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Updated on June 5, 2016

Divorce for a women in Islam

Divorce in my religion!

You marry for a companion who gives you comfort and shares your responsibility if you do not relate yourself to the person it's best to move on. But WHY a women in Islam has restrictions to remarry. Hear you are a women and you have a right. RIGHT? where are my rights

No matter what you do a women having a child cannot remarry or focus on her self being and her future. The man keeps the power on her and she is forced to believe he is the God. Am I being too emotional ! O yes. This is the exact thing which you may here from anyone who has undergone a divorce being a muslim woman. My religion isn't restricting me to do any wrong but the society is.

Let me here explain you the law for a divorcee. A man gets the right to divorce his wife by saying "Tallak" 3 times, in the presence of a witness but not necessary as far as the wife heard you it's enough for him. A man does not even need to inform the woman before divorce and she can be informed by someone but have to be receive this in writing.

The woman than has to do "Edah" which means for 3 months 10 days she is asked to cover herself and avoid interaction with all man, she is not permitted to speak to someone who is not a "Mehram" (anyone who is in direct blood relation like your son, brother, father, uncles). The concept is explained beautifully in Quran "Surah Al Nisa" whereby the 3 months period is actually given for the man to rethink on his decision and return back to his wife or if incase the woman is pregnant the divorce is not granted, so she has to have 3 months mensuration cycle to be proven not pregnant. There are two situation in which a divorce cannot happen

If the woman is having her mensuration or if she is pregnant

If you have a child/ children than the father can take away the child from the mother by force in following situations:

1. if the woman is proven to be unfit medically. Mental health or transferable diseases.

2. if you are proven to be involved with another man, so that means you cannot have a boy friend, in general no male friend and you cannot remarry ever

3. You should not be attending drinking parties, clubbing and should not be dressed inappropriately

4.If caught having physical relationship with a man, this has to be proven with witnesses.

Even though you do all what is required but the father can grant his rights over the children when a daughter turns 11 and the son is 13 (different laws for the age in each country). No matter what you do but the man has a stronger position.

Do not loose hope here, if your child does not accept and refuses to stay with the father than by law you are permitted to have a complete custody of your child for life.

The father gets the permission to see his children once a week, depending on each situation differently. The mother can put a travel ban on her child/ children this is a situation if you are staying in a country apart from your home town and you have fear of him traveling them away from you. Please check with the country laws where you reside.

May Allah Subhana_hu _tala have mercy on all men kind and keep us safe

The article is based on my current situation and experience. I am sure many people besides being a muslim will be experiencing something similar



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