trendy
  • Yellow: spiritual, cheerful, sweet, outdoorsy
  • Green: wise, balanced, harmonized, affectionate, refined
  • Blue: tranquil, patient, wise, balanced, lovable
  • Purple: outgoing, tolerant, witty, charming, sweet, passionate
  • Pink: compassionate, sweet, feminine, demure, romantic
  • Black: elegant, classic, mysterious, dignified, sexy, sophisticated
  • Rainbow: trendy, unconventional, fun, playful

Color Themed Weddings

Use Color As Your Theme

Color themed weddings are easy to plan and very effective idea for both your wedding ceremony and your reception. It makes it much easier to plan a color themed wedding. All of your elements are coordinated using specific colors.

1.Black and Gold Wedding Elegant and formal describes the elements of this combination

2.Black and White Wedding Sophisticated and yet traditional describes this type of wedding

3.Champagne and Chocolate Brown Romantic champagne and chocolate is a delicious combination

4.Red and Black Wedding Can be stunning in the right room with carefully planned use of these bold colors

Ribbon Adds Color To All Your Décor

Ribbon is probably the most used tool by brides to add color to the décor of their weddings. There are so many ways to add a touch of color to your decorations and favors. You can add ribbon to your invitations, your candles, your cake, and your favors. The ideas are limitless. But remember, use your primary and secondary colors throughout. The effect of sticking to your two colors will be stunning

LaRibbons Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon, 3/8", 16 Colors
LaRibbons Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon, 3/8", 16 Colors

No matter what colors you are using , adding polka dots make a cheerful statement about your event


Chose A Color Based On Your Favorite Flower

That Flower And Color Can Also Be Your Theme

If you don't have any idea how to theme your wedding, consider using a favorite flower and using that color of that flower as your wedding color as well. You could chose a red rose, a yellow daisy, a white gardenia. What ever your favorite flower is, use the flower as your theme and the color of that flower as your colors. You can add tones of that flower as your secondary colors. Your look will be totally coordinated and make your guests happy.

Using flower colors that reflect your theme or colors makes sense. It gives a uniform look to all of your wedding décor and gives your guests a pleasant experience

Chose A Color Based On A Season

Fall, Winter, Summer Or Spring Colors

Choosing colors to match the season or time of year that you are having your wedding makes it easy to coordinate your colors. Think of fall colors in oranges, yellows and burgundy. Think of winter blue, whites and the reds of Christmas. Consider the pastels of spring. Think if the warm colors of summer. Planning ahead is important when using seasonal colors. Purchase supplies and craft materials when they are on sale directly after the season if you can.

Spring: Pale pastels-not too bright. Use soft colors with watercolor hues.

Summer: Bright pops of color. Think of popsicles and fireworks

Fall : Earthy tones. Think of falling leaves. Think of browns and neutrals

Winter: Rich tones to contrast against the bare winter. Think of holiday colors

More Wedding Color Ideas

Here are some free tools to help you select the perfect colors for your wedding

What Colors Are Flattering To You

One of the things that you need to consider in selecting your wedding colors is what colors are flattering to you. For example, I like yellow but a sea of yellow would make me look pale. You need to select a color that is flattering to you. There will be lots of pictures and you will want to see yourself in a most flattering way that you can

Anchor Your Color - Sand and Rocks

You can anchor your primary or secondary color by using anchors. If you are using candles add your color sand in your votive or container to set off white candles

More On Choosing Wedding Colors

There are an infinite combination of wedding colors that can be used. So we'd love to hear how you used color in your wedding ! Did you limit yourself to two to three colors or did you go color crazy? Where did you use color in your wedding and were you pleased with the final look? Drop a line and keep the conversation going !

Tell Us About Your Wedding Colors - We'd Love To Hear From You

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      Ann Scaling Tucker 

      4 years ago from Enid, OK

      I loved your "How to Select Wedding Colors" and if you don't mind, I added your link to my "Wedding" Hub ( under How to Select........ thanks and have a great Holiday Season.


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