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How to Write a Romantic Love Letter

Updated on July 9, 2013

things to write in a love letter

Love letters are simple joys that your partner can receive from you. It can sizzle your romantic relationship more than you expect. There are different ways you can write romantic love letters to express your love and devotion to your partner. Are you worried that you are not poetic enough to compose one? No need to be anxious on how to throw your loving and wooing words together for the best love letter that you want to do because here are some great tips for you on how to write your own love letter masterpiece. So please read below to see how to write a love letter which truly radiate your love to your partner

Keep It Simple and Sweet

Let your sweetie know how much you cherish his/her presence in your life by writing simple love notes. There is no need to write a lengthy love letter. Short and loving lines that express how much you appreciate him/her will do a great job of putting a smile on your partner’s face. Lines like, “You smell like a rose in bloom this morning” or “Your embrace always feels like the touch of an angel” or “You make my day every time you smile”.

Reminiscing Moments

Give him/her a touch of your memorable moments of the past. It will rekindle the sparks you had before. Mentioning your shared experiences together makes your partner feel that you keep and value your times together. It shows that your moments in the past are worth remembering and that it gives you pleasure to reminisce them. You can write words like “I was watching a movie the other day when a sweet thought struck me. I remember the day we had our first date. You look like a queen in your red dress. When we first held hands, I felt the gentleness of your soul. And when we had our first kiss, I thought I was in heaven.”

Classic Poetic Prose

Poems add romantic ingredient to a love letter. For best effects, use lines from famous authors like Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, or Emily Dickinson. Incorporate lines of love from your favorite poems and poets in your love letter.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When writing a love letter, one of the things that will make your letter appreciated by your partner is your honesty. Keep your real self in the making of your love letter. Your love letter should be able to reveal the true you and not what you pretend to be. Your partner knows you and will be able to easily detect any phoniness in your letter. If you are the kind of person who says things straight and simple, be that way in your letter. If you are a person who is vocal and openly sweet, translate that even in your letter. Being honest will make your love letter genuine.

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Pen and Stationery Ensemble

There is nothing sweeter to your partner than to receive a love letter penned by your own hands. As a guiding rule, do not ever type your love letters. Your love letters are not business letters and they are neither your resumes. Use your own handwriting when you write love letters. It makes your letter more personal and meaningful. There are many stationeries which you can choose from to write your love thoughts. Pick out something that you know your partner will appreciate.

Romantic Mail

This is for partners who are having a long-distance relationship. Preserving a long-distance relationship proves to be a difficult task but one of the things which you can both enjoy doing is to write love letters to each other. The distance may even help you become more open and transparent to each other. Plan a romantic way of presenting your letter before putting it in your mailbox. You can play gentle sweetness in your style by dashing a small amount of your cologne or perfume in your letter or put rose petals in your stationery. You can raise your strategy to a higher level by using wine bottles, seashells, dried leaves, or sand and colourful stones to go with your love letter.

Homespun Letter

Love letters aren’t reserved for long-distance relationships only. You can also write romantic love letters to your partner even if you are just in one roof. Release your creativity by planning surprise love notes for your partner to read. You can write short love lines in a sheet of paper, roll it, and put it inside his/her purse, or jewellery box. You can also stick love notes in your bathroom mirror or in his/her pillows. You can also leave a small envelope of your love letter on top of his/her favorite book or stick love notes to his/her mug of coffee. Choose a spot or object in your home where he/she can inevitably notice your letter. This can be a fun and romantic experience for both of you.


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