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A Customary Painting for My Significant Other Called: "For you, I will."

Updated on February 3, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

As I reflect back upon the very first time, I met the guy of my dream. Today he is my husband, and as...our eyes meet, my heart raced, and somehow I knew...we would be instantly connected with a deep bond that compelled us spiritually forever. Although I did not know immediately, he felt the same way I did the entire time, when we spoke to each other at that moment it was the beginning of a beautiful journey and – 'within minutes’ love transcended all then I knew we were in love. He gave me a hug that felt like a dream come true, and as if we stayed in that embrace for what seemed like forever.

As we begin to date each day continues to be full of joy, and life was full of new beginnings, He was my daylight when days seem dark and hard. Thinking back I can remember pondering before He entered my life, things were not good as there's no joy in living your life alone with no trust in guys. I know I was not alone many women live alone by choice, and there's no such thing as a “right” relationship, although it requires sincere at both ends.

The essential things I mentioned included stuff about Him as a man and how he taught me so much like it's not always where you are in life, but who you have by your side that matters. He was not the type to get scared and run away because I was honest with him and set boundaries. He was moved by the different challenges of living to make my every dream shine, due to such transparent, he showed I'm so glad we're still in love. He showed me the trials of this life would ultimately lead to joy, and I look forward to the day where we'll be sitting side-by-side in our rocking chairs reminiscing and laughing at all of our crazy situations.

Here is my story of our third anniversary, I have always had the eye and the passion for art, especially paintings. I was lucky enough to get to study art in my childhood years, but, unfortunately, art was the only thing missing from my adult life. It is in my husband’s nature to be full of surprises, but even I have no idea how he managed to find out about my secret love for art. He learned of it somehow, though, as he took me to a beautiful art exhibit yesterday to mark our third anniversary. Although it only our third anniversary, when I look at my husband, I still have butterflies in the mid of my stomach as I felt in my younger years. It is such a vivid memory about my first crush and at such a young age.

There’s a difference between the butterflies that come with a childhood crush and what I am feeling in my stomach today. In your younger years, most people have at least one crush each year all through school. However, when love comes around and actually capture your heart, it seems as if destiny has brought two people together like none other that happening in a blink of an eye. When I look at my husband, he is no longer my crush, but a bond that keeps my heart feeling loved and full, a connection that will last a lifetime.

The power of art is remarkably stable, and you can take your spouse or significant other to an art exhibition to connect just as well as at any other date spot. After going to the exhibit with the love of my life, I realized that you do not always need candle-lit dinners and slow music to bond romantically. Three years down our particular road, and it was not until yesterday that I learned about my husband’s genuine liking for art. He is a quiet fellow by nature, and so I might have been able to guess that he had an artistic mind, but boy was I surprised!

I could love you endessly

The art exhibit that we went to was organized by a Frenchman and included his own paintings and a few more from some local students that he was mentoring. The combination of images was supposed to achieve a cross-cultural feel and discuss how others can appreciate art from different regions without bearing any limitations on creativity.

So, there we were. I was so engrossed in the paintings that I hardly had the time to count the heads around us, but I can say for sure that there were well over three hundred people at the exhibit. The event was well organized; I think the exhibitor expected an enormous amount of individuals, so he took the necessary measures to maintain ample space. Instead of being cramped in one room with a bunch of paintings, there were two sections separated by a short flight of four stairs, and everything was spread out so that all of the visitors could easily see all that was happening.

The best part was still yet to come. The music, a soft symphony with a slow, soothing tempo, was captivating and blended perfectly with the mood that the exhibition itself intended without distracting too much from the paintings. I held tightly to my husband’s arm the entire time we were there, never wanting him to leave my side for even a single second. I’ll first share my experience and the connection I had with one particular painting on the left. It was our favorite of all of the images in the exhibit.

For U, I Will - Jonny Myers

I immediately felt a connection with this painting and privately called it “For you, I will” because I imagined the couple between the beautiful red heart as my husband and myself. The colors were uniquely blended to be bright and powerful, seemingly reflecting the strength of the pair’s relationship. When I saw it for the first time, I inwardly began scrutinizing myself and asking myself question after question. Do I connect with my lover in such a manner? Do I share everything with him? It is touching to know that there is so much more to give each other in a relationship that only the love.

In comparison, this other painting on the right is very raw. I believe one of the exhibitor’s minutes did it, but I loved the simplicity and appreciated the color scheme. The sun, the most important of energy sources, is painted in white – symbolizing purity and truth and placed above everything else. In Chinese culture, the dark shade of blue symbolizes immortality while green is life and freshness. Together, the two tell a story: afterlife, in green, comes immortality, in blue. The dominating shades of red speak of love, romance, celebration, and passion. Universally, pink is associated with relaxation, neutral order, calm feelings, and contentment and acceptance.

These are the dominating colors in this second painting and the story they tell me as I look at it. While simple at first glance, it is quite a well-thought-out masterpiece. After my husband and I had seen our fair share of the exhibition, I just had to take the time to talk with the event organizer and his mentees. Whether because of my nature as an art lover or, my life as a journalist, I just couldn’t do otherwise. It was unbelievable how art as a profession brings together people with so many differing views and opinions. The entire message that the paintings held was a simple message of universal love. These artists were using a unique tool to communicate and try to restructure today’s society.

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© 2015 Pam Morris


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