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I Heart You - What It Means and How to Say It

Updated on December 16, 2012

I Heart You: What Does it Mean and How to Say It

The other day I heard my niece use the phrase "I heart you" and I wondered what it even meant. I also noticed that she texted "I heart u" on her cell phone. As an aunt, I was a little perplexed. I don't remember hearing that phrase used very often back in "my day" (you know what that is dear readers!). So I decided to research what the phrase means and then explain how you can "heart" somebody.

Well, the phrase is pretty easy to get. "I heart you" means "I love you." Obviously the heart is a symbol of love, and that is why it is used in place of love. "I heart you" is more playful, flirtatious, and cute than saying the real phrase, and certainly less intimidating. Plus, I don't mind if my teenage niece belts it out occasionally to a friend, date, or boyfriend, but I would prefer at that age she avoid the "L" word, unless she is saying it to a relative.

Show that You "Heart" Your Friends

The phrase "I heart you" may be cute and funny, but the truth is that you will want to show your love, not just say it (or text it; I have seen many teens text "I heart u"). If you want to better heart your friends, I suggest you do the following. There are many more things you can do, but here are a few major ones:

- Quit being so dramatic. In other words, just chill out and give your friends a break. They all aren't out to steal your boyfriend or attack you. If you expect them to give you the benefit of the doubt, then give it to them too!

- Stand up for your friends. Be a little more assertive. Being assertive means you stand up for your own beliefs and those of others, in a firm, but non violent way. So, stand up for your friends, but don't be threatening, either verbally or physically, about it. That is called being aggressive, and nobody will like you if you are an aggressive jerk! It is very important if you want to know how to be a popular man that you are assertive. Women hate whiny men!

Show That You Heart Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

So, you have friends, that is good. Congrats on being human! Now you want to say "I heart you" to that special someone. Now is the chance. You may text him or her "I heart u" fifty times a day, but that doesn't mean anything if he or she doesn't know you mean it. Below are two ways to show that you heart your man or women.

- Be yourself. Most guys and gals I know hate fake people. They are not attracted to people that pretend to be things they aren't. Nothing is more annoying than the person that pretends to be interested in somebody or something just to impress somebody else. Be yourself and you will find that your boyfriend or girlfriend will like you more.

- Get a life. This may sound weird, but at first you may spend all day together and everyone is cool with it. In a few months those 100 texts you send a day will get pretty annoying and you will go from cute to clingy. So, get a life. Don't give up all of your hobbies, friends, or interests for your romantic interests. Not only will you regret it later, but your neediness will get old - fast! If you have no hobbies, then find one. Check out clubs and sports at school or in the community. If you are a teenager, it is important for you to know how to be a popular teen, to have the skills to attract others.

Show That You "Heart" Your Family

I know it is hard to love your family sometimes; they can get pretty annoying. Nonetheless, family will stick with you. Your parents probably love you more than you imagine. Other relatives care for you too. I am not saying all of them are good people, but many of them are genuinely concerned about you.

You can show them love by recognizing that they have your best interest in mind. You don't always have to listen to your family (in some cases, that would be a very bad idea), but at the very least acknowledge that they have good intentions. You can respond to their ideas with something like "I really appreciate your idea, and it's a good one, but I need to do (my own thing) because..."


Next time you say "I heart you" you will know what it means. Remember: you have to show love just as much, if not more, than you say it. I really heart love, if its real!

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    • profile image

      agent009 6 years ago

      It's easy to say things but not as easy to show the effort behind it. As the old saying goes, easier said than done.