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How To Text A Girl You Like And Want To Date

Updated on November 11, 2012

Normally after you meet a girl you would like to date you need to text her to set up a time to hang out... This can be tough, so I made this lense to give you s

Isn't it great when you meet a girl who seems perfect for you? It can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

BUT- if you don't know what to text her to get her to meet up with you then that initial joy that you felt can quickly turn into fear and anxiety.

After all, if you blow your chances by sending the wrong text and saying the wrong things, you might lose her forever and never get to see her again, and that would be awful!

That's why it is so important to learn how to text girls the right way, so that you can always turn phone numbers into dates, and so that once you have started dating a woman, you feel confident chatting with her over text to keep the relationship humming right along!

In this lense I'll be sharing some of my best tips on how to text a girl you like, so that she'll want to meet up and hang out with you as soon as possible. These are the same texting tricks I use in my own personal life, so I know that they are very effective! I'll also be sharing an embarrassing story about one time that I texted a girl and things did not turn out so good, so be sure to read that part, boy was that humiliating!

Common Problems with Texting Girls...

What is your biggest problem when it comes to texting a girl you've got the hots for?

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My Best Tips For Texting Girls...

Here are a few texting tips that have served me well over the past couple of years. At this point i pretty much consider them sacred rules to live by!

Texting Tip #1) Don't text her too much!:

When you first get a girl's number you may want to text her all the time because you get a thrill out of chatting with her. It can be reassuring when she texts you back because it shows that she is still somewhat interested in you, and it can be fun to flirt with her over text messages and get her to send you cute pictures of herself. However, the problem is that if you text her all the time you are going to be sending her a message that you are really into her and that you like her a lot, and this can have some negative consequences.

Of course it would be nice if we could just be 100% honest about our feelings right from the start, but unfortunately letting a girl know that you really like her can freak her out, make her uncomfortable, and make you look a little bit desperate and overeager. Instead, you want to take a more low-key approach. So when she texts you, take a little while to get back to her so that it doesn't seem like you are just sitting their waiting patiently for her text. Also, try not to let too much time go by where you are just texting her and not hanging out with her in person. If you see her once a week, text her a couple times in between meet ups, not all day, everyday...

Texting Tip #2) Don't text her boring or serious messages:

different text messages will create different kinds of emotions withing the woman that you are texting. If you send her boring or serious texts this will create icky, bored emotions with her and over time she will being to associate these unpleasant emotions with you... and that's bad. Instead, you want to use the texts that you send her to create warm, fuzzy, fun, playful, excited and even sensual emotions in her so that she will associate those sorts of emotions with you instead. So, make a point to read over the texts that you are sending before you send them so and see if there is anything that you can do to make them funner, and more playful.

Texting Tip #3) Use texts to get her to meet you:

Never lose track of the reason that you are texting her in the first place. It's not so that you can feel reassured, it's not to make her laugh or to make her feel certain emotions. Nope, not at all! The real reason that you are texting her is so that you can move the relationship forward towards her being your girlfriend or one of the many women that you are actively dating. This is done by using texts to get her to meet up with you again. So, don't fall into the trap of having lots of long text exchanges with her that lead nowhere.

In other words, don't become her "text buddy"! Instead, use your text exchanges to ask her to come out and meet up with you... Women like and respect a man who is not afraid to ask for what he wants!

If you liked these texting tips, you love the texting tips I found in this guidebook!: Click Here for the most ninja texting tips EVER!

The First Text To Send to A Girl

Many guys wonder about what exactly they should say in the very first text that they send to a girl after they get her phone number. Many guys wonder if they need to send some amazing text in order to get things going to get her out on a date with them.

Luckily however, the first text you send does NOT need to be all that great. Yep, you read that correctly... in fact I would go so far as to say that a lot of guys really overdo in when they try to send a really witty to a girl that they just met and it makes them look like they are trying way too hard to impress her.

Instead, a casual, fun and playful text works perfect. An easy way to pick something to say is to think about the situation when you first met her and then give her a nickname based on that initial interaction. So if she was eating a rocky road ice cream cone when you met her you could text her; "It was nice meeting you today Rocky-Road Ice cream girl =-)"

Mega Bonus Tip: text a girl for the first time about 15 minutes after you met her so that she will recognize your phone number when you text her later to set up the first date! This one tip alone improved my success with texting girls DRAMATICALLY!

My embarrassing texting story...

Okay, this was bad... I had just got this really cute girls phone number who was working at the coffeeshop near my office building. She was this beautiful, tall red head with adorable freckles. When I met her she told me that she was a ballerina and that she had ballerina training that evening when she got off of work ...

So, naturally about 15 minutes after I got her number and left the coffee shop I texted her: "It was nice meeting you today ballerina girl =-)" but then I looked in horror at my phone as i noticed that i had just sent that text to my EX-GIRLFRIEND! omg... she made fun of me for that one for a while!

Hope you've enjoyed my ramblings on how to text a girl you like, now get out there any text some single women!

This Cute Girl Has Some Good Tips On Texting...

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