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Life:A Challenge

Updated on August 22, 2016

Life is a great challenge these days. Earlier the life was not that complicated for the human being. They led a simple and so called routine life but now the generation has changed and the different point of view for life has also been changed. Life is not more about facing the things that destiny takes into your path but now its more about bending the things for your own good and force the things to come in your way.

Earlier, people used to think the life as a daily routine and not something that is complicated these days. With our views and thoughts life definition has changed from a daily routine to something now interesting and a complicated task. We have to think wisely that what were the factors that distinguished our thinking from our ancestors. But, what I personally feel is that wherever our ancestors are, they would be feeling proud that atleast we have the guts to make the things bend for our own good and can avoid the things that we dont want in life. Maybe, every efforts you have done to avoid the unwanted things in your life does not give you immense happiness as it is not always possible to make the things same as you want but believe me the pleasure of , realising that you have atleast tried to avoid the bad things and unfortunate things from your life, fill you with passion and

enthusiasm to lead a better life.

Our mindset has changed our perspective to view the things and this is the only reason that why we take life as a day to day challenge and not a everyday task. One more advantage of taking your own decisons and not let others overrule your decison is that, whether you will be in a good situation or bad you are the only one who is solely responsible for your own good and bad so its also a great challenge for you to take your decison on your own and not let others overrule you and dont ever blame anyone else in your life for the situations and circumstance you are facing. This deep thought of viewing life as a challenge will keep you motivated and positive upto the last second that yes you can still change the things you want and not let the time and conditions overrule you. All I mean to say is that atleast fight for your own good and not let anyone else decide your future or the circumstance you will face in your life.


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