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How to Tell If a Guy Likes Me: Asian Special

Updated on January 17, 2018

...or does he just want to get me into bed?

The topic of Asian guys and, in particular, how to tell if they like you, is a neglected subject in this day and age. Popular sites all regurgitate the same generic tips and tricks on how to get the guy of your dreams, however, most are likely aimed at people of western/caucasian orientation and thus less useful for an Asian girl looking for the guy of her dreams. This lens tackles an age old problem faced by asian girls, that being, how to tell if a guy likes you and doesn't just want to sleep with you. The focus will be on Asian guys in particular, as they are my guy of choice, and sometimes the hardest to read. The list of "he likes me" signs is quite long, and particular attention needs to be paid to making sure that people don't focus on just one sign and make hasty conclusions that could jeopardize your plan to get the guy.

Does he like me?

Look at his lips

One surefire way to tell whether a guy likes you or not is to look at his lips. Yes, that's right, not his muscled arms or cute bum, but his lips. In general you want to look out for big confident smiles with upper & lower teeth showing and with a relaxed face. What we are essentially looking for here is a genuine smile, not forced or made out of courtesy, rather out of admiration of you.

Another sign is the biting of the lips, showing his tongue, licking his lips or touching his front teeth with his tongue. Women do this all the time when they are attracted to guys, but not many people know that guys often do it too. Keep an eye out for this, especially if he is wetting his lips before talking to you, as it is a sure sign that he is enthusiastic about talking to you - a good sign.

You guessed it, his eyes...

The doorway to his soul.

The easiest way to tell if a guy likes you and doesn't just want to sleep with you is to look into his eyes. If he gazes in your eyes with deep interest and his pupils are dilated then this is a very good sign. Contrast this with a look of male lust and you have yourself the key to success right there ladies.

Another great tip is to pay attention to whether, during conversation, he raises both eyebrows for a couple of seconds, this is often combined with a smile and some eye contact. To top this off, if he is so overt as to wink at you while talking to you or even better, from a distance, then you can be confident that he is attracted to you and you can move on to ascertaining precisely what his intentions are and whether or not they match yours.

One less known observation is to pay attention to the frequency with which he blinks while he is talking to you. If he blinks more than usual, it is a good sign that he is trying hard to pay attention and maintain a good impression.

Still not sure whether the guy likes you? Keep an eye out for the 'dead giveaway' signs, and example being, if he raises is eyebrows and then smiles at you it is a very strong indication that he likes you. Again, put a tick in that mental box and move on to verifying the existence of other signals.

His hands.

How do I know if a guy likes me?

On of the biggest signs that a guy is interesting in you and doesn't just want to sleep with you is that he is exposing the palms of his hands in your direction, or alternatively, when talking to you he rests an elbow in the palm of one hand while holding out his other hand, palm up. This is the body language that we are looking for girls - not crossed arms during conversation and eager eyes during intimacy.

Other hand related signs include if he rubs his wrists up and down, if he sits with one hand touching his chest, or if he rubs his chin or stokes his cheek or facial hair indicating that he his thinking about you and relating in some way.

Another sign that he likes you is if he is fondling his keys or jewelry, sliding his hands up, down and around whatever item he is playing with. Don't confuse this with mere distraction - the "fondling" needs to be seductive, not absent-minded.

Another dead giveaway sign that a guy likes you is if you can catch him pretending to look at his watch as you pass him. Don't confuse this with the opposite interpretation - i.e. that he doesn't like you. If he doesn't like you he would not care to pretend anything - so you can interpret the fact that he is pretending as a sign that he is slightly intimidated by you - great sign!

Listen to his voice

Another sign that he likes you!

When it comes to his voice, particular attention should be directed to whether he raises or lowers the volume of this voice to match yours. This mirroring whether conscious or unconscious on his behalf is a great sign that he wants to impress you. Other indications are whether he speeds up or slows down his speaking to match yours and whether or not he laughs at the same time as you.

One of the most flattering and long sought after 'ways to be treated' for a girl has to be when a guy speaks only to you in a group situation and focuses all of his undivided attention on you without any distractions. I don't think you need me to tell you this means that he is very much interested in you.

Miscellaneous signs to see if he likes you.

Don't miss them!

The following behavior should be taken note of to determine whether or not he likes you.

If he mirrors your body language and positions then this is a very good sign. Similarly, if he blushes around you, both of these things indicate that he is conscious about making a good impression with you.

Another great sign is if he leans over and speaks into his friend's ear, about you, as you are leaving a party or group conversation. In the same light, at a party, it is a great sign if he seems to periodically appear out of the blue close to you and even if you move to another spot, soon he appears again. Play with this, its fun :) Alternatively, at a party, if you catch his glancing in your general direction or if he he bumps into you accidentally or places his hand on your lower back as he is passing by.

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    • profile image

      AlertGold 5 years ago

      Your good at body language. I really enjoyed reading your lens. Good job and great advices.

    • profile image

      oegukeen lm 5 years ago

      I am a caucasian woman in a long-term relationship with Korean guy. Race doesn't matter when you meet the right person.