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how to tell it's a bad relationship

Updated on August 5, 2016

bad relationship

first let me start off by saying there are lots of ways of telling if you are in a bad relationship but some of the most obvious tells people don't see. first if your girlfriend doesn't come home at night. she can tell you she is working or going to spend the night at her moms house, but you have to ask her way. Why did you take this late shift? Why are you always staying at your moms house? she will tell you something but make sure you believe her. you can't be scared to ask why. Or if you will not text or call you back. lets be real if someone want's to talk to you they will, lets say she is at work and can't have her phone on her you can bet she takes a brake to go look at her phone if you are not one of the people she calls or texted back you have to ask why. Why don't you ever call? who is she talking to? but the big one is when someone tells her you are talking behind her back and she doesn't believe you. if your girlfriend ask you why you are talking behind her and she believe the other person over you that tells you right there that you are in a bad relationship. there mite be a way to fix it but it's going to be hard and you have to make sure she wants to fix it to if not your just wasting time and the only thing to do is move on. All you can do is ask her why?

But know you didn't do anything wrong when you did was do the best you can to make them happy and make them happy. Sometimes it's better to hurt and move on, I know it's hard to here and is going to harder to do but it's what best for you in the long run.


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