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How do you approach a Hot Girl?

Updated on April 10, 2010

How do you approach a Hot Girl?

Let’s say you just saw this hot Girl. She then looks at you and start smiling. Suddenly you realize, you don’t know what to say. So how do you approach the Girl?

Most men is clueless when approaching girls, the state of mind men adopt is normally like this.

1) Sees the girls

2) Check the circumstances (Whether she has any boyfriend nearby).

3) Continue to say something awkward which conveys no attraction and leds to awkward moments.

4) Try to impress the girl as while acting cocky. This creates more awkward moments.

5) The girl then walks away leaving the rejected Man.

So how do you talk to the girl? Fear not, there is always hope.

The General rule of the thumb to talking to any girls is keep your conversation simple and fun. Use these 3 conversation starters to start talking.

1. Environmental Opener

Mention something on the situation, an environmental opener can be use anywhere for instances. Mentioning how crowded it is, or if you at the library, you can mention about the collection of books.

2. Direct Start
A simple “hi” and Hello is enough to get a decent conversation started especially in a boring situation like waiting in a line or in a quiet café. Saying Hi at this time would seem so natural.

Sometimes just saying hi is enough to get a decent conversation started. This works especially well in boring situations such as waiting in line. If there’s nothing special happening and you are both bored, then saying hi will just come off as being social.

3.Comment on Something Unique About her

This can be risky bun can lead to successful conversation if done the right way. For examples if she is wearing a nice dress, hat, bangle, jewelry or even contact lenses You can start commenting on that.

By noticing something unique, she will then be likely to want to engage in a conversation.

Ok then now, Just do it!!!!! Ok now, be Confidence and approach the Girl.

If you ready!!The world ladies to choose..Try your luck with Asian Girls perhaps?

What type of girls would you approach?

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