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How to Play Hard to Get with a Guy through Texting

Updated on August 17, 2016

It is one thing to feel as the center of attention and it is another to crave being the center of attention. One way to make yourself attractive to a guy is by suddenly playing hard to get after you are through with the first stages of knowing each other. In other words, you should at least have received a phone call from the guy you are eyeing. This article explains how you can play hard to get with a guy through texting. Think of it as the guide to succeeding on the second base of your hookup. The first base is always about getting or making the first phone call.

Send and wait for reply. The first rule is to avoid sending two or more texts to the same guy before you get a reply from them. It will make them feel very special and in most cases, they will not bother to text back, expecting you to keep texting them. Act like an adult, who is patient; besides, failing to send texts in succession shows that you have a life that keeps you busy, and you are not always thinking of the guy, even if you are.

Do not flirt. Many people would advise you to flirt on your texts, but that only works for people who are deep into a relationship and have gone through several physical dates. If you are just starting out, it is best to keep your text succinct, casual and suggestive in a plain way. For example, you can ask questions as a by-the-way reaction in your texts, and this will always prompt the other person to reply. Just show you are genuinely interested in them.

Embrace scarcity. The other most effective rule of how to play hard to get with a guy through texting is by being unavailable for long. Take at least an hour to reply to their texts and sometimes if you sense their urgency then deliberately take you time before you reply. This will give you reason to come up with an explanation on why you took long to respond, and it will also let you know if the guy is still interested in you.

Be helpful. You need to show the guy that you will be bringing something worthwhile in his life. Try to decipher any feelings that he expresses in his messages. If you feel that he is frustrated, then you can always inspire him by telling him that quitters never win or good things come to those who wait. This will give him reason to think more of you are a helper and it will make him want you more.

Remember that everyone wants to become a better person, and inspiration is the way to help someone; this is the secret of how to play hard to get with a guy through texting. There are many tips on how to play hard to get with a guy through texting, but the tips listed above are the most effective and they have a universal application. Go ahead and see how you can use them in your situation and soon you will be able to get that guy to do what you want.


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