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How to buy your girlfriend a gift

Updated on May 5, 2012

When it comes to buying women a gift is an easy tasks you just have to do is listen and really pay attention to everything she comments. From a bag she likes from a magazine she was reading while with you and watch her facial expressions when she looks at something in the mall while shopping whether it’s in a jewelry shop or bag shop or any shop just pay attention.

You need to take into consideration of what type of a person she is. Is she a music lover if so `then perhaps a new album by her favorite artist is a go or is she a workaholic then she needs a new laptop bag. Always buy a present close to her personality.

Gift Ideas:

1. Jewelry- the simple the better unless you know that she is into bold and chunky jewelry otherwise just buy an elegant necklace, earrings or bracelet.

2. Gift Card form her favorite store e.g. handbag store, music store, clothing store or jewelry store. You can never go wrong with a gift card.

3. Spa voucher- for her alone or a couple’s treatment for massage, pedicures, manicures and beauty treatments.

4. Jewelry Box- Select a great box with good storage place so she can store her jewelry and keep in one place where can find it easily.

5. Gift Basket –create a gift basket filled with all her favorite things from her favorite classic movies, chocolates and flowers.

6. Weekend Away- plan a weekend away if she can get away, spend quality time together, and show her just how much you love her.

7. Surprise dinner/massage: Good dinner for her and then entice her with a full body massage in your bedroom with lit candlelight and massage oils.

8. Magazine Subscription- get her a one-year subscription for her favorite magazine.

9. Flowers- you cannot go wrong with a bunch of her favorite flowers and a box chocolate.

10. Perfume – buy her, her favorite perfume.

The above it is just a list of what some women would love to get as a gift and most importantly is if you get her a gift that she did not expect at all.


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