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I Love Florida Now But Hated It Once

Updated on June 28, 2016

Snow Storms Stink

My Daughter and I had to push the car out of the snow. Who needs snow?
My Daughter and I had to push the car out of the snow. Who needs snow? | Source

Florida Living

My Hub is about living in Fl. I moved here with my daughter and granddaughter in 1993.I needed a change and it was a big one. At my last day of work I found my car stuck in the parking lot, and here I am stuck in the snow and stuck in my life. I quit my job and sold my home and packed up for Fl. I would be lying if I told you I moved because of the beaches, boats, and fishing. I moved here to get a fresh start and make a new life. I hated the snow and the cold. I hated being stuck, shoveling out my driveway and my sidewalk, chopping ice off my windshield, dressing like an Eskimo and warming up my car before I left for work. Yes, I really hate winter. Even as a kid I did not like the snow for more than a day or two at a time. My jacket is from Canada but it is just not warm enough for me.

We did not get to leave for Florida until a day latter. This was one bad winter, I was glad to leave. It was cold 2 below zero, when we left. I grew up here and was married to my husband for 20 years before we got divorced. I was terribly sad over the divorce but looking forward to starting a new life. I put all my faith in God and everything just worked itself out. I am extremely grateful.

I found a new job in less than a week and got my first shock in my new environment. The pay was unbelievably low, but I knew I would still be able to make it on my own. I had already bought a home here 4 years earlier. We moved in the house 3 females and Barney our watch dog. This living at, " Little House On The Prairie" was one new adventure. We had 10 acres of woods for our back yard. I always wonder what people do in the country now I know. This is backwoods country. Now, I know what they do in the country. I am always busy.

This adventure has brought me and my daughter closer together. One night I heard this scream telling me there is something under the cement in the garage it looked like something from hell it turned out to be a harmless armadillo. I when to my new job and on the floor were the ugliest creatures, I cannot ever describe them. They are called mole crickets. Sick.

One night I heard something fighting under my house my dog killed a cat from hell. The cat was not a domesticated cat it was half Bobcat and part regular cat. That cat had the biggest head I had ever seen. My daughter and I buried it. Never had cats up north like these.

The next night I heard these sounds hitting the side of the house, it was about midnight and I was not going out to look. I saw our closest neighbor and asked him what is the noise.Its pitch black out there no street light no outside lights. I found out it was bats that made the noise.

It has been 20 years since I left the Great Lakes and my whole life. This has been a much better chapter.

Great Jacket To Keep Warm

O'Neill Snow Men's North Jacket, Black Out, Medium
O'Neill Snow Men's North Jacket, Black Out, Medium

My Son bought the jacket and it kept him very warm.This is a smart jacket for the winter.


You Don't Just Move To Florida You Learn To Adapt

What's To Learn? Plenty

I live in the country and have the best of both worlds. I worked in a small city and love coming back to my country home. The first big lesson I learned about an insect called red ants. Locals call them fire ants. Takes a week to get over them. Second lesson all Yankees need to look down at the ground, I shot a rattlesnake with a 32 pistol. I swear it looked like the bullets bounced off him. The snake was close to the house so I knew I had to kill him because I figured he would be back. I have great intuition. I left a machete setting next to the door, No time to think I cut his head off. I learned you can not afford to get bit, they are deadly. I came home from work and new daughter - in-law was over to spend a few days with me and my new husband, She had killed a rattlesnake and cooked it in my frying pan. I threw out the frying pan and made her go buy a new one. There will be no snake in my frying pan.

My car got 2 flat tires so I pulled over got out of my car and heard funny sounds.There was a mama and her little orange piglets. I found out that 1/2 hog 1/2 monster will chase you.Feral Pigs are the ugliest I have ever seen. They have big tusks.

I use to think the locals were loco. They did everything at the crack of dawn. If we have a flea market it will start at 6:00 am. I go to work at 3:30 AM, every day. Every thing is done early in the morning. Why? After living here 20 years I know the answer. It is too Hot, Hot, in the summer.

In conclusion, I have learned so many new things living in Florida. When I came here I was scared that I could not make it. I'm glad I took the chance I love it here and all the different things to see and do.

Great Quality

Sorel Women's Glacy Snow Boot,British Tan/Saddle,8.5 M US
Sorel Women's Glacy Snow Boot,British Tan/Saddle,8.5 M US

The snow boots help to keep the feet warm. This is a necessity in cold climates.


