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Do You Pee In The Shower? And Other Possible Hygiene Deal Breaker Questions...

Updated on September 21, 2010

A Romantic Bath..

Questions We Forget To Ask....

Beauty Secrets

We pretty much assume there are some “universal habits” such as washing hands after using the bathroom, brushing teeth at least twice a day, showering and putting on a fresh pair of underwear to start the day. In fact most of us assume we all are doing the same thing.

Brian and Janet had been dating for several months.

Romance and sex were off the charts.

One night as they snuggled in bed after a steamy session of love making Brian stroked Janet’s arm.

Brian: You have the softest skin I’ve ever felt.

Janet: Oh, that’s because I pee in my bath water.

Brian: Uh? (Remembering they shared wine and a bubble bath earlier that evening)

Janet: It’s something I read about that goes way back to the old Egyptian days.

(I couldn’t help but laugh as Brian told me this story.)

Brian: Don’t get me wrong man, I’m no "Howard Hughes", but don’t you think this is something you should tell someone especially if you’re taking bubble baths together!?

After Brian relayed this story to me I did some google searches and sure enough there were numerous articles proclaiming the benefits of “Urine Therapy”.

The following is a link to one such article.

Blisters and rashes will heal much faster when using urine than when not using urine. Other people use urine to soften dry skin or to alleviate eczema.” (I think I'll stick with the traditional creams and lotions)

Pet Lovers

I once had a platonic female acquaintance that would let her little dog lick her on the lips and sometimes she would stick her tongue out to meet his.

One day I just couldn’t take it and I told her I thought it was gross.

She told me, "A dog’s tongue is cleaner than a human's tongue."

I told her I just witnessed her dog licking her neighbor’s dog ass.

"Are you really going to sit here and tell me his tongue is cleaner than yours?"

I’ve heard of people petting their animals and preparing food without washing their hands. Some people simply remove a cat off the dinning room table before setting out the dishes. For all you know the cat could have just finished using the litter box.

No one would want to eat off a table a nude human being just sat on after having a bowel movement! (Even though the human being most likely used toilet paper).

What grosses out one person may cause another person to simply shrug their shoulders.

Never the less when most of us explore our laundry list of questions for a prospective partner hygiene and other related questions never seem to come to mind.

Hygiene Deal Breakers

Have you ever dated someone and were shocked to learn some of his or her hygiene habits?

Would it bother you if you knew your mate peed in the shower or bath on a regular basis?

Would you end a relationship over a hygiene issue?

Alternative Health & Beauty Secrets


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