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How to Win His Heart: 10 Tips to Win a Mans Heart the Right Way

Updated on November 27, 2016

10 Ways to Win and Keep His Heart

Claiming to be in love and falling in true love with someone are two different stories. Any guy can get attracted to your physical beauty and personality for a short period of time and claim to be in love with you but how do you know he means what he says?

I say this because lots of guys and girls nowadays misunderstand and say they`re in love when it`s just infatuation in the end.

You will never be a psychic to know if a guy is truly in love with you from day one but doing your part right can always increase your chance to win the heart of the right type of man.

Love at first sight might look all romantic in a bollywood movie and books but it rarely comes true in real life so don’t propose to someone on the first day you meet them. It can be a big turn off and that person might not take you seriously at all.

NO 1: Say Goodbye to Caked Face Makeups!


NO 1: Say Goodbye to Caked Face Makeups!

Wearing some makeup to enhance your natural features is perfectly fine and guys actually like that but if you go over the top and make yourself look like the cousins of oompa loompa [From Charlie and Chocolate Factory], guys will hate it.

I’ve seen many girls confidently walking out of their house with brown neck and orange faces. It makes me wonder if they don’t have a proper mirror in their house, honestly. Don’t get me wrong again, I’m not against wearing makeup,

I myself wear it too but I prefer to stick with just the eyeliner and nude lipstick. Yes I know everyone’s different and have different makeup preferences but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. Girls feel free to wear makeup but just don’t overdo it and look like a clown.

How does wearing or not wearing makeup affect the matter of winning a guys heart?

We all know that good personality takes over good looks any day but who would want to be dating caked faces? All guys prefer their girls to wear less or no makeup at all. So learn how to wear your makeup the right way to suit your face and don’t be brainwashed by ugly makeup tips from the modelling industry. Their makeup tips might look great on the models but for everyday use, it`s way too much!

Best Makeup Technique for Natural look: Just apply some eyeliner, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. For the lips, apply some nice shade of pinks/browns to suit your skin color and put on some lip balm. If you have big and too many pimples, you can cover it up with some dots of concealer [make sure it’s the right shade].

Unless you have really bad acne or scars on your face, there’s no need to apply foundation. Just keep it simple and go see how beautiful you look in the mirror! Don’t forget to keep your eyebrows trimmed and upper lip hair removed.

A quick question for you ladies..

What's your man's opinion about wearing makeup?

See results

NO 2: Learn to Keep His Secrets!

Between you and him only. . .

If he trusts you enough to tell you something really personal and asks you to keep it a secret then make sure you do keep it to yourself. It’s not okay to share his secret even with your best girlfriends. Would you like it if he told his close friends things that you wanted to him to keep as a secret?

Likewise, he will also get angry and upset if you go blurting out his personal matters to other people who do not need to know about it. Besides that, letting your friends know about every little thing that’s going on in your relationship is not always a good idea!

Not all friends are good friends and sometimes they can keep jealousy inside and even do things behind your back when they get the opportunity to. So be careful on who you trust when it comes to sharing your relationship matters.


NO 3: Smile, Be Patient and Don’t Take Everything Too Seriously!

Being on your period is no excuse to throw random mood swings. . .

Girls do experience some emotional stress when they`re on their menstrual cycles but some girls use it as an excuse to throw random mood swings at everyone especially on their boyfriends. If you`re in the process of winning a guy`s heart, you must never use your period as an excuse to be moody.

Smile is one of the best features on a woman`s face that truly makes a guy fall for her. So keep smiling all the time and don’t always be too serious. This means don’t get mad at him for silly reasons such as him spending too much time with his friends or family or even watching a TV Show.


NO 4: I can’t even make a cup of Tea. . .

Ladies, This is not something you should be proud about. . .

We are now living in an era where some girls think it’s cute that they don’t even know how to make a cup of tea and they're above the age of 15. Guys don’t expect you to be an expert cook [although they do wish inside] but they definitely do expect you to know some simple cooking skills.

You have to be able to make a cup of tea or coffee for him when he comes home from work. You have to be able to make a decent meal with Pasta and boiled vegetables or even some grilled chicken.

You can ask any guy to tell you his honest opinion about girls and cooking, 99.9% of them will expect their ladies to know how to cook some decent meals.

When a girl says to him that she can’t even make a cup of tea, what do you think pops into the guys thought next? He will jump into his own conclusions on whether or not you will be able to be a good wife for him in the future and raise the kids with good standards. So if you were one of those ladies who thought not being able to make a cup of tea is cute, get over that and learn how to cook some simple recipes. Come one ladies, a cup of tea is not rocket science!

NO 5: Trust him and Allow him to have his Space.

This is one thing every guy would wish for in their relationship. . .

