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How To Win Your Boyfriend's Heart.

Updated on September 3, 2010

Men are perhaps more predictable in their likes and dislikes. Generally speaking:

Boyfriends like and Respect:

-A healthy figure

-Attractive but not theatrical clothes

-Good grooming



-Good manners


-Silence when the situation requires.

Boyfriends can’t stand:


-Dabbing and wiping make-up in public.

-Over-demonstrativeness when people are looking

-Any assumption that wedding bells are ringing simply because you have met twice.

 ways of wining your boyfriends' heart.

1 Show appreciation for all he does for you. Even if when he gives you a present and his face is expressionless, he’s shy- thank him enthusiastically (i.e. let him know you are the grateful type)

2 Make a fuss of animals, especially the pet at his home (I.e. demonstrate that despite your young and very feminine exterior you have a warm maternal instinct towards helpless creatures including, presumably children – eventually perhaps his children).

3 Take more notice of the sports pages of your newspaper to that you won’t look blank when he starts raving about cup finals and club performances (i.e. let him realize you understood which are the fundamentals important things of life).

4 When he takes you out, make it obvious that you are enjoying yourself (i.e. you know perfectly well he has had to forgo other pleasures in order to finance the outing, and sympathize with his fillings that he doesn’t want the self-denial wasted).

5 Laugh at his joke (i.e. you understand that the Walter mitty in every men includes a longing to be a top- of- the-bill comedian with audiences applauding his wit.

6 When it comes to sex you should hold off until the time is right. The perfect time depends on the relationship at hand and your motives for doing so. I would personally advice to work on building a solid base foundation before taking this next step. The last thing you want him to think is that you are easy and that he can get whatever he wants from you, especially in a fairly new relationship. Keep him on his toes remember!

7 When handed restaurant menu, don’t even glance at the fried scampi, smoked salmon, lobster thermidore or fillet steak.

Insist that although you are looking forward to the meal, you want something simple (i.e. let him see you wouldn’t be the sort of wife to run up fantastic bills at dress shops).

8 When you have got to know him well, suggest it might be an idea if in future you went Dutch (i.e. reassure him that you realize that the saying ‘two can live as cheaply as one’ just isn’t true).

By following these tips, you will have the best chance of having a loving relationship with your partner. Having a guy fall in love with you is not difficult at all once you follow the tips I have provided and then let nature take it's course. Take action today to get what you want then you can thank me later!


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      sandra 2 years ago

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