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How to Win Her Heart

Updated on September 2, 2012

Romancing the Woman You are Dating

When you are in a relationship and you have been dating a woman for a little while and you know that your feelings are pretty strong for her, then it is likely that you are going to be thinking about how to win her heart. You want to know that as you are falling in love with her, she is falling in love with you. The last thing that you would want to find out is that she does not feel the same way. While there are no guarantees when it comes to love, there certainly are some best practices that a guy can follow if he wants to know how to win a woman's heart. Just keep in mind that things come into play that you can't always account for or foresee, so there is always going to be a chance that you are not going to be able to make her feel as strongly for you as you do for her.

Use the Element of Surprise

One thing that makes relationships take a downward turn is when the relationship becomes stale and just too predictable. It is a funny thing, because men tend to be a little more inclined to like predictability than women are when it comes to relationships. So, you may have to make a conscious effort to do little things now and again that take her by surprise. For example, coming home with flowers every Friday may be nice, but it is something that quickly becomes predictable. Now, coming home with flowers to give to her just because you want to and not because it is a specific day of the week, that is the kind of thing that takes her by surprise and keeps things from becoming too predictable.

Of course, bringing her flowers is itself one of the more predictable things that a guy can do, so you may want to be a little more creative than that if you can. Taking her on an unplanned trip to some place that she has always wanted to go, that is something that will surprise her and it definitely is not predictable at all.

Don't Make It Hard For Her to Love You

Men make mistakes, it is something that you really can't avoid to some extent. However, there are some mistakes that you really should not make at all and one of them is making it hard for a woman to love you. You don't want to be too difficult, because if you are - at some point she is going to become tired of that and feel like maybe you are not the right guy for her after all. Make it easy for her to fall in love with you.

How can you make it easier for a woman to fall in love with you?

Well, one thing that you can do is to try and make sure that you are not too guarded with your emotions. It's perfectly fine to be a little bit hesitant to share everything with her, as we all want our privacy, even when we are in a relationship. Still, you don't want to be so guarded that she feels like she will never get to know the real you or that you will never share what is really going on insider your head. Couples need to be able to communicate and share with one another and you want to make that as easy as it can be.

Talk to Her Just For the Sake of Talking

If there was one complaint that seems to be pretty universal, it would be that guys just do not want to talk as much as women do. So, if you want to romance your girlfriend and make her feel like she has found the right guy, try talking to her just for the sake of talking. Don't make it seem as though you have an agenda or that you are trying to get something by talking to her. Just make her feel like you enjoy having a conversation with her and that you are more than willing to sit down and listen to the things that she has to say. Validate her. Make her feel like she matters and you just might find that she starts to show you that she is definitely falling in love with you.

Human beings need to connect with one another, especially in the context of a romantic relationship and if you can't make your girlfriend feel like she can really connect with you, what chance do you have of being able to make her fall in love with you? Even if it is not your thing and you are more of the strong, silent type, give it a try and see what happens.

Tips on Talking to Women

Making Conversation Fun

Finally, Learn to Have Your Own Life for Her to Fall in Love

Men usually have a hard time understanding the idea that spending too much time with the woman that they are dating is a bad thing. She wants you to have your own life, for you to do interesting things without her. Think about why it is so easy to have strong feelings for someone in the beginning of a relationship. One of the reasons is that you are always getting to learn new things, hear about new stories, and things like that. Well, all of that kind of just goes away if the two of you are always together, doesn't it?

It's not a bad thing for a guy to have his own friends. It is not a bad thing for a guy to have his own hobbies and interests that don't involve the woman that he is dating. In fact, it's actually more healthy to be that way than to be too clingy or too dependent on a woman. Plus, she will probably find herself a lot more attracted to you if you are not always around her. So, go out and do your own thing. It's okay to do that.

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What if It Does Not Work Out?

The hardest thing to deal with is when you find yourself in love with a woman and she does not feel the same way. I'm not talking about one of those crushes that a guy might have on a woman he has never dated. I mean when she is your girlfriend for a while and during that time, you fall for her, but she does not fall for you. What can you do when that happens?

Well, you know what?

All you can do is try your hardest to bounce back from it. Like I said before, you can't guarantee that a woman is going to fall in love with you. It just does not work like that, because we all have our own free will, and we all have our wants and desires when it comes to relationships. You can do all of the "right" things and still not be able to make her fall in love with you. The good thing is, when you don't allow it to get you down and you find a way to bounce back from it, you wind up a little smarter and a little wiser when it comes to dating and that means that the next relationship has a better chance of working out for you.


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