Don’t expect him to be on the phone to you or spend time with you 24/7. Allow him to have some space to do his own things like going out with his friends or spending time for his own hobbies. You`ve trusted hi enough to fall in love with him, you`ve trusted him enough to be with him so why don’t you trust him that he will not do things behind your back?

Don’t call him every five minutes when he’s out with his friends. It doesn’t show him your love but rather makes him feel that you don’t trust him and makes you look like a controlling person.

Trust is very important for love and where there is no trust, there is no love! If you love him, then learn to trust him and if he loves you, he will not break your trust. It’s that simple!

3 Things Men Can't Resist in a Woman

NO 6: Don’t Flirt with other Guys. . .

Especially with his own friends!

Just like how you wouldn’t like him flirting with other women behind your back, he will also be upset and hurt to see you flirting with other men and if you`re flirting with his own friends, it’s even worse!

Just don’t do sneaky things behind his back to break his trust and be honest with him at all times. Once you break the trust, it will be extremely hard to rebuild it again and it some cases it will never be possible so don’t play around with your own love matter.

NO 7: Don’t ever talk about your Ex!

Even if the guy acts like he`s cool with it, deep inside he’s upset. . .

Some factors in love are the same for both genders. Both guys and girls should never talk about their exes to their new boyfriend/girlfriend. After you`ve told him once about your past relationships, don’t ever bring it up again.

He will just keep thinking that you`re still in love with your ex and using him as your rebound so don’t make him feel that way. Some guys would get suspicious that you`re still in contact with your ex and might start arguing for no reason. So just to avoid all these hassles, don’t talk about your ex and don’t talk to your ex.

NO 8: Don’t make him feel that you`re using him for money.

Most guys have this assumption about girls. ..

Whenever you guys go out, try not to let him pay. Be willing to pay the money yourself whenever you can so that he doesn't ever compare you with other girls who use guys for money. Do this especially when you`re newly in love or just started dating.

Don’t nag him to take you on a shopping spree and make him pay for all your goodies. Try to take him out and buy him things instead. This shows him that you`re different from all the others.

NO 9: Show Respect and Love for his Family members.


Especially for his mum and dad. . .

This is one of the best way to win a man`s heart. Show interest in meeting his parents and getting to know more about them. Every guy dreams of having a wife who will treat his parents as her own.

Treat his parents with respect and dignity and see how much he does back to you. Another great advantage of doing this is that when you guys have a problem, his parents might be on your side and back you up because of all the love you showed them.

NO 10: Be a good listener!

Sometimes, even when he`s talking about the most pointless thing ever. . .

Girls love to talk and they love to talk over guys. Every guy would wish to have a girl who would listen to what they have to say and give them a chance to talk. So let him talk and you listen. Even if he’s telling you about things that you`re not so interested in, just listen to him anyway. What harm can it cause? It will make him happy and if he’s happy, he will make you happy.

NO 11: How can I win his heart when he’s already in love with someone else?

You can’t! If you do, KARMA will get you back.

Why do you want to win someone who`s already in a relationship? Please don’t come up with excuses such as love is blind etc because if you do, the same thing could happen to you in the future which is known as Karma. I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear but I do not offer advices to split up happy couples so I apologise for disappointing you.

If he’s single and in love with someone else then that’s a different case but if he’s already married or dating someone else, change your choice and go for someone who is single! That’s the best advice I can give for such situations.

NO 12: He truly does not find you cute when. . .

You act so immature in public!

Why do some girls act so loud and crazy in public for no reason? Guys actually find it super annoying when girls act too immature in public and it makes them look like attention seekers. So please don’t ever do that. It’s okay to be yourself but learn to act for your age.

Oh and they find it extremely irritating when a girl bumps into one of her friends in public and all of sudden screams loud in excitement and jumps up and down etc. These things are not cute and I can’t believe some girls are brainwashed into thinking that acting weird in public is cute!


How did you win his heart?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Respecting my bf's parents and treating them like my own and his family big PLUS point.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      Voted up and useful!

      #7 is especially a real turn off. I can't tell you how many times women when turn anything into a reference point about an ex. "I used to date a guy that....etc" Neither gender needs to be constantly talking about past lovers or relationship experiences. If someone wants to know they'll ask.

      Personally speaking I don't believe there are any real "gender shortcuts". People have to be willing to (invest the time) to get to know men and women on a "individual" basis. Everyone has their own "preferences". Find out what he/she wants and expects from a mate and then use it to determine if (they) are right for you!

      Don't try to win someone over. Be yourself!

      There's too much "bait & switch" taking place in early dating and new relationships. Eventually people always reveal their "authentic selves" down the road. It's a cliché to hear: "She/He is not the same person I fell in love with." That's because they weren't being (themselves) when you met!


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