Then And Now - Happy Days

Never had deer in my backyard. They are so beautiful and relaxing to watch.
Never had deer in my backyard. They are so beautiful and relaxing to watch. | Source

Then and Now

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This is what I left and the others are my new life.This is a wonderful place for relaxing, the beach at the panhandle.One of the most beautiful birds created.
This is what I left and the others are my new life.
This is what I left and the others are my new life. | Source
This is a wonderful place for relaxing, the beach at the panhandle.
This is a wonderful place for relaxing, the beach at the panhandle. | Source
One of the most beautiful birds created.
One of the most beautiful birds created. | Source

Things To see in North Flordia - A Great Place To Live Or Vacation

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Walkway to sink hole.Devil sink hole.  People come from all over to see the sink hole.
Walkway to sink hole.
Walkway to sink hole. | Source
Devil sink hole.  People come from all over to see the sink hole.
Devil sink hole. People come from all over to see the sink hole. | Source

The Real Florida

This photo tells the story of the real Florida not the Disney one. The Santa Fa River, is less than a mile from my home and has some of the best bass fishing I have ever seen. I have enjoyed many rides on the river with my husband in his Jon boat. I have also taken many hikes looking for arrow heads and anything else interesting.

One of my favorite things to see in the springtime is to watch the Sturgeon jump in the river, and sometimes they are so big they can knock people out of their boats. Some of the Sturgeon get to be 300 lbs.Sit and watch they are amazing. Another favorite thing I like is to watch the Kites they are an invitation from God to look at his majestic beauties. This is something to see. Update 07- 15- 2015 No lie about the sturgeon, they are that big. Last week a 5 year old girl got killed the Sturgeon knocked her out of the boat. This was over at the Santa Fe river. This was very sad.

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  • ladyguitarpicker profile imageAUTHOR

    stella vadakin 

    3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

    Adrien, Thanks for stopping by and your comments on my hub. I love watching the deer from my porch. Sorry I took so long to respond. Welcome to HubPages. Stella

  • Adrien Richards profile image


    3 years ago

    like what you said, "pay unbelievably low, " had to laugh at that how extremely true it is in Miami. There is no nature to speak of except that park there you read about, deers --wow you sure live in the woods. We have Homestead here a farming area but nothing like that, guess the deers have headed your way, I keep my deers with Helen Hoover books, favorite of mine. I play dobro too, but more mandolin for I am a violin family player.

  • ladyguitarpicker profile imageAUTHOR

    stella vadakin 

    3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

    Hi, Lee thanks for reading my hub and stopping by. I love Fl. and would not want to move again.

  • profile image

    Lee Cloak 

    3 years ago

    Great hub about a great place, my honeymoon was in Florida a holiday I will always remember, great writing, thanks!

  • ladyguitarpicker profile imageAUTHOR

    stella vadakin 

    3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

    Hi, I was always working in the air conditioning building so I guess I just got use to it. I love it now and would never go back up north. I don't want to shovel snow.

  • Stacie L profile image

    Stacie L 

    3 years ago

    Hello: I moved to Florida from NY during the great real estate boom in 2003 and soon discovered that I couldn't take the sweltering heat and humidity in the summer. I have some relatives living there for over 30 years, but I just had to get out and return to four seasons.

    I still visit every year-but in the winter! ;-)

  • alexadry profile image

    Adrienne Janet Farricelli 

    3 years ago from USA

    I had to read this, as Florida has been for a while on our wish list of places to move one day. I had to Google the mole cricket too see what it looks like, and indeed, it looks like some sort of genetic experiment gone bad. One of my main concerns is bugs, especially those affecting dogs . Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes.

  • Suhail and my dog profile image

    Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 

    3 years ago from Mississauga, ON

    Best hub ever on Florida! It is informative, interesting, funny, beautiful and awesome all at the same time. I am sharing it also.

    I am sorry that you had to leave great lakes region, but I can relate to the weather situation.

    I always wanted to settle down in Florida, but I think the farthest south I would go is Virginia. Now VA is closer to all great places Florida, NYC, NC, PA, TN and even southern Ontario.

    I vacationed in Florida in 2002. My family and I enjoyed it very much. In fact, we were there for WDW parks, but ended up spending more time off the beaten path around Orlando.

    My love for wildlife and wildlife photography came from the visit to Florida.

    I believe living in Florida will be difficult for my wife and me though, but vacationing there in 2015 will be a dream come true.


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